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Worldwide Meditations 
3 Spring Festivals
Festival of Love | Festival of Light | Festival of Goodwill
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We will join as a united group during the Worldwide meditation times.  Together we will create a light of such great beauty and power that our united call to the Great Ones will evoke a response. During these times we will receive energy from the Great Ones, and then transmit the energy we receive to humanity and to all other kingdoms of nature. Through our concentrated effort, light, and inspiration, "spiritual healing" can be released in such a flood of power that definite changes will be brought about in human consciousness. Read more about How to Call on the Great Ones.

These Worldwide meditations are powerful times to experience the expanded states that are possible when a group meditates together.  Play your guided meditation journeys, meditate in silence, or meditate however you feel drawn to do. With everyone meditating together, there is more power to create changes, to draw in light, and to receive energy from the Beings of Light. You can also use this time to request and receive extra energy from Orin and DaBen.

Invite your friends, loved ones, and students to join in these meditations. There is nothing you need do to join us other than meditate, wherever you are, for as long or as short as you choose.  Meditate any way you choose, such as in silence, listening to guided meditations, running the light body energies, or with any meditation practice you prefer.

 Sanaya and Duane at a seminar

 Join us for the Three Spring Festivals
Festival of Love * Festival of Light * Festival of Goodwill

You can also use the Google Translation feature on our website for other language editions.

Celebration of Peace

New Year's Eve Worldwide Meditation
A Group Call to the Great Ones to Assist Humanity
December 31st  to January 1st
Includes free audio meditations by Orin.
A vision to hold for humanity, and a written meditation is available as well.
Please visit the Celebration of Peace page.