World Wide Meditation
with Orin and DaBen to
Open Up New Opportunities
You can join in at any time.

Embrace the New and Open to Fresh Possibilities for Your Life
Join us at any time and receive transmissions by Orin and DaBen.

Thank you for joining us during the Worldwide meditation by Orin and DaBen April, 2021. You can still join in; there is no time and space in the higher realms.

Sanaya: Your experiences of this worldwide meditation will be unique to you, however you might enjoy knowing that the group light became so strong, so beautiful, harmonized and coherent, that it reached very high, becoming visible in the lighted realms of the Great Ones who guide humanity. 

Our collective voice signaling our readiness to open to new opportunities has been heard and responded to by them. These very evolved beings of light released much light and energy available to each of us to access and tap into throughout the coming weeks and months.

Orin and DaBen were aware of each of you who joined in. Note, if you are reading this after the event, or if you would like to continue to receive these transmissions, you can always join in right now, for time and space are transcended in these inner meditations.

Orin and DaBen held the space for each of you to experience transformations of consciousness that would amplify your ability to find and create new opportunities.

Each of you who joins in these worldwide meditations can first use the energy received to transform your life. As you open to a higher light, you make this light available to anyone who is receptive to it. You can be a source of light for everyone around you, and for all life.

Thank you for joining us!

You can help bring about a better future as you live in more light and radiate light to others.

Greetings from Sanaya and Duane about opening to new opportunities:

Many things have changed and are changing, and in that change lies great opportunities.

We can open up to a higher light as a group and focus together on creating and embracing the opportunities that lie all around us in the new energies and circumstances we find ourselves in. There is great power in coming together with others to create a shift in consciousness for all involved. 

You can live in a higher plane of existence.

The past year 2020-2021 has brought about many changes and those changes have touched the lives of everyone. Old ways of being and living in the world have been shaken up. You may have learned more about your values and what is important to you, and what is unimportant in the greater scheme of things. It has been a time of letting go of outdated beliefs and to allow in new thoughts and viewpoints about your life, your friends and loved ones, and the world in general.
A doorway into a higher light is opening wider.
You can live in more light right now.

The events of this last year have moved you from one level of consciousness to another, higher, more expanded viewpoint. Every day you have been making new decisions and dealing with changing circumstances. You may have been able to step back from the busy world you were in, changing your normal routines, and have had some time to go within and examine your life. From this experience you may now have a greater awareness of who you are and how you want to live your life and how you want to interact with people.
As you experience a higher level of consciousness, those situations that were created out of a lower consciousness will start leaving your life.

It is important to let go of anything that creates conflict and pain. You may find as you move into a higher field of awareness that those things that somewhat bothered you before have now become intolerable and need to be changed. This is not a sign you have gone backward, but instead a sign that you are expanding and growing. You now have the consciousness to change these undesirable circumstances for the better.

You can embrace change, viewing it as opening the way for new possibilities that did not exist before. All change holds the seed of something new, something great that wants to unfold and blossom in your life. It will be something that makes your life better and more flowing.
Ask yourself, "What opportunities are there for me right now, in this moment?"
Every time you find yourself resisting change say something to yourself such as, “I embrace change. It is opening up new possibilities and opportunities for my life.” Then ask yourself, “What is the opportunity right now, in this moment?” Ask that question of yourself right now, and let a message arise now or later.

Every change will open up some opportunity that did not exist until you have reached a level of consciousness that allows you to recognize it.

If you are encountering too many changes at once, ask which ones need to be handled right now.  Slow down all the changes by prioritizing them and dealing with one at a time. 

Your soul loves change and growth.

The personality wants everything to stay the same, unchanged, comfortable, and familiar.  Your soul loves change, knowing that change stimulates evolution and growth. By embracing the new you are working with your soul, making it possible to live in a higher plane of existence where things happen more easily and magically.
As you embrace the new it helps you stay centered and balanced in the midst of change. As you hold this space you help others feel more balanced and optimistic about the future.  

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