Clearing Energy to Release Obstacles and Experience Divine Perfection

Greetings from Orin! I am glad to have this chance to connect with you. If you are open to it and want to receive it, as you read this article, you can ask for and receive a gift of light and energy from myself and your guides and inner teachers. You can use this gift to assist yourself in rising above whatever conditions are holding you back, and to have a stronger, more sustained connection to your innermost Divine Self, the source of all good. If you wish to receive this gift, ask for it and receive it.

It is important to learn how to clear energy to sustain contact with your innermost, Divine Self. With sustained contact, obstacles and limitations fall away and you can experience the divine perfection that is possible in your life.

What does it mean to clear energy?

Throughout your day you are exposed to various energies–beliefs, concepts, thoughts, emotions, fears, worries, and cultural conditioning. I will call this energy “mass consciousness.” While these beliefs and fears may seem to come from certain people, the media, or simply arise from within you, they are impersonal energies that do not originate from within you or from any person or group. They are ancient in origin and simply exist. You can learn to recognize when you have been influenced by these impersonal energies, and then easily release them.

You can recognize when mass consciousness energies have affected you by noticing whenever you feel unfocused, fearful, irritated, angry, discouraged, powerless, or have other feelings or thoughts that are discordant, distracting, or leave you feeling off-balance. You may feel unusually tired or spacey. You can start clearing by affirming that these energies are NOT YOU. You can learn to easily clear these kinds of energies once you realize that they are affecting you.

What do clear states feel like?

When you are clear, the light of the Divine within you shines through you. You feel confident, joyful, and inspired, full of hope, aliveness, and vitality. Regrets and fears are gone. Solutions appear. What seemed like problems or obstructions disappear. Burdens fall away and you feel good about your life.

As you continue to clear, you get quicker at recognizing when you have been affected by mass consciousness thoughts and emotions. You no longer spend days or hours feeling low or discouraged. You let go of this energy and return to your balanced, clear self.

You do not think of “who” is causing this or blame others. You feel compassion for others, for you recognize that they too are being affected by these impersonal energies.

Results of clearing—Divine Perfection revealed

Clearing energies that are affecting you opens the way for your highest good to come about and for the divine perfection and highest outcome to reveal itself in every area of your life. Being in a clear state allows you to unfold the greater potential of your life. It makes it easier to recognize that which is part of your purpose and that which is not. You can create a higher and better future, with ideas and everything you need coming to you in perfect timing. When your energy is clear you are magnetic to ideas, opportunities, inspiration, abundance, and people. Disharmony turns into harmony, turmoil into peace, self-doubt into self-confidence and self-pity into self-esteem.

Your clear energy is a gift to everyone around you. As you keep your energy clear and sustain a higher state of consciousness, you offer clear energy to everyone around you. You become a source of light and stability to an ever–widening circle of people, and to all life.

Orin: Clearing Energy Meditation/Exercise

When you notice that you are not clear, use these steps to help yourself return to the naturally loving, harmonious state that is the truth of your being. This exercise is taught in depth in Orin’s Clearing Energy with Your Divine Self (DS203) audio course.

Steps you can take to clear energy:
1)  Make contact with your Divine Self. Affirm that your Divine Self is your true identity. If there is some feeling, thought, physical state, or energy that is bothering you, set your intention to clear it so you can experience the joy, love, and harmony that is your natural state.
2)  Connect with your Divine Self, your spirit, at the center of your being. You  might sense It as a clear, brilliant, radiant light. With this connection, realize that there are no energies that are more powerful than the power of the Divine Self within you. Think of the energy you want to clear as impersonal energy that has NO power over you.
3)  Sense the radiant light of your Divine Self and watch this enormous, clear, radiant light move out from the center of your being into anything that seems to block you, including thoughts, feelings, energies, memories, or beliefs.
As this brilliant light moves out from you, recognize that these unwanted energies are not real and that they have no power. They are not supported by any spiritual law. They are inconsequential, temporary, transitory, energies that are easy to dissipate and keep away when you recognize them for what they are and know how to handle them. In the light of spirit they do not exist. Watch them fade into nothingness.  
4) Let the Divine perfection that the energies were hiding be revealed. Notice how wonderful you feel when these lesser energies are removed.
5) Open to receive inner guidance from your Divine Self about actions to take to unfold the divine perfection that is possible with the clearing of these energies. You may receive a feeling, sense, or mental picture; or simply find that any unwanted mental, emotional, or physical conditions have vanished.

As you practice clearing, you become able to more quickly recognize when you have been affected by mass consciousness energy, and then easily release these unwanted thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. These will no longer define or control you. You know these are NOT who you are!

Clearing work is cumulative, and as you continue you will find less energy to clear. You will experience a more peaceful and harmonious life. You will be freer to feel, think, and act as your innermost Divine Self.

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