Wonderful!     June 22, 2011
By C. K.  (Germany)
I'm a healer and I chose this album with a client in mind who is in a crisis. Less than two hours after I downloaded it she was here for an "emergency" session and - with this music playing quietly in the background - she had the best session she's had in ages. Hats off to Thaddeus and Sanaya!
(I played the second CD: "Healing Treatment" and "Strands of Light".)

Wonderful, peaceful, healing...     April 7, 2010
By A. R.  (PA)
This is my first purchase of Thaddeus music. First I resonated with its title. Then I reviewed all my Orin meditation recordings and listened to find which album had the music on the tapes I owned. I found it. I knew someday I would use the same music as background of my own healing audio guided meditation products. I am thrilled to so far have created two recordings using Thaddeus music (Becoming Your Soul), am planning two more of that series, and many more of a new and different series.

I love to play this album with quartz and amethyst crystals (three of the crystals have been charged by Orin!). I look forward to collecting the entire Thaddeus music series.

By C. M.  (NJ)
Your books and music are absolutely wonderful. Thank You.