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Please note: As of April 2, 2021 we are no longer shipping books or CD products.  You can obtain printed books online or from a book retailer. We also have eBooks available of all our books. You can enjoy download/streaming options for all of our CD products.

Missing, Duplicate, or Damaged Items

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Date order received; if items are missing or damaged note the product numbers, or let us know if the wrong quantity was sent, or if the items were not what you ordered.  Let us know of any items you want to return and why.  If you need to replace a defective CD, please note that we no longer have replacement CDs, and we will replace any defective CD with a download. In cases where you just received the albums, within 60 days, we will send you a new album if we still have any in stock. Note that all download sales are final, and not exchangeable or returnable.

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Policies for Returns and Exchanges:

Incorrect Item(s) Received: Occasionally incorrect products are put in your order. If this should happen, let us know upon receipt of your order and we will promptly ship you the correct item. Fill in the box below indicating the item and quantity of what you received incorrectly, and the item and quantity of what you should have received.

Damaged or Defective Item(s) Received: All CDs are guaranteed against defects. We will gladly replace any of our CDs found defective for up to 60 days from the date of purchase.  Simply notify us in what way the CD is defective and we will send you a new album. 

CD Problems: If your CD does not play, make sure your equipment can recognize and play CDR discs.  Also, try playing the disc in another player.  In addition, often times cleaning your equipment or the disc that will not play will remedy the problem. If there is a scratch in the disc when you receive it and that is why it will not play, please let us know so we can notify our manufacturer. 

We cannot replace defective CDs with CDs of different titles.  Indicate in the box above the item and quantity and briefly describe the damage. We will arrange to ship a replacement to you if we still have any in stock. Otherwise, we will give you a free downloadable version of the defective CD.

If your order was shipped by a shipper other than the United States Postal Service, and the physical package was damaged in transit, please notify the shipping company and inform them of the damage. If possible let us know when the shipping company was informed of the damage. We appreciate your assisting us in this way.

Returning a CD that is not defective:  Please call our office, and let us know what you want to return.  Decisions about returns and exchanges are made on a case by case basis. 

If you have a problem with your order, such as receiving incorrect items or duplicate items, or have damaged missing or defective items, we will take the necessary steps to correct your order upon receipt of this form.