Positive and Amazing Experiences     April 23, 2015
By D. C.  (Australia)
I love Orin and DaBen's work! I have had so many positive and amazing experiences with these meditations, from meeting my Soul during a meditation from the Opening to Channel book many, many years ago to hearing clear mental telepathy transmissions while reading Personal Power through Awareness. I feel truly blessed.

I have begun to channel     February 12, 2014
By C. B.  (CA)
I have, with the help and guidance of this book and the Channeling courses, begun to channel my Guide. What an amazing experience and opening to new beginnings! And also, so familiar, so connected to my past, to my future, to my very being. It is like coming home. It is coming home.

I am so grateful for you and your role in my spiritual awakening. Thank you, so very much, for the gifts of light that you are giving me! Blessings to you!

AMAZING     June 3, 2013
By C. N.  (Great Britain)
I have been searching for something to get me connected to the spiritual realm. Around April 2010, without anyone's recommendation, I blindly bought a book called opening to channel by Sanaya Romans and Duane Packer. Because I was doing my legal Practice Course then, I did not read it until around July. I couldn't believe that I was connected to an Angel called Muriel and when I Googled the name, it was shown to be the Angel of the month in which I was born.
I am now channeling my Divine self.

Thank you     December 29, 2010
By A. S.  (ID)
The Opening to Channel book and audio courses are wonderful! I am continuing to study them. The book is well written and easy to understand and the audio programs are of excellent quality. While all of Thadeus' music is good, the Spiritual Sun CD is spectacular! It just sends me off into high vibration every time I listen!! Thank you so much for your work! I hope to continue with the Light Body work and attend some of your seminars soon!

I am amazed at the accuracy of messages received.     December 23, 2010
By C. N.  (Great Britain)
I am a lawyer and a great lover of your materials. I can claim this because I have jettisoned all that I know or kept in my library as instruments of spiritual growth.

My first contact with you was through your book on channeling. I bought this book in July 2009, 2 months before I was to do my Legal Practice Course. I left the book to concentrate on my studies. I finished in July 2010 and picked this great book up.

Lo and behold, what I was looking for in far away 'lonanadona' is right here with me, in my house, in a book that is in my hand and in my mind. I have channeled a very powerful, beautiful, playful, LOVING Guide after following the steps contained in your book. His name is Muriel. I checked this name out and to my surprise He is the guardian Angel of the month and that that I was born. Whenever and what ever I asked, posing the right question, the tiny voice of answer is right there. I am amazed at the accuracy of messages received.

In November 2010, He told what I should be doing, publishing news which I will tell you the precise name He called it. It now appears that I am enjoying this rather than my legal profession.

this has been THE best reading source for me     November 23, 2010
By R. C.  (Australia)
For approx. 2 yrs I have known that the world of spirit has been trying to contact me. Not knowing exactly what to do I have usually disregarded the feelings and signs although I have had discussions with spirits I have not known whether to trust them or not. I now have in my possession 'Opening to Channel' and this has been THE best reading source for me and I now converse daily with my Higher Level Guide about all things from what Caravan to buy to world peace. MANY thanks Sanaya and Duane for taking the time to write and publish this book because it is providing a medium for people to connect with their Guides. THANKS!!!

it has changed my life     November 2, 2010
By D. H.  (CA)
I want to thank you and Orin and DaBen for your work, it has changed my life already and I am just beginning. I have ordered the Opening to Channel CDs so look out world, I have a new direction!! Thank you!

Fantastic     August 25, 2010
By A. W.  (CA)
My journey into discovering more of who I was began many years ago. Like so many, I found myself searching and searching; never quite realizing that there were parts of me that were resistant to healing and moving forward. It wasn’t until I said, “No more!” that I noticed profound shifts in my spiritual awareness. I’ve purchased numerous Orin meditations, and what I discovered was if I listened to my inner guidance, the best meditation for me to work with, at that time, would offer the greatest growth. Well, needless to say, 26 meditations later, it has become a bit “difficult” to pinpoint my absolute favorite.

