Life changing!     March 12, 2022
By L. W.  (IL)
The Orin books completely changed my life and "Personal Power Through Awareness" was the book that started it all! I'll never forget--in January 2012, I was at a spiritual shop and asked the worker if he had any good book recommendations for me. He told me that "Personal Power Through Awareness" intuitively really stuck out to him as a book that I should read. I remember reading the whole thing on a road trip home from Florida--literally crying at some parts because I felt like I was finally figuring out why I had struggled so much throughout my life. To say it was an answer to a prayer I had is an understatement! At the time, I was able to realize that nothing was wrong with me--I had just grown up extremely energetically sensitive without knowing it. Until I found that book, I felt defective. After finding that book, I realized that I just needed to learn how to manage my sensitivity and use it as a strength. "Personal Power Through Awareness" gave me the tools to do so!

When the book was updated in 2019 with the new clearing practices and accompanying meditations, it again...completely changed everything!! I am so grateful for these books and "Personal Power Through Awareness" will always be so special to me because it was my introduction to the Orin material. The material has had such a profound impact on me, it's hard to imagine life without it! :)

Extremely helpful     July 12, 2019
By D. L.  (KY)
This is a thank you for the revised PPTA book. I have been listening to the new chapters and find them extremely helpful. They contain answers to some things I have been asking my inner guidance about - believing I would receive them in the right time... and here they are! They also contain information I had not asked for - information that is truly beneficial in my life right now. Maybe I was asking without consciously being aware of it.

Quite Personal     January 28, 2019
By J. R.  (WA)
I have read a lot of books, and this book is quite simply the best book I have ever read. I feel it was written for me specifically. It thoroughly explains ideas I've had in the back of my mind, shedding light on them and bringing them into the forefront of my mind. I have never read a more impactful book. I highly recommend this book with the audio course meditation and affirmations.

A true gift     August 4, 2015
By K. D.  (Canada)
Just wanted to thank you for "Personal Power through Awareness". I have been working on self care and self love this past month and the Universe sent me your book while on a sailing trip - it was in a box of free reading material and I immediately became engrossed in it. I started copying down passages that resonated with me and then began "dog earring" the pages that had useful information. Now each page is dog eared! I was born in the year that the book was first published and its teachings will only become more useful. It is a gift and you are a gift to us for writing it. Thank you.

Positive and Amazing Experiences     April 23, 2015
By D. C.  (Australia)
I love Orin and DaBen's work! I have had so many positive and amazing experiences with these meditations, from meeting my Soul during a meditation from the Opening to Channel book many, many years ago to hearing clear mental telepathy transmissions while reading Personal Power through Awareness. I feel truly blessed.

There is a tremendous amount of wisdom in every paragraph     July 31, 2012
By K. B.  (ME)
On the opening page is a dedication that reads:

“To all of you discovering the oneness of the whole and the wholeness of the one”. I went for an energy healing in March of 2012, and the healer led me through a meditation that brought me back to a moment in my early childhood. I continued to reflect about my life after the energy healing, looking for ways to release emotions associated with the trauma that I remembered. While driving to a meeting a couple of days later, I felt inspired to stop at a second hand bookstore. I walked directly to the metaphysical section at the back of the store and felt drawn to open a specific book, which turned out to be, Personal Power Through Awareness. It fell open to a page with a quotation that said, “Pain is only triggered by another person when there is already pain within you.”

That quote is from a chapter entitled, “Handling Pain”. It spoke to something I was feeling deeply that day. I bought the book and read it from cover to cover in a few days. Since then, I’ve read it through three times, and have re-read specific sections numerous times. I can honestly say I can’t recall ever having read a book that so thoroughly spoke to me on so many levels. There is a tremendous amount of wisdom in every paragraph; so much so, that a casual read is virtually impossible.

The act of visualizing light (and I want to add here, in my case, I like to imagine the light of God’s divine love,) pouring into a sad or dark memory creates a palpable change in the way I feel about it. I am able to not only forgive myself (or others) but also to place the thought into a healthier context.

