Soul Linking
Living from Your Heart

Orin:  I am delighted to have this opportunity to connect with you!

I offer you the Soul Love book, now also available as the Soul Love audio book, as a way to explore living from your heart in all your relationships. In the Soul Love book and audio meditations you will connect with your soul and learn how to connect soul to soul with others. Doing this creates harmony, peace, and understanding. It lifts any power struggles, often felt in the solar plexus area, into your heart center for win-win solutions and positive connections.

You can lift and transform any relationship as you play with others at the soul level. You can increase the light, harmony, love, and oneness between you and others, including those who are no longer in a physical body. You can deepen the love between you and others at the soul level which can also result in outer changes in your relationship.

In the Soul Love book and audio meditations that go with the book, I teach a process called soul linking. This is a powerful way to lift your relationships to a higher level where you can experience people as a soul and have a soul connection with them. You can soul link when you are physically around people, or in meditation on the inner planes.

Soul Linking Exercise
If you would like to try this process, start by connecting with your soul. Simply having the intention to feel your soul’s presence, thinking of it, and calling upon it is all that is necessary to experience more of your soul’s love, light, and beauty.

Picture the person with whom you want to soul link. Imagine that you are sensing the light and love of this person’s soul, letting go of your personality connection. Visualize or imagine an energy center of beautiful radiant light around your physical heart, called your heart center.

With your imagination, sense or see in some way a line of light going between your heart center and the other person’s heart center. Any power struggles between you are lifted into soul love.

Then picture a higher light above both of you, whatever higher light works for you. I suggest bringing in Solar Light, the soul of the sun, the light of higher purpose and divine love.

As you link heart-to-heart, imagine Solar Light pouring down through the top of both of your head centers, into your heart centers, then out to each other’s heart center, making a triangle of light. I call this soul linking.

One way to practice living from the heart is to soul link with friends and loved ones and whenever you want to lift your connection to a higher level.

Enjoy soul linking wherever you go. Observe if anything about your connection changes, or if you have different feelings and thoughts about this person afterward. You can soul link with friends and loved ones. You can soul link with strangers and casual acquaintances. You can soul link with people when you are at work, exercising, playing, and walking. You can soul link in a stressful situation with someone to shift the energy higher. You can soul link with others in meditation, or in any environment. All it takes is the intention to connect at this higher level and then following the soul linking process.

Soul linking lifts all energies between you into the heart. If you are experiencing power struggles with someone, either in meditation or right in the moment you can picture linking as two souls and moving the energy between you up to your heart center. Then, bring in the solar light or a higher light to lift the connection between the two of you into the light of oneness, purpose, and love. Be inventive and creative, and play with soul linking in a variety of situations where you want to lift the energy between you and others to a higher level.

Enjoy the transformation this brings!

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