Being a Reiki Master, I have found tremendous peace and felt unconditional love while meditating with Orin’s For Self-Employed People & Public Recognition meditations. I’ve also had the same profound experiences with Attracting Your Twin Flame, Being Your Higher Self, and Getting In Touch with Your Power.

I recently purchased the Opening to Channel course because I work best when I’m being verbally guided. Although, the book is equally fantastic! I bought this course because I know that channeling will play an integral part in my life purpose, and no better person to help me with this than Sanaya/Orin!

I highly recommend anything has to offer.

Opening to Channel was important to my path     April 6, 2010
By W. B.  ()
Opening to Channel was an important component on my path to enlightenment. In fact, it's impact was so profound that I wrote a book where an early chapter mentions how reading and practicing the meditations in Opening to Channel allowed me to meet my guardian angel.

Before I read Opening to Channel I was a person with a lot of unanswered questions about my soul, my purpose and my personal connection with God. This book allowed me to actually meditate, something I had never been successful at before. In the early days of my transformation I requested the assistance of Orin and DaBen and I always felt that they were there gently guiding me. The life changes and purpose that I have found in my life can all be attributed in part to selecting and reading Opening to Channel.

By V. W.  (Canada)
Opening To channel has to be the easiest, most simplified method I have ever seen or done. Thank you

By N. C.  (Ecuador)
I have only read Opening to channel and have had great success with my channelling by just reading the book. I have been on my spiritual journey for over 25 years now and it is the focus of my life.

By T. W.  (Australia)
I just read Opening to channel - How to connect with you guide - And was absolutely gripped! I have confidence now that I have been channelling on my own for some time and it wasn't just "my imagination". Thank you so much for an informative read and I look forward to browsing your web and learning more. Warmest wishes

By R. V.  (OH)
I had a session with my reader and he told me to buy your book, Opening To channel, which I did, and it has opened so much for me. I have not felt this happy and excited about my life in years. Thank you

By P. N.  (GA)
I'm now reading "Opening to channel" and I'm excited. I got a feeling of my guide's name . I just wanted to come and check out the site and see what was on it and let you know that I'm enjoying the book. I hardly EVER read a metaphysical book all the way through from beginning to end (I just pick over the interesting parts), but I'm reading this one all the way through.

By C. B.  (Austria)
Thank you for the wonderful book how to learn about channeling. I read it and did all the exercises and now I already felt the presence of a spirit guide! I practise whenever I find time to do it and I hope to soon get verbal informations from my guide.

By D. M.  (GA)
I have just completed "Opening to channel" and the results are truly amazing. It was as if the book were written just to me! (My wife will read it next.) My success in reaching my master guide literally blew me away...and he and I have made great success in just two weeks in moving me forward along my own spiritual path. We have read all or part of a dozen books by others, but your "Opening to channel" has sold us completely on your writings, teachings, and guidance. Thank you!

By D. W.  (Canada)
I am reading Opening to channel, which is creating clarity for me in my spiritual journey. I am thoroughly enjoying the wisdom.

By S. A.  (NC)
i have had the open to channeling book for a couple of years - just read it and it resonated with my soul. It seems a MUST for me. I am a reiki II practioner and a spiritual counselor. Just imagine how channeling could enhance what i do and help so many people. thank you so much. MUCH light and love to you all!

By N. M.  (United Kingdom)
Recently read 'Opening to channel' and instantly felt uplifted by something I cannot explain at the moment.This is the beginning of my search for the light. Many thanks

By M. R.  (Canada)
I read Creating Money, and now I just finished Opening to Channel, and they are fantastic! Mostly the latest. I do automatic writing, and wanted to go further on it, and this book has given me the adequate orientation. I am looking forward to acquiring your CD'S on meditations, since I have been listening to your meditation room and it is awesome! Thanks a lot!

