Choosing Products and Ordering Information

The information on this page will help you move through the sequence of learning about our products and deciding what is right for you.

Selecting Products
Some people call and ask us what audio courses or single journeys we recommend for them. We have suggestions about products, view recommended products. While we are happy to assist you in selecting products to order, because each person's path is unique, you are the best judge of what courses and journeys are best for you.  We suggest that you get quiet, go within, and ask your deeper and wiser self to assist you in choosing your next steps.  Note what topics and titles appeal to you.

Follow your heart, and trust that you will be directed to the meditations that are right for you at this point in your life. Please note that all the information we have about the courses and single journeys is found online by searching the store by topic or title.  Enjoy!

What we offer, and support for choosing what's next on your spiritual growth path
We offer books, music, and audio guided meditations.  All of our audio is available in MP3 Download and streaming formats. Read about all of our books including excerpts from each.  Listen to a selection from all of our peaceful new age music.

One of our most profound spiritual growth programs is the Awakening Your Light Body course which is the prerequisite for an extensive series of graduate level light body courses. 

Orin's Path of Self-Realization is a helpful guide to all of the meditation courses he offers with discussion of how they work together and where you might start to experience these life changing and spiritually enriching meditations.  Additional information about our guided meditations as well as brief sample meditations and longer free meditations are available.

An excellent way to browse through our audio meditations is from our listing that organizes them by popular topics and themes.

Finding complete information on a product, and options for ordering
If you already know the product number, enter it into the Product Search box at the top right of most pages to get a full description of it and to see formats available.

Find a product you are interested in by going to our Browse/ Search Page where you can find what products or live seminars you are interested in, add them to your shopping cart, and then go through the checkout process.  All the information you need to complete your order online is on the checkout pages. See additional information for placing an order online, as well as payment information.

While virtually all information and descriptions of our products as well as ordering information is on our website, please feel free to email us if you need further assistance after reading that material.