Interdimensional Traveling with Your Jeweled Vehicle

Developing Higher Dimensional Awareness:
Connecting with Higher Realms and Beings

All Journeys are by Orin

JV351_01 Introduction and Welcome by Orin
JV351_02 Surrounding Yourself with the Light of Many Spiritual Beings
JV351_03 Activating Your Jeweled Vehicle
JV351_04 Building Your Individual Field of Tetrahedrons for Interdimensional Explorations
JV351_05 Going Through a Dimensional Gateway Into Higher Dimensions
JV351_06 Entering Into a Phosphorescent World that Enhances Dimensional Sight
JV351_07 Moving Into a Timeless Dimension That Reveals More Complete Patterns
JV351_08 Visiting a Timeless Dimension to Add Flow to Your Life
JV351_09 Powering Your Jeweled Vehicle with Pure Brilliant Dimensional Light
Visiting Beings in a Dimension that Holds a Pure Vibration of Purpose 
JV351_11 Linking Up with Your Home Planet or Galaxy
Joining with Beings That Help Your Mind Become a Clear Receiver of Higher Energies
JV351_13 Connecting with Others in the Planetary Field of Tetrahedrons

JV351_01 Introduction and Welcome from Orin
Greetings from Orin. I and the many beings of light who will join you throughout this course welcome you! You have been drawn to this course in higher consciousness because you are ready and you have built a foundation to experience these spaces through all the meditation and spiritual work you have done. You may have explored many higher realities already or have wanted to do so. You do enjoy new, expansive inner experiences and are looking forward to experiencing higher realms beyond the three dimensional reality you live in.

You may have already connected with guides, inner teachers, angels, and other beings of light through your inner work. You are aware that you are a multi-dimensional being and are ready to explore more of who you are, to have a larger picture of your life and the consciousness that you are.

As you listen to these journeys I will be guiding you to build and explore a beautiful vehicle or body of light that I will call your jeweled vehicle. It is a multi-dimensional energy body that opens gateways and paths into higher realities and realms of light. It is composed of 2 large tetrahedrons that look like 3-sided pyramids. These work together to create various states of consciousness that open doors to other dimensions and realms. In addition, you will explore and play with many varying sizes of tetrahedrons that make up your personal field of tetrahedrons.

These tetrahedrons provide the energy, the light, and the dimensional keys and codes that allow you to travel interdimensionally. They help you to have enough awareness of dimensions, realms, and worlds where you can learn from and expand your consciousness through contact with many highly evolved beings who exist there.

Throughout these journeys I will guide you to picture various energies. If you are not visual, enjoy the energy and sensations and use any feeling-sense you might have of these spaces to travel upon.  If you find you cannot follow my instructions, simply let go of trying to do so and enjoy whatever space you are in. I often lead you to a place where you may not be able to follow my instructions with your logical mind, providing a jumping off place for you to leave behind your thoughts and launch into a more intuitive, feeling state, often beyond words, into pure experience.

As you activate your jeweled vehicle and open to many higher qualities of light and energy, you will be able to enhance your daily life by bringing these higher energies you contact into your earth plane life. This can make it easier to reach upward and move into the light.

Once you have gotten to the spaces I am guiding you to experience, let go of the visualizations of your tetrahedrons and any other images of your jeweled vehicle, and enjoy the spaces that playing with them has led you to. It is not necessary to use the visualizations once you are experiencing the states of consciousness the visualizations were a doorway for. Know that way you experience these journeys is fine; let whatever way you do be the perfect way for you.

When you come back into ordinary reality as the journey ends, you can turn off the tetrahedrons you are playing with simply by choosing not to be aware of them anymore. They can be as present in your consciousness as much or as little as you choose to make them. You can let them go completely when you want to turn your consciousness elsewhere. You can also bring back this energy at will as you focus on your jeweled vehicle.

This course explores the realms and worlds that help you to build your jeweled vehicle, and to create a very stable place from which to start your journeys. With each succeeding course in this series you will be opening to the consciousness and working with your jeweled vehicle to visit many new realms, and to open the way for your next level of explorations as you continue with this course.

Enjoy all the wonderful adventures that lie ahead! 

JV351_02 Surrounding Yourself with the Light of Many Spiritual Beings

Greetings from Orin! So if you are ready to begin, take a deep breath in, feel yourself relax, and open up to all the light that is about you, waiting for you to claim it, to explore more of the multi-dimensional being that you are. For you are truly an unlimited, infinite being of great light.

We will start most journeys by aligning with the highest light that is available. So imagine you are standing in a spotlight, and at first you cannot see anything around you other than the light coming down from above, like a pillar of light, holding you in the light.

And as this light spreads out it begins to illuminate a greater world of many high beings and many high energies. Allow yourself to grow quiet within, to feel that sense of inner peace to whatever degree you can do so right now, in this moment.

Imagine that as you stand in this spotlight, you are in the center of divine will, of the divine plan for all humanity, all life, and the divine plan for your life.

As you take this course and learn how to travel interdimensionally, and build the body, the energy body to do so, you will always be aligned with divine purpose and plan, with the divine perfection that is possible. It is from this center of your being that you will move into other dimensions freely, easily, and in harmony with all the energies about.

And sense around you your guide. Know that your guide is here with you, whether or not you are aware of this guide. This being is here to look after you, to work with you, to assist you in any possible way as you build your jeweled vehicle. Take a moment to acknowledge and to sense this guide in whatever way is appropriate for you right now.

And as your light illuminates even more of the energies around you, sense many Masters, very high beings on the inner planes. And they are forming a pattern of light, each representing different qualities, such as pure love, divine will, and unlimited knowledge and wisdom. They are holding this light very stably and very steadily all around you.

You are working with the highest forces that you can access so that everything you do is aligned with the light and is for your higher good; light that you will offer to others as you grow more radiant.

And feel the field of energy around you growing more and more beautiful, more supportive, making it easier for you to be centered in the truth of your own being, making it easier to reach upward, to move into the light, and to release yourself from the pull of energies that bind you to a 3-dimensional world.

Each being is offering you more perfect and more beautiful patterns of energy, helping to set the space for you to take this step of awakening your jeweled vehicle, of moving into new and higher dimensions.

