Feedback from People
Who Experienced Light Body Consciousness

These are some of the comments from people who completed the Light Body Consciousness course.  While the changes in consciousness did not seem to be as noticeable with the completion of the first Level, by Level 3 people were noticing many changes in their perceptions and lives.  By the time they completed Level 4, the change in consciousness was becoming very noticeable, and people were excited.  We asked people who completed all five levels to comment on their experiences, and we are quoting from what they said.  You can listen to the audio of people's comments, summarized below, as well. ~ Sanaya

Listen to people's comments:   
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Participant:  Imagine living a life where you want to pinch yourself just to make sure it is real, because it is so filled with joy, beauty, and aliveness, the ability to connect with people and know exactly what to say in every moment.  This is my life now after using light body consciousness. 

Participant:  I got smarter!  I found myself saying things to people that I never would have thought of saying,  and my new ideas worked great.  

Participant: All of a sudden I started seeing other people’s perspective, which made me feel more compassionate. 

Participant: Each level builds on the next and it just gets better and better!  I experienced moments of exhilaration, excitement, and awe.  Life has become more joyful and beautiful, and I know I have become more magnetic to all that I desire... it is awesome.  When I think of all the skills I now have my heart just lifts.

Participant:  After light body consciousness Level 1, my feelings about death changed.  I had a lot of people in my life die long before I thought they should, and it was devastating for me. I had fear about the people I love dying.  After light body consciousness Level 1 it was as if a steam valve went off and that fear dissipated. 

Participant:  I jumped into this, not knowing exactly where it would go or what it would lead to.  I sensed, perhaps we all did, that there was a level of spiritual growth here that the masters have talked about through the centuries and eons, and that is what I have always been looking for.  I think this light body consciousness course has opened the doorway to that consciousness for us to explore now.  All we have to do is step through it. 

Participant:  I feel all the old anchors have dissolved.  I am completely free to be here, and to love. 

Participant: Light body consciousness has created potentials and shifts beyond any expectations I could ever create on an energetic or personality level. 

Participant: I feel like with Level Four and Level Five I have reached a level on a daily basis that is just so peaceful, and there is this inner joy that really there is no reason for. 

Participant:  I have a small businesses, a space weather business, a 24/7 kind of operation.  Even though the economy is insane right now, and NASA is pushing back contract dates, and the Air Force is canceling contracts, when I go to the "knowing space" I can operate up there.  There is no way I am going to operate back down in that chaos.  So from an ordinary reality perspective, this is just a life saver, totally. 

Participant: I think the most important thing that I have learned from this is the level of peace that I feel most of the time, it does not really leave you, that peaceful feeling.  

Participant:  The light body consciousness course has been a culmination of all of the light body work I have done so far.  It is almost like coming home to who I really am. I'm getting closer to that wholeness and acceptance of all the parts of me that sometimes I do not want to see, and being okay with those parts, knowing that they are part of my wholeness, and that is a really great thing to have happen.

Participant: My relationship to animals has deepened, and I realize light body consciousness affects not just human beings but the whole planet and the animal kingdom as well. 

Participant:  The most important thing is that I stopped trying to be someone.  And whether I am having a mystic experience, or suffering, it is the same.  When I am happy or suffering, it is the same, I just have to be.  And that makes me happy on a totally different level. 

Participant:  I want to say that I have noticed since I started this series of the light body consciousness that there has been profound peace within myself.  I have felt really peaceful.  It is not like I decide to be peaceful, it just happens spontaneously.  I feel like I am living in a state of grace, I did not have to intend it, it just came to me. 

Participant:  I have to emphasize how happy my personality is to be able to hold different perspectives, because it has never felt good to feel different or separate from others who had different perspectives.  And now I accept their perspectives as who they are, without judgment, just a feeling of peace. 

Participant:  I feel these courses have brought out my brilliance, really my talent and my insights, and my ability to reach to the very highest perspective. 
I have gotten a vision not only about how important this work is for us individually, but also how important it is to the earth and to universes, and galaxies.  This work that we are doing is huge, and we are influencing all of life everywhere.

Participant: I am getting from this course a deep state of gratitude, love, and joy.  I feel a great appreciation about my beauty and the beauty of everybody, and flowers.  I have a new perspective that has helped me in job and in my relationships.  It is like, “Where this idea is coming from, wow, I am impressed really with those ideas that come to me!” 

Participant: I have gotten more respect for me and for other people.  I understand their position.  I do not try to change them any more. 

Participant: I feel this consciousness has given me a very good relationship to mother earth.  Suddenly all the elements, like water, air, fire, all of them are close to me.  I feel a lot of respect and gratitude for the higher beings. 

Participant: I suddenly realized that the message all my life has been, “You cannot do what you want, and you cannot have what you want.”  Now I realize I am doing what I want.  That where I am able to place my energy is where I want to, and I have many of the things that I have wanted all my life. 

Participant:  I have lost all concept of what it means to be spiritual.  Every external identifier that I have had of who I thought I was is gone, but I have a deeper sense of myself and my reason for being here.  There is such a joy, I am filled with gratitude and joy. 

Participant:  I have felt like this course has reaffirmed so many things that I have studied in terms of meditation, in particular Buddhism, but other things also, and like past life regressions.