As above so below     June 7, 2015
By U. K.  (Israel)
I found the Solar Radiance course among a friend's library. I borrowed it, listened to it and immediately felt a transformation from Orin's journeys of connecting with the Solar Light.

After listening to it for the first time I let it rest for a while, then, around a year later, at a time of extreme stress where I had a very pressing deadline - where I had only around a month and a half to submit my academic Masters dissertation (to an Oxbridge University) - I found myself using these journeys on a daily basis in order to find my dissertation as energy and day by day bringing it into manifestation through my fingers and keyboard, until it was finally submitted at the expected date.

These meditations helped me keep a one-pointed mind, and to become a bridge to energy and ideas from the soul/higher planes to earth. Energy, and energy work became very real through these journeys. The journeys themselves have a very pure and sweet quality to them, and energy work became very simple and easy through them.

I am light     February 11, 2015
By M. R.  (Australia)
I have been enjoying Orin & DaBen's wisdom for more maybe than seven years, and every day I can go into any journey, look like a new beginning, I become the light, I can feel love from the morning to the end of every day experience. I learn to heal others with the cooperation of my Soul and higher Self. Thank you for sharing your light, knowledge, and new consciousness. I am planning to extend all that I learn to others trough a program I created. I believe that I can help many people. This is all that you created within me, my gratitude to you.

Powerful Meditations    
By G. B.  (CA)
The Solar Radiance course contains some of the most transformational material available. Thank you so much for creating all your magnificent programs.

Absolutely Wonderful    
By E. K.  (Canada)
Thank you for these empowering and beautiful meditations. Each time I listen to these, I feel my true essence more and more.

By D. H.  (United Kingdom)
My friend lent me Building a radiant aura. It was most enjoyable and I connected well with Orin. So now I am currently studying Solar Radiance. I am so amazed how deep you can go into these meditations. I am now half way through and I can feel the diffrence in myself. Although these changes for me feel more subtle I do feel more connected with life and that the way I am thinking is changing from negative comments to more positive ones. I thank Orin and Sanaya for bringing through these beautiful meditations. I will be looking to do more in the future.

By K. H.  (Italy)
I am an Awaken you Light Body graduate and have been using the Orin and DaBen meditations for more than 10 years. The work you are doing is wonderful. I am particularly fond of integrating the Solar Light because it energizes me greatly.