I used this technique to mentally catalogue my way through my life – calling up and stopping at various painful memories when I felt shame, sorrow, grief, misery or other negative emotions. I then imagined divine sunlight pouring down on me, filling me, and filling the other people and situations with light. I have felt a shift in my attitude about those situations and memories each time I have allowed myself to envision them infused with light.

When I pray and meditate, I can ask to connect with the rest of the people who are at that moment praying for peace, or who want to help the environment, or children, or who want to accomplish their creative goals. I can plug into the wave of everyone who wants to serve the world and all of us can share inspiration and energy. Also when I feel stuck creatively, I can tap into the flow of others who are allowing their creativity to flow.

This book has an oracular quality for me, too. I can pray for a moment and open it and find deep wisdom and guidance on any page. I realized that because I have been a very sensitive person all my life, I have been and can easily be affected by other peoples’ energies and emotions. I have learned to be aware that when I feel depressed for example, that sometimes I’m picking up on other people’s feelings and am affected by their moods. It’s important for me to start the day with prayer and meditation centered on God. Feeling gratitude and sending out love to other people, and the environment around me, can not only protect me but also help raise the atmosphere for others. Instead of being an emotional ping-pong ball, tossed around by my own moods or the moods of others, I can be proactive and use prayer and visualization to help center myself and to improve the surrounding atmosphere.

Something I learned regarding telepathy is that we are all telepathic on some level. Sending and receiving energy on an emotional level is the most powerful, primal, and common way that people experience it. For years I’ve noticed that I’ve hate crowded places like festivals or downtown areas. I’ve never liked shopping malls or airports either. This book helped me to understand that I am sensitive to the feelings and thoughts of others – so much so, that my moods can erratically shift between numerous extremes in a single day. Prayer and meditation have helped me to stabilize now but when I was a teenager or in my twenties I often felt emotionally similar to the last person in line of a game of crack the whip. I had no idea why I felt the way I did and it caused me untold misery and confusion.

Personal Power Through Awareness has dozens and dozens of helpful suggestions and guidance to help someone like me to navigate through the waves of junky emotions that roll over this planet every day. I wish I’d found this book twenty-five years ago, but at least I found it this year!

I’m grateful I was led to it, and I want to thank Sanaya Roman and Orin for taking the time to succinctly express all this wisdom and practical advice with such warmth and simplicity. I’m indebted to them for helping me on my spiritual path.

Love it!     June 17, 2011
By K. W.  (Australia)
I have read Personal Power Through Awareness and loved it! It is very much the same information as I teach as I am a Spiritual Teacher and Energy Healer. I love to see people become aware of their own beauty and greatness. I look forward to hearing and reading more of the books etc. you have, thank you.

resonated with my soul more than anything I have read     November 22, 2010
By J. G.  (TX)
Personal Power Through Awareness and Spiritual Growth were phenomenal books that resonated with my soul more than anything I have read in my life. I recently ordered Living with Joy and some audio meditations. I plan on meditating with you on the Inner Planes on Sunday mornings and have signed up to receive the newsletter. I am so excited to have this material available to help me and I send you my deepest love and gratitude for sharing it! I feel a deep connection with Orin already and look forward to studying with DaBen as well.

changed my life     October 18, 2010
By D. N.  (FL)
Personal Power Through Awareness, changed my life. Since reading this book over 20 years ago, I have guided hundreds of people to read it as well. Living With Joy is my second favorite book of all time. I have read them all, but these are my two favorites. They are classics in the Spiritual World. Thank you for being who you are to so many people.

changed my life fo rthe MUCH bettter     July 26, 2010
By J. T.  (CA)
Have listened to your meditations for many years. Personal Power to Awareness and Affirmations...pretty much changed my life for the MUCH better. Other audio also, Trusting Your Intuition, Developing Your Intuition...

Really Enjoyed It     March 17, 2010
By A. S.  (United Kingdom)
Hi I recently read book 2 of the earth life series, I really enjoyed it and will read more of your books. I am a very sensitive person and am a psychic medium,I also teach spiritual development. I have found after reading your book it helped me to express to my students in a more clearer way how to `tune` into themselves to make better instruments for spirit to work with. I had been asking for more guidance on this matter, when I found myself in a charity shop, and found your book, I look forward to learning more and a big thank you, love and light.