By E. S.  (CA)
I have read about 4 of Orin and DaBen books. The one that was most profound for me was Opening to Channel. I had an experience of another vibration and another language in my mind and body only after reading the introduction. It was beautiful. It never happened again. Some times I wish I knew more about what happened to me with this experience. I know it was good. I was filled with peace and love and a hightened intuition afterwards. With thanks and love for all I have recieved from your teachings.

By K. A.  (VA)
Studing the millennium tapes and open to channel. The steps listed in this book and on the tapes has helped me to to recieve a higher guide than I ever knew before.

By T. V.  (United Kingdom)
I bought the book Opening to Channel a few weeks ago, I finally started to read it this week and am loving it. I feel my husband would be the best one to start channeling, he can focus so well, so he is reading the book too....I will channel and I think it will be a journey we can enjoy together. I think the accompanying cds would probably be a good purchase. Really enjoying the newsletter I received a couple of weeks ago too. Fascinating information.

By J. L.  (NV)
I have read Opening to Channel, my introduction to Sanaya, Duane, Orin and DaBen. It might be the most feel-good book I have ever read. I am now in the middle of Creating Money, and again am amazed by the wisdom. I want to connect with my high level guide more easily, I do believe I have connected several times. One time I felt like the top of my head was coming off, and it sounded like wind was rushing in my ears! The positive energy was overwhelming but I held on for the ride! I was pretty surprised and amazed, and didn't even think to try to talk to my guide then. I imagine it would have been a perfect opportunity. I am looking forward to strengthening my connection to my Source, my higher guide, and my Higher Self. I have never felt better. Thank you for what you do.

By S. M.  (CA)
I appreciate finding you on the internet after having read your books many years ago. I have picked them up again (as I always kept them) and am finding a whole new layer of information in them. I have rediscovered them at just the right time and believe I am ready to take steps I was not ready for in the past. I am starting to clear my channel with my guide so that I might channel verbally. I have heard messages internally for many years and have been afraid to go to the next step. Thank you for still doing this work so that I might discover you out there and feel the light and support that you offer. This enables me to let go of fear and move forward, further enabling all of humanity to do the same. Many blessings to you and all who you touch. I hope to someday have more contact in person.

By E. B.  (ME)
Three weeks back I read your book Opening to Channel, how to connect with your guide. I'm fascinated with the quality of the book and would like to thank you for all the work you do to help other people. I was born with psychic gift, but for a bigger part of my life I did not know what I should do with it or what is going on with me. Following your meditation I was able to connect with my high-level guide. Now I can see, that there is a purpose why I'm different. Last year I established my home based business, I'm making gemstones healing jewelry, and I hope that with my newfound teacher and friend I'll be able to embrace my healing ability and draw people who can benefit from my skills toward me (I'm rather shy, so that's a challenge for me:). I wish you best of luck and thank you again for channeling all those messages and educating us. Sincerely

By H. V.  (Netherlands)
I read the book "Opening to Channel". It was really interesting. I think I made my first contact. Not verbally, but on the PC. Thanks!

By L. S.  (United Kingdom)
I am presently studying Opening to channel and would very like a stronger connection to my guides and ask for Orin and DaBen's help. Many many thanks, this book is very easy to follow and I look forward to learning my divine purpose and helping others find their path too. It feels to me that I have finally found my way back home when connecting to my guides and thank you very much. With much love and light.

By K. S.  (CA)
I read many years ago "creating abundance"and "living with joy". Few days ago I went to the Bev.Hills library and "opening to channel" fell into my arms! I am very happy about this since I had started on my own but really needed the guidance, so here we go! I am about to order the audio to help me even more. The time is now! thanks!