Any time you want to feel more stable, to be lifted higher, and to have assistance in breaking free of patterns that hold you back, step into this matrix of energy, this beautiful light, and play with it! Let it grow and develop. Add the beings that you play with.

And let this beautiful, beautiful mandala of light become even more beautiful as the angels and archangels join you, as you move into the pattern that they create, that is being held on the inner planes for anyone who is open, asking for, and able to sense this energy that is always being offered.

And through this lens of stability and beauty, many beings are joining you who have a fully developed Interdimensional body, the diamond body, the jeweled vehicle.

Sense these beings around you. They are here, right now, called by your work, your intention, and your consciousness.

And now look at your energy. Look at the energy around your body with your imagination and your inner eyes. You might sense that many beautiful patterns of light are being held within your light that you have already developed from all your spiritual work.

Get a sense of how stable this energy field is, even in its movement and its activity. The light is becoming more beautiful at every moment; divine Light.

And as you are aware of this light, you are fulfilling your purpose of becoming the light, of lighting the way for others, opening in every moment to the divine perfection, the divine plan that is there, helping to bring it about for your life, and for all life.

Spend some time now observing this mandala of light that you are standing in, and your own light. It may feel as if you are using your imagination; that is fine and perfect.

You may hear a sound on the inner, sense an interplay of color or light, or simply have a feeling, a deep peace.

And when you are ready, come back. Noticing that you can hold some of these beautiful patterns even in ordinary reality. For you are developing interdimensional consciousness that will be like an overlay on your daily life, that will help you to lift higher, see the bigger context, and look at life through the lens of love and light of the higher dimensions.

Enjoy and explore the space you are in, perhaps noting a sense of greater peace, more light, and energy. Notice how you feel right now.

Acknowledge the beings who are with you, that you can call upon at any time, and experience them forming beautiful patterns of light all around you.

Come back when you are ready, and I bid you good day for now.

JV351_03 Activating Your Jeweled Vehicle

Greetings from Orin. You are ready to start activating your jeweled vehicle, your diamond body that allows you to travel into higher worlds of light and consciousness, and to bring that light back with you, so that you can become a source of light to everyone around. And you can add much light and consciousness to everything you do in your daily life – bringing about greater peace and harmony, more flow, more joy and love as you do.

As you start right now to activate your jeweled vehicle, picture that beautiful mandala of light that you have now experienced. You are standing in a beam of light.

And you sense your guide working with you. And it is fine if you do not have a sense of your guide, for you can know that you are being guided and served by all the beings who are here whether you are aware of them or not.

Feel the Masters, each one representing a beautiful quality of light such as love, harmony, infinite knowledge, creative intelligence; all organizing the energy you are in, bringing it to a higher order with more beauty, more fineness of detail, more clarity.

As you open to these Masters you then become aware of even higher beings, beings who hold the energy of divine Will, Beings I will call the Great Ones, who hold the pattern of divine perfection, of the divine Plan, building this into the beautiful mandala that you are standing in of radiant light.

You are in the center where it is still, where all the energies come together, where the energy for you is very stable, very balanced and connected to the light of many higher dimensions.

And you are joined with the angels and archangels. And you realize that all these beings are working together to hold very stable these beautiful energies of light; offering them to all life.

All you need to do is tune in and set your awareness on them. As you do they become a part of your consciousness.

You might say to yourself, “In the center of all light I stand. In the center of all Love and Will I stand.” And sense your spiritual standing in the light.

Your ability to radiate that light will grow as you work with this beautiful mandala of light and activate your jeweled vehicle.

Feel yourself going within, letting this space take you into an even more peaceful and silent state. Your breathing is relaxed. You are focusing inward. You can feel all of the light and energy about you in some way, either as a feeling, a visual image, a sound, a color.

There is an interplay of all the energies, like an orchestra — perfect harmony.

And you are entering into this field in preparation to activate and create your jeweled vehicle. It is a body, an energy body, a vehicle that will allow you to travel into higher dimensions of light. Sense now a three-sided pyramid which is called a tetrahedron. It has a point at the top.

Now imagine a second identical pyramid pointing downward, touching and aligning with the base of the first one. 

Now imagine that you are putting these inside of your body, your energy body or your physical body, however you see it is fine. Make these big enough so that one points upward and touches the top of your head at its point. The one pointing downward ends somewhere near the base of your spine, or even lower.

For now I will call this the diamond body aspect of your jeweled vehicle. It is one of the key elements you will play with throughout these journeys. Sense this now if you can as an image, a feeling.

Imagine a light, a beautiful sun way above your head, with its rays of light coming down through the top of the three-sided pyramid that has its point upward at the top of your head.

And let that light flow down through the sides of this tetrahedron, this three-sided pyramid of light. Down to the base, and then down to the tip that points downward at the base of your spine, like liquid golden light coming down through the top of your head, and lighting up the sides of this diamond-shape.

Energy is gathering here. This higher light is very conscious and working with you to bring this diamond-shape alive, to make it more real in your awareness. To bring it out of an existence on the higher realms into its existence in a plane where you can sense and feel and work with it.

You are literally calling forth this sacred form, this geometry, and claiming it as part of who you are. It is a great gift from the Universe, and all that you will do with it will be in harmony, and aligned with the divine plan of the Universe and the divine plan of your life.

This diamond shape begins to turn and spin, together — both the upward part and the downward part. Like a top, spinning and spinning. Light coming out from the edges, prisms of light all around you, spinning, turning until you can hear a hum with your inner ears, almost like a sound, a very beautiful, harmonious sound.

You might even sense a color or colors.

In these flashes of light that you are beginning to send out, you are drawing to yourself the higher light of higher realities. You are drawing to yourself light that is in resonance with, in harmony with the light you are sending out. You are becoming magnetic to this quality of light that opens up into more beautiful, higher frequencies of light.

You can play with making the spin fast or slow. You play now, and become observant. Know that any experience you have, anything you think to do in this space is perfect. There is no right or wrong; it is you experiencing this level of your being. This level is conscious, and it will teach you what you need to do.

Take time now to play with this diamond-shaped form, to sense it, to hear it, to feel it, to play with it, to greet it, to see the beginning of your jeweled vehicle forming in this reality.

