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In the six-part Awakening Your Light Body course taught by DaBen and Orin, you will learn how to work in the higher realms of light to create the reality you want. Awakening your light body assists you in becoming more sensitive to subtle energies, develop your psychic abilities, open your channel, become your soul, increase creativity, have flowing emotions, a clear mind, and achieve many expanded, heightened states of awareness. You can use these energies to manifest, to learn how to sense your guide and higher self more clearly, to stay centered and balanced around other people's energies, and to work with things as energy.

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Questions answered on this page
Will the light body assist me in opening to channel
Will studying the light body assist me in healing myself
Can I use the light body to improve my relationships
Can I use the light body spaces to create abundance

Should I share the light body with young children
Is it OK to take the light body while I am pregnant

Studying other courses such as the Millennium course by Orin with the light body course
Reiki, martial arts, and the light body course

Do I need to be able to visualize to take the Light Body course
Is the Light Body safe? Does it work with Kundalini

Do you have scholarships for taking the course
Can I copy my audio recordings for others to use
Can I share my course with others, like my spouse

Do I have to work with the light body course in sequential order
Should I take the 6 part DaBen and Orin audio course, or study with a live teacher
Is there a Light Body Forum or other form of support as I work with this course
When will the Awakening Your Light Body book be available

How fast should I take the course/am I going too slow or too fast
Starting the light body after stopping for awhile

Will the light body assist me in opening to channel?
Many have found that taking this course develops their awareness of the subtle energies and makes it easier to connect with their guide and receive the messages being sent. There are journeys to open your channel in the light body albums. It is also suggested that you work with Orin and DaBen's Opening to Channel courses.

Will studying the light body assist me in healing myself?
Please note the Light Body course is not therapeutic in nature. The light body course will teach you how to work with light and energy to create the reality you want. You will work with Masters and guides, as well as with your soul, to transform your life. Orin will lead you on an age regression journey to assist you in healing past events, as well as to unify all the parts of your subpersonality.

In Part 2, Awakening Your Heart Center, there a number of healing journeys. DaBen suggests working with the first four vibrational centers when you are working on healing yourself, rather than spending too much time in light body spaces with the Fullonia and Vee. Orin will also guide you to meet and work with your inner healer.

Can I use the light body to improve my relationships?
As a light body student, you can use your light body skills, especially working with the Renawre space, to gain more clarity about what decision to make. The states of emotional flow of the light body should assist you in thinking clearly. Working with the "Working on Relationships as Energy" Program 7 in Part 4 of the light body course, you can create change by working on your relationships at this level. In addition, in Part 5, Awakening Your Light Body "Soul Linking" Program 8 teaches you work soul-to-soul to change the relationship.

Can I use the light body spaces to create abundance?
In Part 4, Aligning Your Vibrational Energy bodies on Program 8 "Working with Abundance Issues as Energy," there is a good process to work with to attract abundance.

Should I share the light body with young children?
We have found the key issue in teaching young people and children the light body is making sure it is their wish to learn and not their parent's. If children are truly interested in taking the light body course, then they are demonstrating their desire to awaken their light bodies. Probably this desire indicates that they have the elements they will need to be successful.

Is it OK to take the light body while I am pregnant?
We have had feedback from many people who have listened to light body journeys and awakened their light body while they were pregnant. We have various reports; some feel that the light body energies enhanced their experience of pregnancy. Some were able to discover what they felt was the consciousness of their child and were able to play back and forth as two beings. Others felt that through them, their child had learned the light body energies and was born with some awareness of their light body.

Some women noticed a shift in the way they experienced the vibrational energy body centers during pregnancy. Some women found it harder to experience the centers, especially during the later stages of pregnancy.

Some women found that working with the Ranthia was a way to make them more comfortable and to lessen muscle pain. They found that working with the Nu'a and Dinia several times a day helped to maintain emotional flow and enhance breathing and posture. Even women who did find running the energy during the later stages of pregnancy more difficult, did find it easy to pick up again after they gave birth.

