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Every time you visit you can receive as many personal daily affirmations as you choose for a wide variety of areas in your life. 

Go to the Creating Your Highest Future Room, click on any book picture, and receive a personal daily message.  Let the message you receive be a message from your higher self or soul for you to pay attention to.  These are seed thoughts that have been selected from our books to inspire you and to give you daily thoughts to ponder on.  You can receive as many book quotes as you would like. 

Expand your Consciousness
Read our weekly book excerpt and enjoy our weekly meditation.

Listen to Orin Meditations
The Orin meditations available online are free and for your listening enjoyment.  When you visit the Orin Meditation Room you will have a variety of topics to explore. Enjoy 3-5 minute meditations to: Receive Solar Light, Soul Vision, Energize your Life Purpose, Experience Joy, Relaxation, Self-Love, Clear Blockages, Receive Answers from Within, and many more.  Enjoy free full-length Orin meditations as well. 

Thaddeus' Music
Listen to samples of all of Thaddeus' music in the Thaddeus' Music Listening Room.  

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We hope you enjoy our website.  We will be posting messages from Orin and DaBen periodically, as well as announcing on line classes and other online features. If you would like to be notified of new web features, classes, or articles, please make sure we have your Email address.  You can send your Email address to us by signing our Guest Book. Your Email address is confidential and will not be given out.  If you have changed your Email address since you gave it to us, be sure and let us know your new Email address.

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Learn more about our single journeys, courses, books, and music.  Go to our online store and search on key words, by topic, or by product name or number. You can order online 24 hours a day.

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View a PDF of Orin's Newsletter  Contains a new message from Orin, information on Orin and DaBen books, Orin's audio albums, articles, single tapes, and Thaddeus music. 

View a PDF of DaBen and Orin's Light Body Newsletter  Contains information on the basic Awakening Your Light Body course, graduate light body courses, light body teacher's courses and information and current seminar information.

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