Teacher's Website Information Page

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Important information on how to keep your Teacher's Webpage current: As a light body teacher you now have a private web page on our site just for you!  You can access this page by logging into your member's area, and clicking on the Light Body Teacher link off your Member's home page. Please check this page to make sure that we have accurate and current teacher's information about you.

You will want to set up your page by entering your student's names and class dates, if you have any at this time. Your Teacher's web page contains links to the discounted Teacher's prices, and how to set up your web page to order discounted light body courses for your students.

Below is information on how to maintain your teacher's webpage, and how it works.
Overview of How to Keep Your Teacher's Records Current
Teacher and Student Process to Order Light Body Products at a Discount.
Entering Your Class Dates
Checking on Your Teacher's Agreements
How to be Listed on our Website
Reporting a Student Who Did Not Continue

Overview of How to Keep Your Teacher's Records Current
Please keep your list of students current. (If you are a teacher in Europe or are subject to the privacy rules of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), please see the instructions farther below on the current website page.) You can do so by adding your student's names in your Light Body Teacher's area. Having your student's names will allow us to know that you are their teacher, and how to better serve them as your student if they should call us or want to take a graduate light body seminar.

If we do not hear from you about current classes or receive any student information within a year, we will assume you are no longer an active teacher, and remove your Internet Teacher's listing. We will indicate on our records that you are an inactive teacher. You will no longer have access to the Light Body Teacher's area. If you start teaching again, please contact us and we will make you an active light body teacher.

1. To keep your list of student's names current, Log-in and go to your Member's Area. Once you have logged into your Member's page, click on the Light Body Teacher link. From there, you can follow the links to enter your student's names and view the names of students we have on record for you as their teacher. Be sure to let us know of the classes they have taken with you so we have an up-to-date record of their light body experience.

2. At the same time as you add new students, you may want to take a moment to update your existing students' information such as new light body classes they have taken or are taking with you. Use the drop down to indicate what classes they have taken.

3. Check your list of light body agreements, and make sure they are current. These determine what classes show up as a choice for you on the drop down to record class dates.

4. Update your classes taught record if needed. Duane and Sanaya use your information to transmit to your classes during your class times. If the classes you are teaching do not show up as a choice on the drop-down, it is because we do not have an Agreement on file for you to teach those classes. Please email us and let us know, and we will send you instructions on how to proceed.

5. If students are already linked with you as their teacher and have taken classes with you before, do NOT enter their names and contact information again. Instead, add the new class you will be teaching using the Add New Class link. You can then go back and view your class information. Next to the class you entered, click on the "add students" link in the Class Dates box to bring up a list of your students.  You can check the box next to student's names to add them to your current list of classes. This will let us know that your students are taking additional classes with you and have learned more light body skills.  (Even though these instructions may seem complicated, it is fairly clear what to do when you get to the Add New Class link.) 

6. When you enter a student's name we automatically create a Member's Account for them on our website. They will receive a confirmation email telling them that an account has been set up, with instructions of how to personalize their password. Your students will be sent a printed newsletter when you enter their name, and possibly another printed newsletter as part of our regular mailing sent later in the year. After that, we will only send them a printed newsletter if they specifically request one or place an order. Your students will also receive our light body eNewsletters, sent to the email address you have entered for them, approximately 2-4 times a year to announce graduate light body programs and seminars, which may contain links to light body meditations that will be available for a limited time only.

If you are subject to GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) which became effective May 28, 2018

  •  Ask your students whether they already have an account with LuminEssence. If they have ever ordered from us, or if they have ever received our printed newsletter from us in the mail, then they have an account. It is important that a second account is NOT created for them so that all of their information is in one place - the only account they have with us. Our records go back to 1989. If a student has an account with us, but it needs updated information then they can do so by logging into their Members Area and making the changes there; r they can email us at and give us as much of the information as possible about their account (approximately when it was created, first and last name, mailing address, phone, and email address of what was used originally) and then give us the new-updated information. 

  • If a student does NOT already have an account with us: Ask them to Sign our Guest Book and indicate that they are studying the light body with you as their teacher.

