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Ordering, Payment, and Shipping Terms

Information for All Orders
All orders require a street address and contact phone number.  Order Processing and Shipping Day: Delivery times assume your order is received by 3:00PM (California Time) on a business day. Almost always, we are able to process and ship your order the next business day.  At the most, your order will ship out two business days after we receive it. For instance, if you send us an order that we receive before 3:00 PM on Thursday, your order will ship on Friday.  If we receive your order after 3:00 PM on Thursday, your order will ship the following Monday.  A worldwide clock is available for your convenience.
Important notice:  Unless you place your order on the phone, International Courier is the shipping method that is required for orders over $299 as it can be tracked.  If you place your order online and it is over $299, International Courier is the only shipping method available.

Customs Fees and VAT (value added tax)
If there are customs fees and VAT, they must be paid by you when the package reaches your destination country. These charges are your responsibility and will vary from country to country.  We cannot determine what these fees will be.  We recommend that you check with your local customs office or post office for details on how these charges are assessed and applied. You may also be able to find information about your country's VAT and Customs fees by searching websites on the Internet such as the United States Council for International Business. Please note that if your order has reached your country of destination and it is returned to us as Unclaimed or Refused due to VAT or customs fees imposed by your country, AFTER we have received your order back, we will refund the cost of the items minus any shipping fees to and from you.

International Courier

  • Fastest shipping with estimated delivery time of 3 to 6 business days after the business day on which we receive your order.
  • Service is by Federal Express, but may be shipped by other comparable carriers such as DHL.  All orders are shipped from Portland, Oregon, USA.
  • You are responsible for paying any VAT and customs fees.  These fees are not included in our shipping and handling rates. Delays at customs, while rare for courier, can add up to two weeks to delivery times.

  • Typically someone needs to sign for the package.
  • Orders over $1000:  We will charge your credit card the actual shipping and insurance cost. Please call during normal business hours, if you need to know what the shipping and handling rate will be before you place your order.

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International Air Postal

  • Slowest delivery time with estimated delivery time of 9-16 business days. Please note that International customers have reported that orders shipped via International Air Postal can take 7 to 10 business days longer than these estimated delivery times due to delays during customs clearing, so delivery could be a total of 16 to 26 business days.
  • For orders over $200 many of our customers prefer International Courier service, which is a lot faster than International Air Postal and is not much more expensive for larger orders.  
  • Important notice: Unless you place your order on the phone, International Courier Federal Express is the shipping method that is required for orders over $299 as it can be tracked.  If you place your order online and it is over $299, International Courier Federal Express is the only shipping method available.
  • We may choose to change your shipping method to International Courier Service on orders valued over $200.  This will be done if delivery is to a country where we have had significant delivery problems with using International Air Postal.  These rare circumstances of delivery problems include long delays and many lost packages.  While it is infrequent that we will choose to make such a shipping method change, we will attempt to notify you in advance of making such a change, charging your credit card, and shipping your order.  While Courier Service is more expensive, our switching you to Courier will make sure that you receive your order, and that it arrives in a timely manner as courier shipping is trackable and insured.  Should we choose to change your shipping method to Courier from Postal service without notifying you in advance, then you will be charged for Postal shipping as indicated on your online order when you placed it.
  • You are responsible for paying any VAT and customs fees.  These fees are not included in our shipping and handling rates.

  • Delivery is through the postal system of your country. When the postal service receives your package, it will make the necessary delivery arrangements.  The Postal System Shipping Company and LuminEssence cannot affect these arrangements.  Actual delivery times from your local post office varies widely.  Delays in delivery are usually due to custom/import duties or to local postal guidelines. While these factors make it difficult for us to estimate when you will receive delivery of your International order, most of our customers report receiving delivery of their order two weeks after placing it.  In addition, just because a recent order was delivered in 10 business days does not mean that your next similar order will arrive in the same length of time.

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Marking "Gift" on Your Order
Because of International agreements, we are unable to mark packages as "Gift" if it is sent to you. We can only mark "Gift" if the order is paid for by one person and is shipped to a different name at a different address than the purchaser.  Regardless of how the package is wrapped or what shipping method is used,  the amount of your purchase will show on the customs forms attached to your package as required by International agreements. All International orders are marked "Educational Materials."

International Orders, Special Ordering Information
In general, shipping orders internationally is easy if you keep the following things in mind. Payments made by Paypal, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Diner's, JCB, Maestro, or Discover are best, and are the only acceptable method of payment if you are ordering online. .

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Currency Conversion
To find out the conversion rate for your currency and US dollars visit For your convenience, there is a currency converter that is available through your shopping cart.