Studying the light body with other courses, such as Orin's Millennium or Divine Will courses by Orin:
The Awakening Your Light Body course will enhance any other practice you are doing.  Orin's Millennium Journeys and Orin's Divine Will courses work well with the skills you are learning in DaBen and Orin's Awakening Your Light Body course. Both courses will develop your inner light. Both are unique programs, and much can be learned from both. You will find very little redundancy within our programs. It is also perfectly fine to work with both courses at the same time if you feel you are able to.

Do I need to be able to visualize to take the Light Body course?
The ability to visualize is not necessary to be able to experience the light body spaces. All you need do is relax, listen to the journeys, and enjoy whatever experience you are having. Some people are visual, some people simply sense the energies.

Sometimes people misunderstand what visualizing means. Most people do not realize they are visualizing all the time. Every time you go to the store, if you make a picture of the store you want to go to in your mind this is visualizing. If you can picture the house or the room you live in with your eyes closed, this is visualizing.

Do you have scholarships for taking the course?
We do not have payment plans or scholarships for our courses, however if you need extra energy to manifest the money to take courses, you can use the processes How to Request Extra Energy. After you request extra energy and assistance, you will need to pay attention and act upon any inner messages you receive. Orin and DaBen also suggest you spend five minutes a day visualizing yourself ordering and taking the course. Connect with your future self that has completed the course, and open to receive any messages or energy from your future self as well as from DaBen and Orin. If the resources you need do not appear, it may be because it is not appropriate for you to take the course at this time. We have found that when the time is right, the money will be there. Ask your inner self for guidance about what is your next step on your path of growth if it is other than awakening your light body. You can read more about creating money and abundance at this link. Your guides, Solar Angel, soul, inner teachers, and Divine Self always bring you all you need to participate in every opportunity that is the right one for you.

Can I copy my journeys for others to use?
While it is fine for you to share your own original copy of the audio journeys, we ask that you not copy them or make available in any electronic, digital or file sharing method any of the Orin and DaBen light body recordings or the written materials. Please support our ability to continue to make Orin and DaBen's work available by purchasing the course for yourself. You are able, once you graduate, to share your course with a loved one as his or her sponsor. However, our intention with this is to allow you to share the course with several friends; please do not share by copying this material onto any audio media such as iPods, or make copies of your tapes or CDs. 

Can I share my course with others, like my spouse?
We do not encourage you to share your course with others until you have graduated, and want to sponsor them with your course journeys. However, we do understand that many couples want to study the course together, and this is fine. Please let us know both of your names when you start the course.

Do I have to work with the light body course in sequential order?
The light body courses involve learning a set of skills that build on each other. Even though you may be able to work with many meditation processes and with the Orin journeys in any sequence, you will not understand DaBen's instructions if you take the albums out of sequence. For instance, there are seven vibrational energy body centers. You will need to experience each of the centers completely to move on to the next center. Each center builds on the experiences of the previous ones and on the harmony you are learning to sustain in your emotional and mental bodies. People have not been successful in learning the light body when they have studied the centers out of sequence. Thus we have required that the light body courses be purchased in sequence.

Our most important concern is that you are able to succeed with this course and receive value from it. Without prior experience with the light body centers, you will be limited in your ability to understand the instructions and to go to the places that DaBen and Orin are leading you. We have found that people have not been successful with the course without having learned the light body centers that the journeys are based on.

Should I take the six-part DaBen and Orin audio course, or study with a live teacher?
Thousands of people have had great results using DaBen and Orin's audio course. This course comes in six parts as a home-study course, complete with written material and instructions that you can follow journey by journey.  You will receive transmissions by Orin and DaBen as they personally lead you to awaken your light body. You can take this home-study course with DaBen and Orin. Some people enjoy the interaction with a live teacher and want a classroom setting; others prefer to work at their own pace and work with the home-study course. You need to decide which works best for you.

USA: If you study this course with a light body teacher, you are required to purchase and use the 6 DaBen and Orin Awakening Your Light Body courses as your study material.
International: If you study this course with a light body teacher, you are not required to own all 6 audio courses, however your teacher is required to play 9 DaBen journeys from these 6 parts for you.  The journeys by DaBen and Orin in the 6 parts make wonderful additions to your teacher's classes.  

