I wrote a very popular bestseller book     September 3, 2014
By J. S.  (Czech Republic)
I have been your student for about 15 years, working with tons of your meditations. My life really works great, thanks to all the light and work in higher realms. My path took me to teaching seminars (already for last 8 years) for people who would like to create their natural edible gardens, permaculture, small family farms etc., and I am personally living it. Also wrote and published large and in my country now very popular bestseller book on this topic. Book was first created as light and then materialized by Becoming a Writer meditations - thanks! Now I´m building own educational center.

It changed my life!     June 7, 2011
By K. K.  (WA)
I just want to thank you for the “Becoming a Writer” meditation series. It changed my life! I just published my first book (2011), “Everyday Peace: Reclaiming the Soul and Authentic Life.” I’m already working on my second book! So thank you for the love, joy, and opening you gave to my writing life. Thank you for helping me believe in my writing dreams!

Becoming a Writer is an incredible program     October 16, 2010
By M. R.  (Great Britain)
Dear Sanaya and Orin. I only just downloaded this a few days ago and have only used the first meditation ... oh my!!!!!!!!!! It was incredible ... within a few hours, inspiration flowed like never before for my writing project. I was so blocked before but things have become so clear and I feel that there is now an energetic flow that is going to get stronger and stronger. It brought so much clarity and even more, I feel more confident about myself and my ability to create something of deep service to others. I can not thank you enough for this incredible program which I know will benefit anyone who uses it. Also, thank you for all your other works, I am currently half way through your book "Living with Joy" and this has been nothing short of amazing! I appreciate all your work so much. Hugs from my heart!

By J. D.  (Spain)
I have been working with the Creating Money book for many years (hmm, my blockages are quite deep-seated). It's a wonderful book (in fact I have bought many copies for friends and work colleagues over the years, because I have found it so incredibly valuable). Likewise with the meditations. I am conscientiously working with the spiritual qualities of abundance on an ongoing basis. I can see I made a lot of progress thanks to both the meditations and the book. What I find with the Orin material is that it's not something one reads once and then moves on. I use it on an almost daily basis. I also listen to the 'Becoming a writer' course. The latter is absolutely amazing. If I spend a few days writing without listening, I notice the difference. When I take the time to listen, the inspiration just flows and seems to come from a 'higher source'. Many good wishes to you all.