  • Once you know that all of your students have an account with us, then email us indicating the first and last name of the student studying with you. We will then make sure that both their account and your own account shows that you are their light body teacher.

  • For graduate light body courses you might be qualified to teach such as Radiance: Self-Exciting: If you taught the basic light body course to this student then they should already have an account with us and also be associated with you as their teacher. For such students: A) In your Members Area add the class, and the dates that you are teaching. Then B) use the Add Student link to add your students. When you click on that link, it will show a web page with the list of your existing students that we show as your teacher. Simply check the box by the name of your student who is taking the new course with you. At the same time, you may want to take a moment to update your existing students' information with any other light body classes they have taken or are taking with you. Use the drop down to indicate what classes they have taken.

    If student taking your graduate light body class did NOT study the basic light body course with you, then make sure that they have an account with LuminEssence, and then email us their name and what light body course they will be studying with you.

    We need to create a record for each student so we have something in our database to attach to your record and to note the Light Body skill level of the student, which continues to be updated as you let us know of other classes they take with you.  It is how we know, if they should contact LuminEssence that they are your student and we can then refer them back to you, and we have some history of them.

  • Check your list of light body agreements, and make sure they are current. These determine what classes show up as a choice for you on the drop down to record class dates.


Teacher and Student Process to Order Light Body Products at a Discount.
We are making changes in the way we accept credit card information to be compliant with industry mandated regulations for acquiring and using credit card information, as well as international privacy laws. We are implementing and you will need to follow the procedures for teacher/student discounts as outlined below.

You can offer your students your discounted teacher's prices for various Orin and DaBen light body courses or you can charge them full-price.

Some teachers have their students purchase the courses at full price, then they receive the Teacher's discount from us that allows the teacher an equal energy exchange with the student that contributes to covering their teaching time and expenses. Other teachers choose to offer their discounted price to their students and receive an equal energy exchange in other ways.

To order products for your students at a discount, you will need to follow the steps below:

1. Make sure your Member's account contains accurate and up-to-date information about the credit card(s) you want us to use, including the CVV number, as we will not be able to process your order without it. For MasterCard, Visa, or Discover, the 3-digit CVV is usually printed on the signature panel on the back of the card immediately after the card number or partial card number. For American Express, it is the additional 4-digit number on the front of the credit card.  We accept MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, JCB, Maestro, Discovery, Diner's and AmEx. We require that you pay for any albums ordered for your students at a discount. You will collect payment for the light body products you order directly from your students.

2. Log-in to our site, and in your Member's Area, click on the Light Body Teacher's link.  Enter your student's names in the Light Body Teacher's "Add Student's List". We cannot process download orders for your students until you enter at least their first and last name, country, and email address. We cannot process shipped orders without a full physical address and phone number for the courier. We are no longer able to enter your student's information. We have created the Teacher's "Add Student" feature on our website in your personal member's area to make it possible for you to enter this information yourself as their teacher. This information is private and names and addresses are completely confidential.

3. Check your entry carefully for accuracy, especially making sure their email address is correct. Once you entered your student's names, they will have a Member's account with us (if they don't already have one) and will receive an email with instructions on how to set up their member's area, including how to customize their password. They will be able to select if they want newsletters or eNewsletters sent to them or not. 

4. You can email or call us, letting us know what courses you want to order for your students. Please include their first and last name and the product(s) they want to purchase. Be sure to indicate if they want CDs or downloads. If you have more than one credit card on file, indicate the last four digits of the card you want us to use. Do not send your full card number in an email.

5. We will create one invoice with the total dollar amount under your name, as the teacher, using your credit card for payment. We will then create an individual invoice under each student's name with a zero dollar amount so they will not know the actual cost of the downloads. (You can charge your students any amount you choose, up to the retail cost that LuminEssence charges).  We ask that your students who are receiving the courses update their member's account on our site to include their complete information if it was not provided previously. They will be able to log-in under their own name using their own email address as their log in ID and a password they create so they can download the meditations directly.