Is there a Light Body forum or other form of support as I work with this course?
We have considered adding a forum for light body students, however it requires a lot of Duane's time to organize and set it up, as well as to manage the forum. At this time Duane is putting his time and energy into producing advanced light body programs and is not planning on having a light body forum.

As you work with the course, in addition to referencing the booklets that come with each of the parts and using this Light Body Frequently Asked Questions page. Please note questions are not able to be answered via email as each person's experiences are unique and individual, and we are unable to provide detailed answers by email.

Will an Awakening Your Light Body book be available? 
We have been waiting for the time when the frequencies of the light body are strong enough on the earth plane for people to experience the centers by reading them in a book.  This has not yet happened, and that is why we have not put out a book at this time.  All the information that would be put in a book is available in the DaBen and Orin 6 part Awakening Your Light Body course.  

How fast should I take the course? Am I going too slow or too fast?
There is no right way to take the light body course. Follow your intuition about what pace is right for you. Some people go through the course in several months, and others have taken several years or more.

Remember, you do not need to master every journey and space to go onto the next journey. Sometimes it is better to move forward on the next set of light body skills, as you may then find that you are better able to experience the previous centers. As you study each vibrational and light body center you gain more consciousness, which often is more easily noticed when you return to work with earlier centers.

You need to decide how fast to take this course. If at any time you feel you are growing too fast, stop listening to the journeys and running the energy, and your growth will stop or slow down.

Is the Light Body safe? Does it work with kundalini?
The Awakening Your Light Body course is a course in meditation and reaching higher states of consciousness. We are NOT working with kundalini; things such as Kundulini work should be done with a qualified and experienced teacher present. We have taught this course to thousands of people, and asked them to write us of their experiences. We have not had any reports of anything happening that could be considered "dangerous." As with any course in meditation, people who take the light body course do have emotional releases, find they need to make changes in their lives, let go of things, draw in new things, and take increasing responsibility for making their lives work. Some people move through these changes easily; others find it more challenging

As a part of simply being alive, you will experience various situations that challenge you emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Awakening your light body does not create these challenges, nor does it create physical, emotional, or mental illness. None of the light body courses are meant to be therapeutic in nature. They work at another level to take you into higher spaces and to assist you in bringing those spaces back into your ordinary life. If you have any history of, or are currently in treatment for mental illness, such as manic-depressive, bipolar, schizophrenia, or other mental or emotional problems, do not take any light body courses until you have the consent of a qualified psychotherapist.

Reiki, martial arts, and the light body course
Many people who take the light body come from a Reiki background, or other martial arts and disciplines. We are often asked how the light body course complements other disciplines. We hear from many people doing many different practices and disciplines that the light body enhances everything they are doing - their ability to experience subtle energies, to work with light, to become more aware, to achieve better balance and flow, and so on. For instance, we hear from many Reiki practitioners that tell us they have found the light body energies to be an invaluable addition to their practice and to their ability to sense and work with light and the subtle energies.

Starting the light body after stopping for awhile
It is not necessary to do the entire six-part course again. If you have been meditating in other ways, doing only some of the meditations in LB111 - LB116 might be sufficient to refresh your experience. We have a list of key journeys in the international light body course LB001. These are copies of journeys straight from the basic six-part course, however if you read the information it suggests 12 key meditations. These would be a good refresher course. While your own direct experience of the centers is the most important, you might find that reading some of the written manuals that come with each of the courses might be a good supplement and might trigger experiential memories of your own prior experiences.

Use your own intuition to guide you about how to continue your light body study. The fourth part of the basic course series does not introduce any new centers and you might choose to skip that entirely. Once you are familiar again with the light body you can take any graduate light body courses. You might read, I am a Light Body Graduate, What is Next? for ideas about how to continue. We might suggest you consider Radiance: Self-Exciting LB131 as the experiences and skills that you would learn in that course would enhance the depth and breath of what you might experience in any other graduate light body course. Duane and DaBen consider the self-exciting experience to be a fundamental one for all graduate light body explorations. You can also participate in any of our seminars.