Sense the light of this beautiful mandala of light of the Masters and the Great Ones, and divine Will, and the angels and archangels — the light that they represent — the great jeweled vehicle from which you are building yours. See that light in your being now.

Sense your jeweled vehicle beginning to be built from the energy that is available all around you in this mandala of light.

And even in this short time, you are finding something more stable, more reliable in your ability to reach upward, and to let go of some of the things that might be pulling you downward.

All right, come back easily now, noticing that you can sense this this jeweled vehicle, this diamond body, as it begins to be built at times throughout the day whenever you think of it. 

Your gateway into higher realms and dimensions is already opening to add to whatever other work you have done. Higher energies, more beautiful and refined energies are now available, and will continue to increase as you continue to activate your jeweled vehicle.

And I bid you good day for now.

JV351_04 Building Your Individual Field of Tetrahedrons for Interdimensional Explorations

Greetings from Orin. Start by sensing yourself standing in the center of a beautiful mandala of light and energy. You are in a peaceful, quiet place. And you are surrounded by many high beings holding a very stable place for you which you can come to for many purposes.

And for these journeys the purpose of connecting with this beautiful, radiant mandala of the light, of all the beings who are here, is to activate, build, and explore your jeweled vehicle by traveling into higher realms.

Feel yourself coming to a very centered, loving, and even joyful space. There is a sense of potential here, of anticipation, of awakening. You are reaching out into the light with new senses. You are truly building a new matrix, a new prism of light, of crystalline diamond patterns that can receive and hold and radiate many qualities of the divine light of higher Universes and dimensions.

Harmonize with this group now. Sense the jeweled vehicle of all these higher beings being reflected in your own inner light as you begin to build your own jeweled vehicle.

Sense once again your jeweled vehicle with the two tetrahedrons, one pointing up to the top of your head, and one pointing downward toward your feet. They touch at their bases.

Play with making these two tetrahedrons bigger and smaller in reference to your physical body.

When it feels just right, use that image and let go of the image of your physical body, and put your consciousness as much as you can, into being this diamond body.

Now imagine that a second and third diamond-shaped forms are beginning to surround your original one. So as you look out with your inner eyes, you are beginning to sense more of these diamond shapes, 3, 4, 5, 10, 20, becoming visible all around you. And more and more, as you become attuned to them.

Let them begin to stack up, one touching another, like the honeycombs of the bees. A perfect and beautiful pattern of triangles begins to form, like a matrix. And they are fitting together as you observe more and more of these.

You might become larger from your vantage point, so you can observe the entire pattern as it grows and becomes larger and larger with more and more tetrahedrons, one pointing up and one pointing down, touching at their bases. Each side of the tetrahedrons looks like a triangle.

Imagine that you are coming into resonance with this whole pattern, three-dimensional triangles, tetrahedrons of light fitting together. And as they do light is being born all around you. You are in the center of this light, coming into resonance with it. With these triangular patterns you can hold more light than ever before, for there is a place for the light to go.

The pattern that is forming is the divine light of your own jeweled vehicle being activated.

You are symbolically being surrounded by a latticework of crystalline diamond-shaped prisms of light, clear, beautiful light. Close to your body, far away from your body, letting go of the image of your body.

You might even picture your consciousness as a dot or spark of light, and you are moving through these patterns of triangular light, acquiring consciousness and awareness of patterns that open you to higher dimensions.

And now imagine this pattern of beautiful tetrahedrons filling in at finer and smaller levels. And the spaces in-between are filling up with the three-dimensional diamond shaped forms.

One end pointing upward, touching at the base, and one end pointing downward. As you do this you are building more consciousness, more places to hold divine consciousness and divine light.

You might even sense flashes of light, for this pattern is transforming and refocusing the energies in your emotions and mind. The flashes you are seeing are where less beautiful patterns of energy you have been holding are coming into resonance with this perfect and beautiful pattern Watch this happen now.

You are replacing energies within you that are less beautiful, that reflect less light. These new patterns allow you to exist in dimensions beyond time and space. They attune you to other worlds and the beings there who can show you ways of being that will greatly enhance your earth life, that will evolve your consciousness.

Bring in more and more tetrahedrons, letting the diamond shaped patterns fill out until the pattern is more complete at smaller and at larger levels.

Imagine again a sense of your body. And as you move, with your imagination, your arms, imagine you are moving your arms through this matrix of light, filling up your hands and your wrists, your arms, your elbow, and your shoulder with more and more tetrahedrons, joined at their bases to form diamond shaped, beautiful lights. Play with this now.

Let any other part of your body move into this field, bringing these tetrahedrons with their triangular shaped sides into your body that can hold and reflect the perfect patterns of divine Will and purpose, of love and infinite awareness.

And bring these tetrahedrons into your torso and neck and head.

Let them move into your hip and thighs and legs and feet.

Play with building smaller and smaller tetrahedrons in all parts of your body.

And if there is any place you would like to improve, bring these tetrahedrons into that now, the great beauty, real clarity, crystalline, radiant, perfectly ordered and formed, diamond triangle shapes, smaller and smaller, more and more.

If you have imagined them one size, make them another size smaller. Run even smaller ones through your body.

Play with this whenever you think of it or are drawn to do so. Have fun! There is a great deal of joy and play in traveling with your interdimensional body into other realms and dimensions.

Explore these tetrahedrons that form diamond patterns with a sense of adventure. Be inventive and creative, finding things to do with them that feel right to you, and that enhance your experience of them.

All right, when you are ready, return to the 3-dimensional reality you live with. And if you would like, keep a portion of your awareness on your jeweled vehicle. And with that I bid you good day for now.

JV351_05 Going Through a Dimensional Gateway Into Higher Dimensions

Greetings from Orin! You are building your jeweled vehicle composed of the two large tetrahedrons that are within you, one pointing up and the other pointing down, both the same size, touching at their bases and forming a diamond shape.

You are also creating smaller versions of these two tetrahedrons throughout your body, creating a gridwork of these tetrahedrons all around you, becoming what I call your personal field of tetrahedrons. This is your energy vehicle, your vehicle of light for interdimensional traveling.

You are building your jeweled vehicle in a higher plane of reality, and yet it reaches down into the third-dimensional world that you live in.

