Orin and DaBen Message on Current World Events
And How You Can Help
Greetings from Orin and Welcome from DaBen:  (Updated 10/18/2020)
There is an enormous opportunity right now to bring more spiritual light to the world. The current world situations are causing people to stop and reevaluate their lives, to have an opportunity to make different choices about the direction their life is going. Or, to reaffirm that the choices they have made are the right ones for them at this point in their lives. Know that throughout all of this the beings of light, the Masters, and the Great Ones stand ready to help.
A doorway into higher dimensions is opening wider.
As humanity pauses their routine activities, experiencing many disruptions in their daily lives, an opportunity for greater spiritual awareness opens up. People have a chance to look more closely at what they are doing with their lives, and to then choose activities, relationships and contributions to the world that are more aligned with their purpose and their truth. This is a time to go inward and upward, to deepen your connection to your innermost Self and to hear and follow its guidance.

The doorways to higher dimensions are opening, offering you an opportunity to live in more light and to create your life from a higher level. You may have felt this opening to the higher dimensions of light as a greater appreciation for beauty and nature and a desire to be outdoors. You may be exploring activities you used to love but stopped for lack of time. You might be discovering more about who you are and the courage, strength, and light you have within you that you can share with others. 

You may be reaching out to family and friends, connecting with them at a deeper level.

You may be feeling gratitude and a renewed appreciation for things, activities, and relationships you used to take for granted. You might be reexamining your priorities and taking a new look at what is important to you. Everyone is participating in a planetary shift. The rhythm of people's daily life, their habits and patterns have been changed by the current worldwide crisis. It is a time of opening and awakening.

We can evoke special transmissions from the Great Ones
to help humanity during this current world crisis.

The opportunity to bring more light to the world is so great that a call has gone out from the masters and beings of light to ask everyone who can receive and radiate light to do so.

A powerful way to create more spiritual light for yourself and humanity is to invoke energy from the Great Ones, very high beings such as those who hold the energy of Divine Will. We can then join together as a group to call upon them to assist humanity during this time of need. When enough people invoke the healing energy of the Great Ones as one voice, the Great Ones respond by releasing potent energy and light that is needed to remedy a world crisis.
Each of you who joins in these worldwide meditations can become a receptor of this powerful energy sent by the Great Ones, using it to transform your own life and radiating this special energy to everyone who is receptive to and can use this light. 
Besides calling on the Great Ones, and participating in global meditations, there is much else you can do to live in the light yourself and be a source of light to those around you.
Recognize when you need more light.
It is important to stay in the light and not fall into mass consciousness. You can recognize when you have dropped out of the light and are caught in mass fears.  Some indications that you need to recharge yourself with light are feelings of lassitude, difficulty focusing or getting anything done, feeling driven to watch the news non-stop, not wanting to get out of bed, feeling worried and anxious about the future, or just not feeling like your normal self. Other signs may be feeling overwhelmed with all the changes, escape behavior, or a general "fuzziness." 

Start by acknowledging these are NOT your feelings and thoughts, but that these exist “out there” in the environment. Do not blame yourself. You are sensitive to energy, and you are picking up the mass thoughts and feelings. Keep checking in with yourself and your feelings, and step into more light whenever you recognize that you need a recharge. 
Connect with your soul and divine Self for more light.

You can recharge yourself with light by connecting with your soul. Simply ask for its light, and as you connect with your soul, feel its loving illumination spread throughout your thoughts, emotions, and physical being.
The light of your soul reveals an even greater light, the light of your divine Self, the divine presence within you. Open to and receive light from your divine Self in a moment of silence. Sense any darkness disappearing in the beautiful, brilliant light of your true Self. Feel the renewed confidence and inner strength this brings.

Receive light from your guide and the beings of light.
Pause for moments during the day and receive light transmissions from the evolved beings of light, your guide, and your soul and divine Self. Be open and receptive to this energy, and then transmit it to your life, to others, and to the world as you feel guided to do so. You can ask for Orin and DaBen's transmissions anytime.
Become a beacon of light.

Know that there is no effort too small or insignificant. Every moment you reach upward and open to light adds to the light that is available for everyone. Once you are in the light, filled with light, you can be like a light house, shining your light outward. You can help those around you stay in the light simply by doing so yourself. You can teach them how to lift others by bringing in and radiating light, helping to create an ever-expanding sphere of spiritual light.
The light you generate will help people heal, lift their spirits, and bring hope and light to those who are in despair, feeling anxious, fearful, or all alone. Your light will go out to support and strengthen those who are on the front lines in every field, serving through their work.
You can help bring about a better future as you live in more light and radiate light to others.
Join us in these worldwide meditations whenever they are given. We also encourage you to join in any other worldwide meditations you hear about to help humanity open wider the door to more light. The future is not set! Together we can make a difference and create a higher future for ourselves and for humanity.
Feel free to tell your friends and share this information and dates through your social media.

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