By -. -.  ()
The Earth Life books have helped me discover meaning and purpose in my life.

By M. D.  (Portugal)
I got Personal Power Through Awareness and Opening to Channel and they have been very important to may spiritual evolution and of my Yoga Students. Thank you. Om Shanti Om

By T. B.  (CA)
I have read Personal Power Through Awareness and Opening to Channel. Both very helpful and elightening books.

By W. P.  (Thailand)
I have read your book 'personal power through Awareness.' I also had tapes for this course. I like this teaching very much because , for me, there is no judgment in the book. The message from Orin is very simple, gentle, relaxed and open which is suitable for a sensitive person. I like your teaching very much and I also want to join sunday meditation.

By R. S.  (NV)
I have read Personal Power Through Awareness and underlined certain passages. The second time I read this book I wrote down all the passages I had underlined in my journal and every single time I went through a challenging episode in my daily ventures the passages explained what I just had gone through and why. This research has taught me to stay focused as I create my next moment-to-moment life experiences. I am now going through this same process with your book Spiritual Growth and have actually felt a tingling sensation through out my body every time I find myself entering a higher realm.

By L. B.  (FL)
I have had the book Personal Power Through Awareness for many years and also go back to it and get reminded of something or learn something new.

By J. H.  (KS)
I have read the book "personal power through awareness," and I have several others I am planning to read. The books are wonderful and easy to read and understand. I feel I have so much to learn though. I just discovered this website today after I finished the book. I am so glad I found it. Thanks for all the info and articles and meditations. I will be visiting this site often now.

By L. B.  (AZ)
I have read Opening to Cahnnel, Creating Money, Spiritual Growth, and I use Personal Power Through Awareness as a divination device. I have recommended your books to many. They are truly gems along the path.

By J. H.  (Australia)
I own the book Personal Power Through Awareness and have read it with relish and gratitude, im going to read it again as there is always something to remind myself of. I bought three tapes which are very good, it occurs to me now that i have the tools yet do not fully use or learn from them.

By L. B.  (CA)
Recently, I have had a spiritual awakening. I purchased and read living with joy, Personal Power through Awareness, and am just about to begin reading Spiritual Growth. Soul Love has been ordered and is on its way. I will then re-read Opening to Channel, so I can be caught up with all of the material. I have never felt this powerful and aware of my inner being than I do right now. Your books and meditations have changed my life. I have always been plagued with "nervousness" and confusion. I have finally realized that I was on energy and emotional overload, absorbing everyone's problems and feelings around me. I never really paid attention and I never understood how to turn those messages off and focus on me. I am now practicing sending out messages of love and peace. I cannot thank you enough for what you have done, and I hope to take one of your live courses some day. I'm not far from Oregon!

By G. C.  (IA)
I've loved reading Living With Joy and Personal Power Through Awareness. I'm amazed that the books read so fresh and contemporary even though they were written years ago. I love your Orin meditation listening room. I'm so grateful for Orin's gentle, loving and compassionate energy. It has been a salve after my spiritual searching brought me into contact with coercive and harsh teachings over so many years. Encountering your work in the last year or so has been a huge part of stepping into my own gentle power after many years in a 'follower' type role. Thank you so much for your work! I'm so glad you are here!

By C. M.  (AZ)
Hello! I have read Opening to Channel and am currently reading living with joy and Personal Power Through Awareness. All very enlightening, thank you! I also have and will read Soul Love and Spiritual Growth. I thank you so much for sharing these messages - they resonate deeply within me. Blessings

By S. G.  (WA)
I first started reading Personal Power Through Awareness about three or four years ago. It was a really down time in every respect. After reading this book, I felt I had more choices and read all the other books, concluding with "Soul Love". I am so thankful for you Duane and Sanaya, Orin and DaBen! Earlier this year, I became very interested after reading the mailed newsletter, and can't say how many times I read it from beginning to end, feeling the wonderful energy that was coming through.