So as you bring in the light of the higher dimensions there is a part of your jeweled vehicle that is anchored in, and affects the earth plane, that transmits the light of the higher dimensions down into your earth life, into your consciousness.

In this journey you will begin to touch upon the fourth dimension and the higher dimensions to bring your jeweled vehicle into a greater pattern, a more beautiful pattern by developing and opening to 4th fourth dimensional consciousness.

You may even find fifth, and sixth, and other dimensions becoming visible to you. These may appear as small glimpses, or they may show up in other ways. Relax into this journey, play and have fun, and learn more about what your consciousness is capable of doing.

Start by once again imagining that beautiful mandala of light of all the higher beings.

Picture all around you the beings of light and the Masters who are holding many beautiful qualities of light, forming a beautiful, intricate mandala type pattern. And you are in the center.

Sense the Great Ones, the beings of light who hold the energy of divine Will and purpose. With these beings you are aligned with the Will and Purpose of the Universe, of your life, of the divine Plan that you are here to fulfill, that is the unfoldment of your potential.

Feel the stability here – the way the energy moves. And yet you in the center are at a point of stillness where you can observe the energy, but also find a quiet, calm place within you, the center of your being.

Bring in any other beings such as the angels and the archangels, the inner teachers. Feel and sense what a beautiful stable light that this represents that you can tap into.

And sense your guide in whatever way you can, and know this loving being or beings are there for you on your evolution, as you build this vehicle of great beauty, the jeweled vehicle.

And I and many guides are now holding above you a very high light that will open up the ability for you to sense your energy patterns as they move from 3rd dimensional reality out into higher dimensions of light.

So imagine that you are standing in a beam of light, a very special kind of light that awakens your 4th dimensional sight and senses.

Become aware of the two large 3-sided pyramids called tetrahedrons, one facing down towards the earth, one facing up towards the sky, touching around your heart center, the two bases.

And as you have learned, sense many of these all about you, beginning to radiate and hold more light, more and more light. More and more diamond shapes of all sizes, large and small. Filling in and linking up, forming a matrix or a gridwork of diamond shaped lights, fitting together in a more and more orderly pattern all about you.

See how much you can sense, how far out, behind you, above you, under your feet, in front of you, more and more of these diamond shapes. Each one is carrying codes and keys and information. Each one is capable of amplifying and reflecting light — beautiful, radiant light.

And you are calling these diamond-shaped lights to you, just by imagining more and more all around you, very orderly, very beautiful, very harmonious with each other. As if, when they come together they form a new consciousness — a consciousness that includes yours as part of theirs.

And there is a blending here, where they are offering you many beautiful qualities of light. All you need do is accept, be open to, and be receptive to the beautiful light you are being offered. It is a great gift, one that will help you evolve spiritually.

As you have done before, sense smaller and smaller diamond shapes filling in with the large ones, so that each large diamond shape has many smaller ones inside. And those smaller ones have even smaller, and smaller, all about you. Notice the difference as you imagine smaller and smaller, and finer diamond shapes of light becoming more solid all around you.

And now in the light you are standing in I am adjusting, along with your guide and the many beings of light, this light, to open a lens for you into 4th dimensional sight.

In some ways the brightness, the jeweled look, might be less visible. As it fades, what you might see are points of light. So there may be wavering, a less distinct pattern. And yet out of that you will catch glimpses of a new light emerging.

It is as if in some way, with this 4th dimensional energy, you are seeing beyond the patterns, inside the patterns. So you are no longer focusing as much on the jewels, and the rainbows and the sparkles of your diamond body, of your jeweled vehicle. Instead, there is almost a sense of less light, but flashes of light, lines of light, reflections of light, and beyond those even more.

For what you are doing right now is dimming down the bright, brilliant light of the 3rd dimension so you may sense and explore the higher dimensional light which is of a different quality. It radiates in a different way. Play with this consciousness now.

There is an amazing stillness in this space — silent, beautiful. Energy that holds the keys and codes that open gateways into many other realms of light.

Even though it may seem as if you are only catching glimpses of these higher dimensions, that is fine! That is how they appear, like energy that is very temporary, that is very difficult to make solid and real, for it is not — not like the 3rd dimensional reality you live in. There is a delicacy to this energy, a transparency. What you can mainly see are dots or specks of light.   Sometimes these seem to connect with each other, and other times they seem to flash on and off independently. Play with this again, some more.

And this time we are going to bring back some of the light of the 3rd dimensional jeweled vehicle to see if you can play with these two kinds of light together. Do this now.

Now let the light of the 3rd dimension come back closer to what you experienced before with the jeweled vehicle, the matrix of beautiful, matching jewels, the order and the way the light flows.

And notice if you can see more about it, something that has taken on an extra energy, a shimmer, a beauty that comes from your explorations of this 4th dimensional light, of the higher dimensions shining through.

Play with this now.

And know that the act of visualizing and playing with these sacred geometries changes your consciousness, brings it into alignment with a higher sphere. It will change your daily reality, allowing you to create more harmony and peace, have new creative insights, new ways of looking at your life and reality.

So play with this now. Seeing as much as you can, or feeling or experiencing in some ways the new light as it begins to appear all throughout your jeweled vehicle.

Sense the large diamond shaped light within you, the two bases touching around your heart area. And sense how much more alive they have become, as if they are vibrating with light and energy. As if you are filling up with a higher light, as if something within you is taking on a new note, a new beginning, getting ready to open up to and experience other dimensions of your being.

And when you are ready, come back into the room, feeling this sense of anticipation, of new light being born within you.

And with that I bid you good day for now.

JV351_06 Entering Into a Phosphorescent World that Enhances Dimensional Sight

Greetings from Orin: You have been building your jeweled vehicle and your work with all of this light and energy is already beginning to transform your aura, your energy, and your consciousness.

Much of the work you are doing will be noticeable over time as you are moving from an ordinary consciousness to divine consciousness as you do this work.

So once again, for this journey, picture standing in the center of all Will, all love; in a place of silence and peace.

And you sense around you the masters who hold the energy of love and wisdom, of peace and harmony, spiritual power, and all the qualities of light, of clarity, and beauty that you can imagine, forming a beautiful energy pattern of light all around you.

