Where Is My Order?

Please note: As of April 2, 2021 we are no longer shipping books or CD products.  You can obtain printed books online or from a book retailer. We also have eBooks available of all our books. You can enjoy download/streaming options for all of our CD products.

Note: The information below is for CD orders (items ending in D), or for printed books, items that are shipped. If you ordered download items, (items ending in E) these are not physical items; are not shipped; and are in your Member Area upon submitting your order. Access your downloads by going to the Member's Area and logging in using your email address and password.

Shipping and Tracking Information is in Your Member's Area. Once your order has shipped from our fulfillment center, if you chose a trackable shipping method, you can begin tracking your order once it ships. To do this log into your Member's Area, click on Order History and Seminar Payments, and then on the line for the order you are interested in, click on the Tracking icon. This will take you to the shipping company website where you can see detailed information. Please note that USPS mail to U.S.A. destination is not a trackable shipping method. Also note that with the increased ordering by everyone, our shipping company often has delays of up to 5 days before they can send out your order. Thank you for your patience on this! 

Order Confirmation Notification: If you do not receive our email confirming your order within two business days of placing your order, please contact our office by submitting the form below. First, check your spam or junk email folder

If you have logged on and checked the Member's Area, and do not see your order listed under the "Order History and Seminar Payments," let us know by providing us with information. Was your order placed by phone, online, or by mail?  If it was by mail, when did you mail your letter to us? What shipping method did you choose?  If this is an international order, have you contacted your customs clearing house to see if they are holding your package?

If you are a member be sure to login first so we can better serve you.

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Please note we are no longer shipping products such as CDs or printed books as of 4/2021

As soon as we receive your query we will start researching the status of your order. Please give us several days to track your order and get back to you with information, as we need to contact and hear back from the shipper who will research your order status. If you receive your order in the meantime, please let us know.