Celebrations of Radiance
Graduate Light Body Courses

Riding the Upward Spiral by DaBen and Orin

Prerequisites To understand DaBen's instructions and experience the wonderful expanded states of consciousness he offers, you need to be an Awakening Your Light Body graduate with knowledge of the 7 vibrational energy and 3 light body centers as taught by DaBen through Duane Packer. 

The purpose of the skills you will learn in the 3 Celebrations of Radiance light body seminars is to allow you to ride the upward spiral, and to be in harmony with the energies that are coming.  Now is a powerful time on earth for spiritual growth as the qualities of light are becoming more intense, complex, and beautiful.  You are gaining more access to the frequencies of light that exist in the higher dimensions. These 3 courses are for you who are ready to join a higher flow and to live a life that is a celebration of your aliveness, of your ability to make a contribution, and of your connection to the Oneness. As you have begun to learn and use your self-exciting light body skills and the light body skills you will learn in these 3 courses, you will have the ability to find, join, and live on the higher levels of the upward spiral.

What is the upward spiral? Imagine a vortex of energy so immense that it sweeps through all dimensions from the earth plane into the highest imaginable dimensions of light. You might picture it as an enormous light, a flow of energy that moves upward like an updraft of air, spiraling up and up, around and around, leading you into higher and higher dimensions. This great force, this current of light and energy, draws all life upward into the light, into the soul plane and higher. It emanates from the great Central Spiritual Sun. It contains within it the will of God/ess; sometimes called Divine Will, Spiritual Will, or Higher Will. It draws all life back home to the higher realms of light that is its source.

The upward spiral draws
all life back home to its source

As you become radiant, awaken your light body, and begin to stay in self-exciting states, you will be sensing and feeling the effects of this spiral of light. You will have a greater sense of when you are flowing with it and when you are fighting against the flow.

Imagine that you are a baby bird just learning to fly. You are taking small hops off a tree limb, able to fly just enough to land safely on the ground. You keep practicing, finding that there are currents of air you can ride. You continue to improve; each time catching a breeze that takes you a little further and keeps you in flight for a little longer. As you gain more experience with the currents, you begin to find those that lift you higher and require less work to stay aloft. As you fly higher your view expands and you know more of the world around you.

Imagine you are a bird
traveling upward on currents of light

Somewhere deep inside of you awakens a feeling that there is something you need to do. You do not know what it is, but you do know that somehow learning how to find, join, and master flying on the currents will help you to do it. You begin working at mastering the currents. You learn how they work, how to pick those that take you the furthest, and how to catch those that take you exactly where you want to go. You soar! Your view of the earth expands and you can see for miles. You have become an experienced flyer, aware of the currents. You jump from one current to another, staying in flight as long as you desire; you can journey for hours and days in a graceful dance as you play with the flow, energies, and currents.

One day you look upward and find an even higher, stronger current above you that you never noticed before. It is so beautiful that you know you have to fly upon it; you know that this is a part of that "something you needed to do." You fly upward toward this current until you join it. It is enormous, powerful, and breathtaking in its beauty. You know this is your path. You play everyday on its currents.

Sometimes you are able to find those flows of energy that let you fly upon them for hours. Sometimes they seem more illusive. It does not matter. You know you are "home." You know you are fulfilling your purpose as you master these currents. With each flight you are becoming more radiant as if the particles of your body were lit from within. As you master the currents you discover you are no longer a bird. You are becoming an angel! You have found, joined, and mastered the upward spiral; you are becoming a being of light.

As you master the currents
of the upward spiral you
become a being of light

As you awaken your light body and become radiant through your inner work, we see you as that bird who is just beginning to fly. You have been practicing flying on the currents and learning about how the energy of the upward spiral works. You are preparing to soar into the higher realms. You are ready to find, join, and live on the upward spiral. You are ready to learn about how energy works on this spiral of light, how you move from one level to another and from one type of energy within the spiral to another.

It is the purpose of the 3 Celebrations courses to show you how to find, join, and live on the upward spiral. As you join and live on the upward spiral, you have the capacity to live in a way where every action you take increases your light and leads effortlessly to the next action, insight, or choice that also increases your light. All energies take you higher and add fuel to your beingness. Things are effortless; you are not doing anything except enjoying the energy you have generated. Your energy becomes more beautiful and generates light on its own without your doing anything.

Knowing your life purpose is important
to navigate the upward spiral.

To start living on the upward spiral, you need to find and live your life purpose. Some call this your higher purpose, your soul's purpose, your reason for being alive on the earth plane. When you know your purpose, expand the potential of that purpose, and use your purpose as the overall structure on which you base your life, it gives you such a sense of aliveness that you can more easily find and live on the upward spiral. There is a state of peace that comes from knowing your purpose, and until you reach this state of peace you do not have the base to join the upward spiral for extended periods. The peace that comes from knowing your purpose is the underlying consciousness that opens you up to radiance at the next level. Without the peace that comes from knowing your purpose, no matter what you do, you cannot fly as high on the upward spiral.

You will need to remember that you have a purpose, and remember to bring to each moment an awareness of your purpose as the framework for choosing which activities to do and which currents to ride. You can then recognize where you are and where you might be going in relationship to your purpose, and what the forms might look like, or at least the energy of those forms. As you fly higher on the upward spiral, you will need to update and expand your knowledge of your purpose continuously, and make accomplishing your purpose a priority in your life. You will learn states of consciousness in the Peace: Living Your Life Purpose course that will assist you in knowing your purpose from moment to moment.