And the Great Ones, and the Angels and Archangels, so you are being fully supported in this work of raising your vibration, of ascending to a higher level of light and all the good that will bring into your life, and the doorways it will open and make easier for all humanity to make the same journey that you are.

There is such goodness to the Universe. Its underlying nature is love — the Will to Good, to harmony, to beauty, to love — is all about you. It is part of the matrix of energy that you live in and becomes part of your jeweled vehicle.

The higher energies you are bringing back with you are those energies of great beauty. Energies that organize light, that carry the keys and codes that unlock gateways. So as you are preparing now to journey into higher realms, think again of the diamond shape, the two three-sided pyramids of light, one pointing up to the top of your head, touching the base of another one that is pointing downward to your feet.

And light pouring down onto their sides - golden light, beginning to light up all the other diamond shapes, large and small, that exist all around you like a matrix of light.

More and more of these diamond shapes are coming, forming beautiful, intricate patterns of light, woven together, organized together all around you, inside and outside of your body.

And now you are standing in a light that I and your guide are holding for you, that opens you to fourth and fifth dimensional sight that opens the gateway. And you have gained enough energy now to start your travels in the higher dimensions of light.

So let the light, for a moment - the bright, brilliant light of the third dimension - fade just enough that you can begin to sense, in glimpses and flashes, the fourth dimensional light, or even the fifth. Shadows upon shadows; images super-imposed upon other energies.

Higher and further, becoming fainter as you scale and scan the dimensions. Energies trail off, seemingly into nothingness. Sometimes it feels as if you are traveling through the stars as you experience these other dimensions.

Feel that sense of traveling now, for a Great Being is opening the way for you to experience the gateway into other realms and worlds that is available to you with the light and energy you now have.

It is as if stars are shooting past you, and you can sense or feel in some way a new realm opening up.

You have arrived! It is really not a “place” but a space beyond time. A gateway, a place that opens up to many other dimensions, many other realms and experiences. You are met here by a being I will call a dimensional being, or a dimensional Lord. One who can help you access many other places.

Sense this great Light, the Lord of this world, whose light also reaches into the third dimension that you live in. You may sense or see this Being as a vortex of light, energy, and consciousness of the highest order. Or feel this Being in some way.

This higher Being is aware of you, greets you, and welcomes you.

In the light of this Being, look at your jeweled vehicle. Use your imagination. This being is offering you an opportunity to build even higher patterns of light into your jeweled vehicle; very multi-dimensional aspects. Perhaps you will see or sense it in some way, perhaps you will not. If you would like these gifts of consciousness, affirm that you accept them.

Watch as instantaneously beautiful patterns of light begin to emerge all throughout the field of the diamond jewels that you are around, within you and without.

There is such a richness of pattern, of energy that is being awakened within you — energy that has always been there waiting to be activated, living within you as potential. And this Being is helping to activate, to bring out that which you are, that which is your potential to be a divine being.

Just observe. Look at the new patterns of light being born. Sense or feel them in some way.

With the gifts of light you have been given - the consciousness - you are being invited to move into a world where the light is very phosphorescent, like the light you see in fish that live deep under the ocean, or the rocks that light up in special light. All the colors here are phosphorescent. All you have to do to move into this world is just be open, and let yourself be lifted to that place.

You might sense that this great dimensional Lord and the gifts of light you were given, has given you the consciousness, the key and the code to enter into this other world. Be very playful. It is somewhat dark, lit by this phosphorescence. And look at yourself in this light. Parts of your jeweled vehicle that you can see in the brilliant light of the third dimension are gone. But what is lighting up is the light within the light. The places of light you never knew existed within you.

This awakens a new kind of vision of the higher dimensions. Even though it may seem as if you are just visualizing it and experiencing it in your mind, you are opening to an energy pattern that will assist you in moving to even higher realms, and help you in manifesting more of your potential on the earth plane.

It will awaken within you qualities that you did not know you had — creativity, new ideas, and insights. It will allow you to better see inside the light that you are, the light of your ideas. To see inside events and circumstances, and to have more understanding of why you are experiencing them, to look at the cause, and not just the effect. Play now in this world of phosphorescence.

Allow the bright light of your jeweled vehicle as it appears in the third dimension to become more visible.

With the new sight you have been given of this phosphorescence, notice if you can detect a bit of phosphorescence within all the tetrahedrons, the diamond shapes, that you are aware of. It is as if everywhere you look, there is a spark, a tiny glow of light, a different kind of light, a light within a light. It is as if you have a jeweled vehicle within your jeweled vehicle. It might even feel like a second one.

Begin to connect these two; finding those pathways and lines of connection between the light of the phosphorescent light, and the radiant, brilliant light of third-dimensional jeweled vehicle. Begin to weave these two together.

It is like an overlay, this phosphorescent light that now shows up within the brilliant light. So this will help you, when you are caught up in the material world to be more sensitive to a higher spiritual world. And you will be able to hear the call of it more often and respond to the call of spirit within.

All right, you have done well. And with that I bid you good day for now.

JV351_07 Moving Into a Timeless Dimension that Reveals More Complete Patterns 
Greetings from Orin. In this journey you will travel interdimensionally into a world or dimension that will assist you in seeing more of the complete pattern of your life.

Begin by sensing that beautiful, stable mandala of light composed of the light of the Masters and of all of the high beings you have been playing with and experiencing.

You are standing in the center of all light, all Will, and all love. You are aligned with the divine plan and purpose of your life and of the Universe.

It is as if you are standing in a beam of light, and there is a jeweled-shaped, diamond-shaped beautiful energy pattern of light being held by these many high beings.

Sense as many of them as you can, and come into resonance, into harmony with the beautiful energy patterns that you are in, this mandala of higher consciousness, an exquisite light.

Just being in this light lifts you into a new consciousness, brings an order and a beauty and a harmony to your energy as you come into harmony with this light of all the Masters, the Great Ones, the angels and archangels, all the divine Beings and the light of Divine Will.

Each time you come into this field of light you will be able to sense and attune to more of it. For just becoming aware of this field of light begins to transform your energy into a higher order; a more radiant, clear consciousness.

Once again sense the diamond pattern of your jeweled vehicle, a three-sided pyramid with its base around your heart, if you reference it to your body. The tip is pointing upward toward the top of your head.

