Being True to Yourself
Orin: I am delighted to have this opportunity to connect with you and to offer you ways to expand your consciousness.

Being true to yourself is an important key to self-realization, to being all you can be and to living an abundant, joyful, harmonious, and rewarding life. Being true to yourself is a way of living where you stay in contact with your innermost Self, listen to Its guidance, follow your heart, and speak and take actions that express your truth, ideals, and values.

One of the greatest challenges in being true to yourself is knowing what actions, words, and choices best honor you and reflect your deepest truth. While most people want to stay true to themselves in their choices, decisions, and interactions, they often do not know what they really want. Being true to yourself requires self-awareness, where you are in touch with your dreams and goals. It means knowing what empowers you and what does not, and not settling for conditions and situations that do not reflect your truth.

With self-awareness you know what you want. You sense when a direction, choice, or action feels aligned with you and when it does not. Your words and deeds reflect your insides; you only take action when it feels right to do so. You do not say yes when you really want to say no. You are no longer on automatic, doing what others expect or want you to do.

Self-awareness comes from being in contact with the divine within you. To be true to who you are, to know how to express your deepest truth, requires awakening to your true identity as a Self that is greater than your mind, emotions, and body. This Self has also been called the One Divine Life, the All-That-Is, the Divine Self, soul, spirit, and by many other names as well. Contact with this Self brings you all that you need to know what actions, thoughts, and words best honor your values and express your truth. With contact you have an inner radar that guides you toward those actions and choices that will create a life that works for you. (Use this exercise to contact your Divine Self.)

It is not always easy to stay true to yourself and your values. Sometimes other people want you to compromise or go against what feels right to you. Take time to connect with your Divine Self and discover what you want before you proceed. It takes courage, confidence, and conviction to believe in yourself and your ideas enough to act upon them. If you have trouble staying true to your values around others, connect with your innermost Self and allow It to fill you with confidence and courage. You can do this in just a few seconds, anytime you need more clarity or inner strength. Allow the divine within to free you from anything that stops you from knowing and following your path, including your own or other people’s opinions and judgments. Set your own standards and do not try to live up to other people’s. What works for them might not be what is best for you.

You are a unique and special person. There is no one like you that has the exact same purpose, background, and potential future. Only you can know what works for you. Do what you are drawn to do and let go of any practices, activities, or relationships that do not empower you. Be your own authority of what is good for you, for other people’s path and solutions may or may not work for you. Do not wait for other people to support you, validate your ideas, or believe in you. Commune with the divine within you, listen to your inner guidance, and only do those things you feel good about. The path to happiness is to be the best you that you are capable of being!

Orin: Being True to Yourself Exercise

You can use this exercise to strengthen your ability to be true to yourself.

To start, think of something in your life you would like to change to better express your truth in that area. For instance, you might want to examine a relationship to discover where you could better express your truth. You might want to look over your spiritual practices to make sure they bring you aliveness and growth, and are not just a “have to.” You might want to observe your food choices or exercise program to determine if these are really good for you and something you enjoy, or if you are just following someone else’s rules.

You might be facing a choice or decision and want to determine what best to do to honor yourself and your values. You can also scrutinize your job, an activity, project or group work to see if you are acting in harmony with your truth.
1. Think of an area that could be more aligned with your truth. What would you like to have happen in this area? What are you doing that you do not want to do? If you could let go of other people’s opinions and judgments, what would you do differently?
2. Connect with your Divine Self (You can use the exercise to contact your Divine Self.) Your Divine Self knows what you need, but can only give to you when you consciously make contact with It. This Self always offers you all the light, love, and awareness that It has, and nothing is ever withheld.
3. Ask your Divine Self to open your inner eyes so that you may know what you need to do or change about this area to be true to yourself. Simply be quiet and receive. Be open to experiencing new thoughts, ideas, and perspectives about this area over the next several days or weeks.
4. Connect with your Divine Self and tell It you are listening for Its guidance. Stop, get quiet, and say to your innermost Self,
“I am listening.”You may do this throughout the day in short 10–20 second periods, or longer if you feel drawn to do so. You may receive guidance as inner knowingness, ideas, direction, or simply a feeling of peace.
5. Connect with your Divine Self and ask for any quality you need to be able to implement the changes you are guided to make. You can ask for qualities such as vision, clarity, wisdom, and inner strength. You can ask for confidence to make new choices that bring you greater aliveness and well-being.

When you are true to yourself you stop doing things that do not honor who you are. You have more energy and feel better about your life. People are drawn to your positive energy.

Being true to yourself is an on-going process of increasing self-awareness and growth. There is no completion point, no ending, just a continual cycle of learning and refining your ability to be true to yourself. You are on an upward spiral, with one good thing leading to another.

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