Powerful!     August 3, 2015
By A. L.  (CA)
Thaddeus’ music is so powerful for me because there are no words. You know I am a lover of words, a verbal person; but, it is SO refreshing to have these transmissions without any words. Their energy is always there, unfolding, and opening up new spaces. It works as background and it works as foreground. I am so grateful for the gift of this music and the transmissions you offer through it. It reaches between words, in the spaces where words do not go.

Music is Powerful     May 5, 2010
By Y. S.  (Japan)
Listening to Thaddeus’ music years later after working with Orin and DaBen meditations, I feel like I can sense the shifts that Thaddeus’ music brings more than I was ever able to before. Music is a powerful conductor of vibration and I can see how this is a necessary component of the Orin DaBen meditations.

By L. S.  (Israel)
Orin's music is divine! I have read & have all Sanaya's and Duane's books at home. Wish in the future to purchase the music. I'm a Reiki & Healing Master.