There is another 3-sided pyramid pointing downward, with the base in an area around your heart. The two bases touch, forming the diamond shape you have been working with.

Sense, feel, or picture more and more of these diamond shapes, small ones, big ones, all different sizes, beginning to form all around you, like a field or a matrix of these diamond-shaped forms. These are 3 sided, 3-dimensional pyramids joined at their base. They are forming everywhere around you!

Sense the beauty and order of this field of diamond shapes, perfect triangular forms, the sacred geometric forms of these three-sided pyramids called tetrahedrons.

These attune you to the higher forces of the Universe. Smaller tetrahedrons begin to appear inside and outside of your physical body, more and more. Picture yourself being in a field, a matrix of interlocking tetrahedrons.

And it is fine to let go of your physical body as a reference and to experience the beauty and light of all these diamond shapes all around you, the beautiful tetrahedrons.

The tetrahedrons are lighting up in places, patterns of light flashing on and off, showing up here and there, lighting up the patterns. It is like a neural network of tetrahedrons is being formed as they connect with each other. Flashes of light, new patterns, new flows forming from the diamond shaped tetrahedrons all around you.

And with each moment your ability to be conscious of the whole field, this matrix of tetrahedrons is growing, is filling in. The light is becoming more solid as more connections are made, as a very beautiful, stable, organized field of tetrahedrons forms around you.

The jeweled vehicle composed of the two large three-sided pyramids, one pointing up, one pointing down, begins to spin like top, faster and faster.

As it spins it sends out a hum, a vibration that travels through the matrix, making it more beautiful in some way. It is aligning your jeweled vehicle with the matrix of light and consciousness you have forming all around you.

All the energies within and without are coming into harmony with each other. And with this spinning, turning diamond-light that is reaching a new vibration that is now pouring out of you. This diamond shaped jeweled vehicle is awakening, beginning to perform more of its function, its sacred function of opening the gateways and allowing you to experience higher realms of consciousness.

As the spin accelerates it becomes so fast your jeweled vehicle looks motionless, sending out a very refined vibration that opens up a gateway into a higher realm.

You might see or sense in some way a doorway, and it begins to open, revealing great illumination on the other side. This is a world that makes visible the more complete patterns of everything.

The dimensional Lord you worked with earlier greets you once again. This being facilitates your journeys to the worlds that I, many beings of light, and your guide are holding open for you right now.

In this realm, every pattern is whole and complete. You can sense or see the beginning of the pattern as it first emerges, forms, develops, and then the finished pattern as it trails off into infinity and evolves into another one. Symbolically, walk through this curtain, this gateway, as if you are passing through a ripple in time, and become a part of this world.

Play with this world for a bit. Have fun in it.

Look at your energy. Something is changing. You are no longer a work in progress. You are whole and complete; young and old, just beginning your journey as a soul, and already having completed it.

All the work that you will ever do, all the being that you are and the consciousness that you will have is all here, right now. Your very beingness is changing in this world, just by being here. You are evolving your concepts of past, present, and future, no longer viewing them as linear separated events. You are reuniting with much more of yourself here.

The moments when you have been unconscious do not matter, because they are simply part of a greater whole. See or sense or feel what a radiant light you are as you begin to sense and coalesce more of the totality of your being, bringing it into your awareness right now.

Let any insights, feelings, or new understandings of who you are open up for you right now.

Now sense your jeweled vehicle assisting you in transforming your human consciousness into divine consciousness that can travel into and connect with many higher realms of light.

As you hold your focus in this world, this realm of light, your jeweled vehicle becomes more complete. You have access to more of the consciousness it holds, allowing you to access and travel into many other realms and dimensions and meet and converse and experience the beings there.

Play now your jeweled vehicle and the tetrahedrons all around you, sensing them as they will become in the future, as they have been in the present, and in the beginning. Letting time become non-linear. So that at one moment you may be experiencing a future of a fully developed jeweled vehicle, one that is both in-progress, just beginning and already finished.

You are in a world where time is not linear, allowing you to sense much more of your being.

As you come back, something within you is more complete and whole. You have connected with more of your being, not only in this 3rd dimensional reality, but as you exist in the higher dimensions.

You may have flashes here and there, moments of having a greater sense of your energy, your future, and your past. Sensing where you have been, and where you are going with your life, and how your present earth life fits into lives in other dimensions and realms, in other times.

You are ready to come back, going through the gateway, returning to ordinary reality slowly. Letting the spin of the diamond body of your jeweled vehicle slow down, finding the perfect harmony with all the energies about you and being aware of the beautiful light that is all around you and in you.

Coming back now, easily, and I bid you good day for now.
JV351_08 Visiting a Timeless Dimension to Add Flow to Your Life
Greetings from Orin. Imagine you are standing in the center of a beautiful energy field of light, like a mandala.

And as you open up your field of awareness, sensing energy symbolically further and further out, you become aware of many beings of light that you can contact, and who are supporting you as you awaken and build your jeweled vehicle.

Each one of these beings can be seen as a shimmering, radiant light. Each one holds and radiates certain qualities of consciousness, certain vibrations and energies.

They all work together; creating a very stable field of radiant light that connects you with Source energy, that opens the way for you to travel into other dimensions, starting from a place of balance and clear energy. As you connect with all these beings, feel how much they are supporting you energetically, at an energy level, in taking this journey of building the consciousness and awareness that allows you to exist and be conscious in the higher realms and dimensions of great beauty and light.

So become aware right now as you stand in the middle, symbolically, of this beautiful energy field of light that is sustaining you and maintaining you in a very stable position so that you can travel into these other worlds, gain the consciousness from going there, and then integrate it in a balanced and harmonious way. Bringing the energies you have touched upon and opened to into your daily life with balance and harmony, at just the right pace.

Focus on your jeweled vehicle with its two large tetrahedrons, both the same size. The top tetrahedron points upward toward the top of your head and the bottom tetrahedron points downward.

And as they start to spin, they are generating more tetrahedrons, more diamond shapes everywhere you look, beautiful ones. They float out into the Universe around you, and then they begin to link up with each other. These are living fields of consciousness, these triangles.

Play with now all these tetrahedrons as they join together, forming groups of tetrahedrons that make a beautiful matrix of energy all around you. You are surrounded with the sacred geometry of the tetrahedron, the three-sided pyramid.

