Creating Your Highest Future     March 7, 2015
By N. L.  (Hong Kong)
After finishing both Orin's Vision courses once, my third eye begins to open a little bit. As I love star energies very much, I will go on to the Millennium Series (MM010).

Very Grateful     September 28, 2011
By S. H.  (Canada)
I just wanted to let you know how very much I am enjoying the courses I have ordered. So far I have completed the first part of Divine Manifesting with the 7 Wills, Creating Money, The Vision course and am working on the Highest Futures course, Advanced Manifesting and the Light Body course. I have had some health challenges and some stresses in my life the past few months, but I can always turn to Orin and DaBen and my guide for guidance, inspiration and encouragement. I love Thaddeus' music too. I am so very grateful to have these wonderful resources to help me improve my life and to add light to others lives too. MANY BLESSINGS to you Sanaya and Duane, Orin, DaBen and Thaddeus!!