Radiance: Filling in the Frequencies

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You are eligible for the Radiance: Filling in the Frequencies audio course if you have learned the seven vibrational energy body centers and the three light body centers as developed by DaBen (channeled by Duane Packer). It is highly recommended that you study and work with the Radiance: Self-Exciting course before, during, or after taking this course. 

Click on the small color graph "Awakening Your Light Body Path Information" for a study guide that explains the light body path and how the graduate courses relate to each other.

Message from Orin and DaBen about the Radiance: Filling in the Frequencies Graduate Light Body Audio Course
As you awakened your light body, you have grown more radiant. In the Radiance: Filling in the Frequencies audio course you will learn more about your increasing radiance, what to do with it, how to use it to change your life, grow spiritually, develop mindfulness, and experience greater emotional flow.

Beyond the layers of the Renawre cocoon, you are developing a light body cocoon which extends out approximately thirty feet in all directions. In this seven-part audio course you will learn frequencies of light that fill in your light body cocoon. As you work with these frequencies you can gain new qualities of consciousness, both in the higher spaces and in your daily life.

As you fill in the frequencies, you begin to fill in those places that you were not able to have consciousness in before. You become aware of things you were not aware of before. As you fill in the frequencies, you can expand and become more than the "you" with which you are familiar. You can experience yourself and your life in new ways, move through stuck places, and have a larger, more complete vision of your life and your future.

In the higher spaces, more consciousness gives you the ability to get a stronger felt-sense of the patterns there, an ability to visualize, or to follow your awareness and develop it. When you come back from these spaces you will notice that you have developed more consciousness. You may find that you have a new view of things or that you are able to discover many new things about an area you have been working on that you had not noticed before.

Everything on the earth plane is composed of frequencies of light and energy. I, DaBen will show you how to find things as energy so you can work on things as essence before they come into your world of form. You can affect, change, and manifest new circumstances, projects, and anything else in this way. When you find things as energy in the light body spaces and work on them from this level, you have an incredible ability to manifest forms that carry much light and serve you over time. You will be able to create what you want more easily and with less effort. You will receive insights about what actions to take to manifest what you have found as energy. Let go of struggle and worry, and do things in a lighter, more joyful, and effective way.

Throughout this 7 part audio series, I, Orin will take you on many guided journeys to teach you how to work with your light body in practical ways, such as showing you ways to use your light body to surrender and trust, create a flowing day, change things with light, recharge your "solar batteries," and stay in the flow. You will work with the Enlightened Ones to receive their transmissions of light.

You will travel to Shamballa to work with the light of higher purpose and Higher Will, the Spiritual Sun. You will learn how to draw its energy into your life to add its qualities of Spiritual will, love, light, and energy into your being. You will learn more about connecting with the Universal Mind and the Higher Will to receive creative ideas and to be in the flow. You will be guided to link your heart center with your head center, to increase your love and wisdom. You will learn how to soul link and become like two suns with a loved one to increase the love between you. You will meet and work with Masters and Enlightened Ones to transform your consciousness.

Every time you work with these frequencies you enhance your life force energy. Every moment you spend playing with these frequencies gives you clearer inner vision, new thoughts, and more light that begins to permeate every area of your life. You open your consciousness to new, higher ways of thinking, feeling, and being. You will be challenged to let go of what you think is possible, release preconceived ideas about your potential, and open to a new experience and vision of yourself and your life.

As you fill in the frequencies, you will be opening to a greater flow of energy and vibrancy. Although we expect that the rate of your growth will accelerate with these filled in frequencies, we also anticipate it will be easier for you to handle this growth. You can have an abundant, joyful life and bring increasing levels of light, love, harmony, and order into everything about you. We know you have the ability to do more than you have ever dreamed possible.

You can visit the following page for information about individual courses that are part of the Radiance: Filling in the Frequencies 7 part audio course series.

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Copy/Share Information for Light Body Students

Feel free to share this course with others once you have completed all six courses in this series (Parts 1-6) and are an Awakening Your Light Body graduate. However, permission is given for you to share these light body journeys with one other person who is a partner, spouse, special friend, or loved one who wants to take this course with you at the same time.

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We have repeatedly found that when people are ready for the course, their soul, higher self, guides, and the Divine within will provide them with all the resources they need to take this course.  Our experience teaches us that those who purchase or make an investment in the course not only value the course, but finish it as well. Thank you for assisting and supporting us in keeping the work out in as pure a form as is possible.