By C. W.  (United Kingdom)
I came upon openning to channel, and it feels like just reading the book has given me a new lease on life. i'm only 18 and so proud of myself that i'm actually making these self discoveries so young. i look forward to the rest of my journey in discovering more and more information. I would like to thank you- Sanaya and Duane and Orin and DaBen for that amazing book. It felt as if you were talking to me, most of the questoins i had seemed to be answered as i was reading the book. THANK YOU SO MUCH & MANY BLESSINGS YOUR WAY!!!!!

By X. O.  (CA)
I have read your book Opening to Channel, I currently have the pull and need to learn how to channel. I have this desire within me to find my spirituality. This year has been one of the hardest for me personally, yet it has lead me to find my spirituality. I have found huge peace in my journey finding myself spiritually. So much so that it has made it easier to face the hardship we are currently going through. I have found it a little difficult in being able to quiet myself enough to hear my guide, at times I'm not sure if it is me imagining or my guide sending me messages.

By V. R.  (Great Britain)
I am still working with my guide, on and off, and I feel this will develop as I get more in touch with my artistic talents. I am vaguely aware of an artistic guide with a very strong feminine energy. I get the impression she is working with me already in a very subtle way. I am looking forward to seeing how this develops.

By N. T.  (Australia)
I bought Opening to Channel for another person about 1 month ago and when I got home I realised that the book was meant for me. This book has changed my life. I feel I am a new person. A better person. I see things so differently now. I feel like I am full of love now and it is reflected in those around me. I think Orin and DeBen have helped me along the way and even though I dont know my guide's name, I have met him. A huge being of light and love and knowledge. Thanking you

By I. L.  (United Kingdom)
Greetings and love to you all. I have just read your book ' Opening To channel'. It is by far the best book I have ever read. After a traumatic few years in my life, I wish to awaken my higher self and connect with my spirit guide to help me improve my life and that of my family & friends. Your book has enabled me to start my journey along my spiritual path. Thank you, I offer you my unconditional love and thanks. Love and peace to you all.

By H. N.  (Australia)
Hello. I'm a 21 year old university student. I've been receptive to new age teachings all my life really. My mum channeled quite frequently, and had her own rapid immersion into new age books, seminars etc. in the early 90's. Whilst i've been exposed to the teachings all my life, it's only in the past six months that i've really become attentive and keen to know a lot more. Since then, i've read Personal Power Through Awareness, Spiritual Growth, Living With Joy, and am currently using Opening To Channel. I wanted to say a huge thank you for these resources, I've felt a heart connection to them from day one, and they've helped me a lot. I've found the last few months to be HUGE in growth terms - with that lots of challenges (in relation to my faith in myself, my path and the universe, clearing of old beliefs, ending my previous long term relationship, etc!) but through that i've realised that i'm committed to my higher path - whatever that is! I've found it to be challenging at times to assimilate my new, fully fleshed out beliefs with my old reality and the reality around me, something I think i'm getting better at. Anyway, Thankyou.

By P. D.  (MA)
The Opening to Channel book and aduio was one of the first books I've read as an apprentice to an advanced channeler. This book was a catalyst in my life. I learned to pay attention to how I feel and to have no doubts. Every page of the book is marked with notes and questions or comments. My mentor is an amazing woman and gifted medium and channeler. Her guide has been her guide for over 40 years. She has also read Opening to Channel which she too found very fascinating. Thank you for sharing what was imparted to you because the information has certainly awakened me.

By S. B.  (FL)
I have many tapes from your organization, as well as several books, they have illustrated it is possible for anyone to achieve spirit guide contact. The spirit guide tape has been very helpful. In fact, I have an up and coming book regarding spirit guide contact which documents my journey, as skeptic as I was. It demonstrates that it is possible for anyone to have a spirit guide experience. I am extremely grateful to those references you provided via books and tapes in fine tuning this contact into a meaningful experience.

By S. F.  (AZ)
I have read the channeling book. I just wanted to thank-you for this website, it has helped me to see some things that I wasn't understanding. I have done auto writing for years and havn't received the outcomes that I desired and feel that the info contained in your books and website will help me to reach higher. Thank-you again.