6. Your students will be sent an email Order Confirmation with instructions on where to go on our site to access their downloads, which are immediately available as soon as we process their order. They will also receive information on tracking and shipping information if they ordered CDs. We manually write another email to them and let them know that you placed an order for them.


Letting Us Know if Your Student Does Not Continues with You
When you enter a student's name, we will consider them a graduate of the courses you have listed them for.  If any of your students did not graduate or did not complete the course with you, you can let us know by email or a phone call so we can make note of it in his or her record. Their names will still show up as your students, as they are linked to your customer record, and will show up indefinitely with you as their teacher, even if these students did not graduate.  We do not have a way in our current system to stop your students from showing up in your list once they are linked to you, so please send a list of students who did not graduate via email.

Entering Your Class Dates

To add your class dates to your webpage, log-in, and go to the Member's home page. Click on the "Add New Class" link to add information about your class dates. You need to choose the class you will be teaching to add to the calendar. This will put your class dates on our calendar so DaBen and Orin can transmit to you and your classes during those times. The classes are divided into the individual albums so you can list class dates for each one. As an example, the second class listed in the drop down menu for Class Name is LB111 Building Your Power Base. After you choose the class, enter the beginning and end dates using the drop down that is provided.

If you do not have a start date and an end date, you will not be able to enter a class; or you could enter it and modify things once you know the accurate dates. To delete or change a class date, use the "Delete Class" button in you Light Body Teacher Area. Then re-enter the class with the correct dates.

There will be no drop down choice for classes that you do not have an agreement on file with us to teach, or for classes that are not Light Body or are a combination of classes. If this happens, please let us know by email, or call us, and we will work with you to update your information so you will be able to find your class showing up as a choice on the drop-down menu.

If there is a co-teacher, please indicate who that is.

If there are any other comments or information you think we should know, please add it the Comments Box that is provided.

Checking on Your Teacher's Agreements
You can check the agreements for teaching that you have on file with us to make sure you are current. These are listed in the teacher's area when you click on the Light Body Teacher's link on your Member's Area. Your agreements on file are what determine the list of classes you are eligible to teach and these classes will appear as choices on the drop-down menu.

If you are teaching graduate courses please make sure you have met the qualifications to teach these courses. You can view the Qualifications to Teach Light Body Courses page to make sure you qualify to teach those courses. If applicable, you will need to read and agree to the terms on the appropriate Teacher's Agreement.  

USA: DaBen and Orin's Six-Part Light Body journeys are required
You agree to require your students to purchase the six-part Awakening Your Light Body (LB111-LB116) course by DaBen and Orin as a part of your classes. Transcripts are included in the booklets that come with the CD and the download course. We feel it is important for your students to experience the growth and shifts that are possible from receiving DaBen's energy and light transmissions. DaBen's transmissions of the centers offer people frequencies of light that go beyond anything that he has yet taught, offering people an opportunity to open many doorways into higher dimensions. 

Listing on our Website, Teacher's Agreement and Internet Listing Form
1. Please sign and return the teaching agreement that is in the back of the manual that comes with DaBen's Radiance: Transmitting Light Teacher's course, and is also online using the above link. If you sent us this form, thank you! Or, you can send us an email telling us you have read the teacher's agreement and will follow the requirements. Following receipt of the teacher agreement, you will be eligible to teach the Awakening Your Light Body course and to be listed on our website as an official light body teacher. Once we receive your signed teacher agreement, as an Awakening Your Light Body teacher you are eligible to be listed on our website as a light body teacher.

If you want to be listed as a light body teacher on our website you will need to complete the Internet listing form. You can type your answers into an email and send them to us. Upon receiving this information, we will process your request and post your information. Please allow up to a week for your information to appear in the teacher's list.  To view your information, please go to our Light Body Teacher's List. Let us know if you need to make changes. Please note we can only list one location per teacher, by phone number and country. We are not able to list your email or web address.

Congratulations for becoming a light body teacher! We appreciate all the light you are adding to the world as you awaken others.

Duane and Sanaya