You begin to sense, as these triangles join together, flashes of light like a nervous system being developed, communicating with itself. Connecting with the outside Universe. Processing information. In touch with the realms of light. Beginning to connect the consciousness that you are with these higher realms of light.

You have begun to open up the fourth dimensional aspects of your jeweled vehicle. And now you are quickening the vibration and beginning to connect the triangles of light with the codes and the keys —  the consciousness of many other realms.

And as the diamond body of the jeweled vehicle begins to spin, increasingly faster and faster, energy flies off of it that stimulates the light within the field of tetrahedrons all around you. There is a quickening, an acceleration here. You are beginning to change the nature of how you process time.

Once again, you come to the gateway between dimensions and meet the dimensional lord who is there. You are greeted and welcomed. This being touches you energetically, imparting to you a quality of consciousness that will help you enter into and gain more consciousness in this dimension of no-time that opens before you — the world you just visited where the patterns are more complete, where you can sense past, present and future in any order.

And again when you see the doorway into this world, walk through it symbolically.

And begin to send your awareness out, sensing the order, the beauty, the harmony, and the coherence here. Everything fits together, flows in harmony with all the other energies. While there is dynamic motion, everything forms and reforms into more flowing and beautiful energy.

Imagine that you are opening to the flow as one form evolves into another and into another, dissolves, and new forms come about. Enjoy the flow of this world.

Somehow by joining the flow of this world you are gaining consciousness — a consciousness of how patterns fit together, how they develop, how they are touched by the light, and evolve, and open up.

You can bring energy into this world. You can think of even concrete things such as relationships, situations, projects; anything you would like to add that flow.

Think of something you would like to focus on while you are also in this world of great beauty and flow.

As you bring this thought, something you would like to change or evolve or see more about, let it merge into the energies that you are in; the triangles of light all about you.

Something is becoming more beautiful and more flowing about whatever you are thinking of. Not only in this realm, but it will also affect what you are working on in ordinary reality.

If you have an area of concern, as you think about it in this world of flow and harmony, let the harmony here begin to transform your thoughts about this area. It begins to add a brightness and a lightness to whatever you think about.

Sense this area and the thoughts you have about it, being infused in this no-time world, with all possibilities, unlimited light.

As you do this, whatever you worked on will change and evolve, starting with your feelings and thoughts about it. You may experience many new insights. Things that might have felt stuck become part of a larger pattern and in that larger pattern there is flow and increasing light.

All the different energies you might think of in this space become harmonized with this space and in doing so they change.

And with your jeweled vehicle, send out a sound, a hum, a vibration that adds a new coherence between this space of light and your thoughts and feelings in ordinary reality.

Something is changing. Something is emerging from within you—a greater ability to add flow to anything in your life.

The very core of your being is being aligned with a different, more evolved vibration. Compared to your world, it might feel like an acceleration but it is a baseline, it is an undercurrent of the realm you are in.

When you are ready to return to ordinary reality, sense this new energy that you are bringing back with you, this new consciousness of flow, of harmony.

Thank the dimensional lord and the beings of light and your guide who have been sponsoring you here. You can return anytime you would like, whenever you feel guided to do so.

Coming back easily and gently, feeling the good energy you have contacted throughout your body, a feeling of peace and flow.

And with that I bid you good day for now.

JV351_09 Powering Your Jeweled Vehicle With Pure Brilliant Dimensional Light

Greetings from Orin. You have been building your jeweled vehicle and it shines out from you—a light that opens the way to higher that is beginning to shine forth from you — the light and energy and consciousness of the evolved universes you are able to reach.

Sense all the beings of light around you, a mandala of light with you in the center.

And then sense your jeweled vehicle, the tip of the tetrahedron pointing upward through the top of your head, touching another one at the base, pointing downward.

Imagine you can see a new kind of light being reflected from you—all the tetrahedrons you have played with, all the spaces you have filled within you with these beautiful diamond-shaped tetrahedrons.

And you are radiating that light through your being to help lift everyone around you. As you open the gateways to higher dimensions and build your jeweled vehicle, you are opening the way for others to expand their consciousness, to allow others who are in resonance with you to awaken their potential for light.

And now bring your awareness within, sensing the two tetrahedrons one facing up, and one facing down, two three-sided pyramids, meeting and touching at their base. They are going to spin in two different directions, one clockwise and one counter clockwise. Just a little bit, not too fast, enough to create movement.

And in that movement, you begin to break free from something that has held you anchored in the 3-dimensional reality that you live in. Perhaps the two bases are no longer touching the diamond body. Like two magnets where the ends begin to repel each other, just slightly. There is just the beginning of an opening between the 3-side tetrahedron reaching up, and the one reaching down. There is space in-between the base.

And out of that spinning comes a sound, a tone, an energy. And a brilliant, brilliant light begins to shine forth in this space between the two tetrahedrons of your jeweled vehicle.

They are still almost touching, it is just a crack in-between them where the light is seeping out, shining forth like a small doorway.

And out of this, you feel a sense of lifting. It is beginning to shine through and break you free of some past conditioning, some energy from this lifetime or others that has kept you from traveling into higher dimensions, that has anchored you into too dense of energy, that has held you back in some way.

This sound, this light is beginning to penetrate that veil, and slowly and surely that veil is dissolving in this light.

As it dissolves you are in a field of light, a new light. You are at a gateway, and you are met by a dimensional Lord who can be with you now, that you are opening to this new light, this new presence. This dimensional Lord will assist you now in integrating and using and opening to this new light, this penetrating light, the sound that is freeing you in some way to be in these higher dimensions.

Connect with this very high being, this dimensional Lord, and allow yourself to transform in whatever way feels comfortable. Play in this energy until something feels freer and brighter and elevated.

You are ready to enter into a world that matches this brilliant light that you have been playing with, a world, a dimension where this light is the norm. Where the density that you are freeing yourself from does not exist.

This world starts at a level, a frequency of the beautiful light you have been playing with and expands from there.

Who are you in this realm where the density that has held you back does not exist?

There are many exchanges of energy here. Energy coming down from the higher vibrational worlds, energy being used and flowing back up.

There is an energy source here that is different from your world. It is constantly flowing and always being renewed. It never loses its purity.

