Amazing Transformations     June 23, 2014
By D. W.  (Great Britain)
Firstly I like to THANK Sanaya and Orin.When I started the book I felt a great 'magic' taking place, it helped even the 'non spiritual' people around me to feel more joyful.

I was troubled by many issues and felt I was going in circles. After I did the 'Celebrations of Love' chapter, I could not even remember 'my past' any more. All that was left was 'me' like a blank sheet of paper. Many of my bad habits were gone as all my 'sufferings' and the emotional ballast had 'vanished'. I was finally given a choice to relearn and act in a way I feel good about, rather than having to react and deal with hurt. I first started to think what a 'bad person' I was until I realized the new potential of 'living and learning with Joy'.

With Love from my Heart to yours,

Profound work     June 10, 2014
By A. D.  (TX)
Sometimes we don’t know how profound the work we do in life can be. I have read and practiced your book “Soul Love” and it has been a wonderful tool. I made a move to Texas in 2012 and I detached from mostly all of my material items as a lesson in life; but I could not part with your tapes and books.

Endless possibilities     April 6, 2014
By A. K.  (Israel)
The book influenced me in such a way that I can really sense emotions and the subtlety and delicate way things are working.

Since I read the book, my life is more simpler, yet with a sense of great joy that no one can take away.

I am stoked about the possibilities I can offer other people as me being a teacher of this book.

love soul love     October 24, 2012
By R. S.  (Canada)
I adore this book. I adore Orin. Every time there is an issue of the heart I go to Soul Love, and every time I jump to another level. I can't say how many times I've read the pages.

Soul Love Saved My Life     July 23, 2010
By H. G.  (VA)
Sanaya, your books are truly great for learning Spiritualism. I purchased your books six or seven years ago and read all of them except for Soul Love. At that time, things written in Soul Love seemed quite complicated to me, so all I did was just the first chapter's work, and that book was left in the bookshelf for a long time. In such a mental collapse and terror, nothing really saved me until I took out your book, Soul Love, from my bookshelf. After I started to read this book, some miraculous things happened and I was truly saved both mentally and physically. Thus, I decided to do all the meditational works of that book from the very beginning. There are too many miracles which were caused by Soul Love, so I can't write here all the incidents in the process of doing works on each chapter. But I want to let you know that I could totally evolve myself and now I can contribute my time and energy for the coming ascension. Lastly, let me say thank you for all of your tremendously great works with Orin. I deeply appreciate all of your hard works.

By B. P.  (AZ)
I have read much of the book "Soul Love" and I think it is fantastic. I purchased it about several years ago, I liked the content but now that I have grown in my spirituality I feel it is important information for all who are ready for the next level of spirituality, meditation and visualization. I want to spread this info to many so they can experience the power of love and truth. Thanks for this. It makes me feel so good!

By P. J.  (Sweden)
I have read the book "Soul Love" and it's the most loving book I have ever read. Tears started running from my eyes and I felt immediate contact on a higher level. I also listened to Dabens meditation today and I would like to send my thanks! I was really stressed earlier today, but now I feel calm and happy. (I wish my english were better, there is so much I want to say) A lot of love.

By W. K.  (Netherlands)
I have read: Living with Joy,Personal Power through Awareness, Spiritual Growth, Creating Money, Open to Channeling, and Soul Love. I find your books particularly inspiring and I resonate with a lot of what I read in them. I especially love "Soul Love", which I find amazingly clear and insightful about how things work at an energy/spiritual level. My wish is for more peace and love in the world, and for true empowerment to express the Divine that is within all of us.

By R. H.  (Czech Republic)
I have read "living with joy", "Personal Power Through Awareness", "Channeling", "Soul Love" and now I am about to finish "Creating Money". When I am looking for an answer to one of my questions, I always get it by reading your books at the right time:-) When I was trying to understand why one of the people I very love is not communicating with me, I was just reading Soul Love that time, from where the answer arised in about few days. It is like when miracles take place. And they really do:-) With all my heart I wish you all the best and may you feel my love and light shining for you. Deep respect

By A. P.  (Australia)
I have read Soul Love,spiritual growth and manifesting. I have found that these books really work for me, my connection with my higher self has never been this easy or this fast. Manifesting has always been a struggle and whilst I have study other books I never could quite connect but your books seem to gel with me, all of me.Thank you and much love and light