A Fun Quiz for Light Body Graduates

The following list of questions can be used to see how well you know your light body information. (All answers can be found in the 6 Awakening Your Light Body manuals that accompany the courses.) We suggest you write or record your answers to these questions, then check to see how well your answers match DaBen's. If you are interested in learning the light body and have not yet taken the course, select Awakening Your Light Body course for more information.  For graduate light body course information, select Graduate Light Body Courses.


  1. Describe the Nu'a.
  2. What happens when you close the Nu'a cone, and when you open it all the way to a plane?
  3. What does the Nu'a do?
  4. Where is the Nu'a in men, in women?
  5. What are the 3 stages of moving this muscle?
  6. How long is the Nu'a cone?
  7. What happens when you make the cone longer or shorter?
  8. What are some of the indications that people should close down the Nu'a cone?
  9. What does the Nu'a do with the energies around you?  How do you take in more energy?
  10. How do you take in less energy?  What do you do with the Nu'a in a very harmonized environment? What do you do with the Nu'a when you are around negative energy?


  1. Describe the Dinia.
  2. What happens when you lift the Dinia plane in front, and when you lower it in front?
  3. What does the Dinia do?
  4. Where is the Dinia?
  5. How does the Nu'a connect with the Dinia?
  6. What is the other shape the Dinia balls can take, and what are they called when they take this shape?
  7. Does the Dinia release or bring in energy when you contract it?
  8. Does the size of the Dinia balls have any effect on your experience?
  9. If the energies around you are negative, what do you do with the Dinia?


  1. Describe the Leow.
  2. What are the three stages of the Leow?
  3. Where is the Leow?
  4. What does the Leow do, what is its effect on the Renawre cocoon?
  5. What is emotional flow?
  6. How does the Leow connect with the Nu'a, Dinia?
  7. What do the first three centers do?


  1. Where is the Mumin?
  2. What can you do with the dome, and what is the optimum shape of it?
  3. What kinds of energies can you bring through the Mumin?
  4. Describe the Mumin. How thick is it?
  5. Is the Mumin a center?
  6. What can you do with the Mumin to experience more uplifting, harmonized energy?


  1. Describe the Ranthia. What size is it?
  2. Where is it in your body? What does the Ranthia do?
  3. If you follow the Ranthia as it turns, does it matter what direction it is turning in?
  4. Can you make the Ranthia rotation faster or slower? What affects its rate of rotation?
  5. How many compartments does the Ranthia have?
  6. Describe what happens to the Ranthia when there is a lot of flow coming up from the lower centers, and when there is only a little.
  7. What is different about the way you work with the Ranthia and all the upper centers from the way you work with the lower vibrational energy bodies?
  8. What kinds of spaces and emotional states can working with the Ranthia create?
  9. Does the axis of the Ranthia tilt?


  1. Describe the Traeo.
  2. What does the Traeo do in relationship to the Ranthia, and in relation to the Pieah?
  3. What does the Traeo do as a center?
  4. Describe the mental body.
  5. Which centers affect the mental body?
  6. What energy setup can help you have more complete ideas?
  7. What energy setup can help you quiet your thoughts using the Traeo and which other center?
  8. How does the Traeo help you have revelations, insights, and states of heightened creativity?


  1. Describe the 2 stages of the Pieah.
  2. How do you get into the void from the Pieah?
  3. What is different when you enter the void from the Pieah, versus the Vee?
  4. Describe mental fluidity and how to use the centers to create it.
  5. Can the rods touch the Traeo?
  6. What stage of the Pieah assists in creating states of mental focus, creativity, insights, and clear ideas?
  7. What stage of the Pieah allows you to gain mental silence?
  8. What are some of the spaces you can reach and things you can do from the Pieah space?
  9. If you have done any interdimensional traveling through entering into the ball of the Pieah, remember now some of the places/ beings/ and states of consciousness you have experienced. 

Renawre, the last vibrational energy body center

  1. What is the Renawre, and what does it do?
  2. What are the stages of the Renawre?
  3. Describe the Renawre in each of its stages, i.e. what does the disk look like?
  4. What are some of the things you can do from the Renawre space?
  5. Do the Pieah and Renawre control the mental body?
  6. What can you do from the Renawre to quiet your thoughts?

Fullonia, the first light body center

  1. Describe the Fullonia.
  2. Where is the Fullonia?
  3. What does the Fullonia do?
  4. What are the three stages of the Fullonia?
  5. Where is the Ranthia in relationship to the Fullonia?
  6. What are some steps you can take if you are experiencing nothing for periods of time in the Fullonia?
  7. What new skills are needed to more fully experience the Fullonia that were not as necessary to experience the vibrational energy body centers?
  8. Do you have to go through all the vibrational energy bodies to find the Fullonia?
  9. Describe the light body cocoon.
  10. Why do we use the cocoon?


  1. Describe the Saha.
  2. What does the Saha do?
  3. Where is it?
  4. Can you consciously influence the Saha?
  5. What do you do with the balls to gain a more intense experience of the Fullonia?
  6. When might you want the power that the Saha creates?


  1. Describe the first, second, and third stages of the Vee, including their names.
  2. Do you need to experience these stages sequentially?
  3. What things can you do if you are not experiencing the Vee space?
  4. What is the difference in the way you experience the void when you enter it through the Vee versus when you enter it through the Pieah?
  5. What is an important skill with the Vee to experience it more fully?
  6. What are some of the stable places in the Vee? What does "stable place" mean?
  7. What are transition points?
  8. Why is it important to return slowly, in stages, after you have been out in the Vee space? 
  9. How do you navigate in the Vee?
  10. Can you remember some of the Interdimensional traveling you have done in the Vee?  What kinds of states of consciousness/ beings/ and places do you remember from your Vee journeys?


  1. Which centers can form planes?  What states of consciousness are created when the centers become planes?  What happens when you make all the centers into planes? Can this be done?
  2. Which centers can take on a spin?  What kinds of states of consciousness do you experience when these centers spin?
  3. What is the light body gridwork? Can you describe it?  How can you use it to enhance your ability to stay in high, flowing states of consciousness?
  4. How is transmitting energy different from sending energy?
  5. Describe your emotional body. Is it smaller or larger than your mental body?
  6. What happens to your emotional body when you create more flow in your lower centers?  
  7. What does it mean in light body terms to "be in the flow?"
  8. How do you influence the lower centers?
  9. How do you influence the upper centers?
  10. How do you deepen and enhance your experience of the upper centers?
  11. How do you set a healing space using the light body energies?
  12. How do you stay neutral using the light body energies?
  13. How do you harmonize with the energies about you using the light body energies?
  14. How do you quiet your thoughts, or have new, more creative thoughts using the light body?
  15. Is there any formula for how to use the centers to create certain experiences or results?
  16. Are we working with Kundalini energy as the light body is awakened?
  17. Why is it important to continue to build your skill with the lower vibrational energy bodies while you are learning the upper centers or the light body centers?
  18. What light body center is located in the area between the Dinia and the Leow?
  19. Can these energies be used in a negative way?

General Questions

  1. What is the light body that we are awakening?
  2. Which three centers form the power base for the light body?
  3. How is the light body different from the chakras?
  4. Can you describe what it means to find things as energy?
  5. Why would you want to find things as energy?
  6. How do you do this?

We hope you enjoyed taking this quiz.

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