Solidifying your connection to the oneness
allows you to manifest with ease

To live on the upward spiral you will also need the skill of traveling into the Oneness, joining it, and solidifying your connection to it. As you move up the spiral you will be increasingly connected to all life, including other people, the plant, animal, and mineral kingdoms, as well as the higher lives of the Masters, the Planetary Logos, and the Solar light. As you travel into higher levels of the upward spiral you will need to learn how to solidify and increase your connection to all life, to all the levels of yourself such as your soul and Monad, and to the plan of humanity.

Creating your life purpose, taking action on your intuition, and manifesting will no longer require efforting, pushing, or resisting. You will find yourself so connected to the flow that doing those things that put you on the upward spiral come naturally and easily to you.

As you solidify your connection to the Oneness in the Higher Will:  Manifesting With Ease course you become so connected to your aliveness, to the vital energy within you, that the universe works in harmony with you. Things appear as you need them, or even before you know you need them. You release the old and easily allow the new to flow into your life. You let go of your desire for certain outcomes and particular forms; you trust yourself and the universe to bring you those things that are for your highest good. Your connectedness and aliveness become magnetic and draw the circumstances and opportunities to you that are needed.

As you solidify your connection to the Oneness you make an evolutionary leap into a new state of consciousness, a new understanding, a new way of being in the world. You begin to manifest not from your personality will, but from your connection to the higher will. You use your will so that there is simply a responding to, a surrender to, and an embracing of the energies that are there. You no longer have to struggle to be in the flow, to create your life purpose, or to live on the upward spiral. You are no longer using your will to force yourself to do things that are good for you; you do them because doing them is natural and what is next for you to do. You manifest with ease because you are in the flow.

As you ride the upward spiral
you have a feeling of joy in being alive

As you ride the upward spiral, you need to strengthen your connection to your soul and Spirit, and to expand your awareness of the higher beings of light including the Solar light, the Planetary Logos, the Masters, and the Angelic beings who play in these realms. In the Joy: Expressing Beauty and Perfection of Being course you will be introduced to some of the beings who can assist you in living on the upward spiral.

When you begin to master the upward spiral, you are doing what you came to do, you know what your purpose is, you know you are connected to all life, to your own aliveness, and to the plan of humanity. You know you have the will to carry out your purpose, you know it is going to happen, and you are able to be in the moment at a higher level, more completely, and for longer than you have been able to experience and hold before.

You grow in the feeling of joy that you are here, that you are present on the earth plane at this time. Your soul moves more fully into your body, you start living in the present, and stop waiting for something to happen in the future to be happy.

Mastering the upward spiral gives you the ability
to make choices every moment
that increase your light and radiance

As you master the upward spiral you have built enough consciousness to start having moment-to-moment awareness; you live in the moment with an awareness of your connection to the Oneness. From this point of the moment, you effortlessly make those choices that increase your spin and radiance. When you make choices that decrease your spin you recognize that you have done so. You have enough radiance and spin that you do not notice any significant loss from those actions, and get back into the flow easily.

As you master the upward spiral you are getting skilled at manifesting, are aware of timing, and recognize everything works in a cycle. There is a joy at watching events unfold, whether they are slow or fast, later than your personality may want, in a different timing, or in a different form. You begin to recognize a beautiful pattern of unfolding, growth, and expansion, where you are brought to plateaus where you can get ever-increasing glimpses of the light that is there for you to be and to radiate. You are aware of the spiral, you know where you are on the spiral, and you sense what skills you need to move to the next level of the spiral.

You also recognize all the things that interfere with your radiance or impede it at various levels, you recognize the consciousness you do not yet have, and you sense that all of that is also perfect. You know the universe is perfect and that everything that you are doing has a perfection to it, whether you are struggling, stuck, or moving forward rapidly.

When you live on the upward spiral
you know that everything is working perfectly

Even though you may experience what used to seem like setbacks or disappointments, you no longer view them as such; you put them into a larger perspective, view them from the peace of your soul, and know that everything in your life is working perfectly.  You get out of your own way, and you recognize what that means; you are able to detach, surrender, and trust in the universe. You let your radiance happen. You have a sense that your life is somehow magical from moment to moment. You are living fully, glad to be alive, and embracing your life with passion and joy. It is from this place that you can truly launch your being as a spirit.

As you let your radiance shine, ride the upward spiral, and master the currents, you become an acknowledged force of light in the world. Your growing light attracts the attention of the Masters and beings of light who then look at how they can assist you in knowing more of the plan of humanity and your life purpose, and to assist you with your spiritual growth. You are given more opportunities to make a contribution to humanity. As you accept and act upon these opportunities, you expand your ability to reach your highest potential, and to grow even beyond what your soul thought was your potential in this lifetime.

As you master the upward spiral
living in ordinary reality is as wonderful
as the light body spaces

As you master the upward spiral you can choose to find ordinary reality as wonderful as the light body spaces you are exploring. You can recognize the beauty of the universe. You can know that your life is an expression of that perfection. You can know that you are a beautiful and perfect being just as you are. You are living on the higher levels of the upward spiral; you are becoming the light, and you are lighting the way for others.

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