Imagine, as if you are standing in the sunlight, that you are standing in and basking in a source of infinite energy that is lifting and pure, regenerating, and flowing through you. Coming down from above like the sunlight, bathing you in this regenerating light.

And then flowing back up, a constant and perfect flow and circulation of energy.

The energy is very balanced here. This is a place you can come to, to feel more balanced and stable, rejuvenated, and a place to recharge with physical energy. You are an energy being here in an energy body.

You might look around and sense other beings here. The love and acceptance is almost palpable, the smiles (if you could call them that at an energy level), and the joy, the pleasure of this energy reflecting among all the beings here.

And as you absorb this energy your jeweled vehicle is bringing in some of the particular light that it needs to develop. This is a very sustaining light, a self-generating, self-sustaining light, like a power fuel for the jeweled vehicle; one of those that you will connect with and restore yourself with that connection, with these realms and dimensions and the energy that they offer.

Sense the energy coming down from above like flows of light, perhaps even if you want, to sense that there are the most delicate, beautiful, crystalline patterns in this light at a very, very minute level, almost beyond what your consciousness can perceive unless you focus upon it.

And in the bigger pattern there is something about this light that is so comforting, so sustaining, so balanced, so pure that you can come to this place to know more of your own being. To draw out who you are within that is solid and stable, and able to reach higher, to become a source of strength and stability for others.

If there is one particular being you feel drawn to connect with, do so now.

Feel as you connect with other beings here, that doing so strengthens the purity of the light that you are able to receive, that amplifies the beauty and the balance and the flow that is here. So play with several beings here

And when you are ready, the dimensional Lord is with you. And you go back to the gateway where you can look at the 3rd dimensional reality you live in. And as you do this, imagine this kind of energy flowing into your life.

If there is some particular area in which you would like more balance and flow, hold this light that you have been partaking of, and imagine this light flowing into whatever area you focus on, flowing into your thoughts, perceptions and relationships, into every part of your life connected to this area.

Imagine looking in a mirror and seeing your energy, now that you have traveled into this dimension. Something is more beautiful, your jeweled vehicle is shining through. Your energy is radiant, filled with light in new ways.

There is something very balanced and pure about your energy that you are building into your consciousness each time you travel into this dimension and other higher ones as well.

As you come back, you will have clear insights about how this light has opened you up in some way. You will become aware over the next hours and days of a new peace within you, of feelings of greater balance, of being able to center on the light and leave behind some of the chaos of the density.

You can go back to this world whenever you feel called to do so. You can visit it as often as you want, until it becomes so familiar you can think of it and receive this light and energy any time you wish.

So I will leave you here now, to travel as you wish, and I bid you good day for now.

JV351_10 Visiting Beings in a Dimension that Holds a Pure Vibration of Purpose

Greetings from Orin. Let yourself grow very centered, feeling at peace, and relaxing your body. You are entering into a beautiful state where you will be in touch with higher realms and worlds of light.

You are building your jeweled vehicle and you are learning to travel and bring back with you many higher frequencies, experiences, and divine light and love.

Start this journey by imagining that you are once again standing in the center of all Will.

And feel yourself aligning with the energy of the Masters, the beings of great love and wisdom. You are feeling very stable, balanced, and serene.

Feel the presence of your guide or guides. They are here with you on this wonderful journey of light.

And if there are any other beings that you notice who are joining with you right now, acknowledge them, feel their loving presence.

As you stand symbolically in the middle of all this light of these beings, your two tetrahedrons - one pointing up, going through the top of your head, and one pointing downward. They touch at their bases in an area around your heart. They form the shape of a diamond and it is beautiful the way they hold and reflect the energy you are around right now.

Imagine the two bases of these triangular, tetrahedron shapes beginning to spin. The upper one spins in one direction, the lower one in another. Play with this and feel the energy building.

The spinning continues. These two 3-sided pyramids begin to separate at the base, just a little at first. As they separate it almost like an antigravity repulsion of energy between them is being created, more and more energy as they spin in opposite directions.

As they continue to spin, more energy and power is being created in the space between their bases. They separate even more, and more energy and light pours out of the space between their bases. The spinning continues and the energy builds, more and more.

Feel this energy building, until the top one separates even more from the base. Suddenly the top triangle begins to lift off, like a rocket that is being launched.

As this happens, sense the upper tetrahedron moving up through the top of your head. It has generated enough spin and energy to take you to a dimension that I and your guides and many beings of light are holding open for you.

Feel or imagine yourself as if you are in space after the launch has been made. You have been propelled up and out of your third-dimensional reality, and you are now peacefully, quietly beginning to move through space, almost weightless, floating, drifting, quiet.

You are peacefully moving into a higher dimension of light now, guided by purpose. This dimension holds very high levels of purpose and can teach you about purpose.

There is a vortex or an energy that is drawing you in, that is beginning to call you. You are now being drawn in to an interdimensional gateway.

This gateway is like an airport, but not that literal. There is traffic, with many beings coming and going, like a central hub or transfer location where doorways exist to many realities.

One of those realities holds divine purpose for many universes. You are ready and open to play in this dimension of purpose.

You are met here by two beings. And they have met you to take you to the world of pure purpose.

They are aware that you are coming and have come to greet you and to take you to your destination. It is where they are from.

You are going to move through the doorways available here into a dimension where the energy of purpose has been refined to an amazing degree. Everything is aligned with a higher light; everything is on purpose.

This dimension, this energy place and the beings there, hold for many universes the energy of pure purpose, helping filter it down from the highest levels of spirit to the most practical, densest levels of matter.

Slowly and easily, to the degree to which your consciousness can perceive, you are moving into and opening up to this world of pure purpose. Let the experience be whatever it is that is right for you. As you open to these energies they will allow you to better create and live your purpose, to be in the flow where things happen magically, and in harmony with the Universe and all life.

Experiencing this dimension is beyond words. All I and the beings of light and the emissaries who are here with you can do, is to hold open this space so that you may absorb and feel this energy of purpose and learn more about it. Play with it. Explore how you can be a part of this energy. Harmonize with it, feel it, absorb it, move into it, and align with it.

Find ways with your energy tools, your energy sensitivity to become more a part of this world. Any of the frequencies of energy you can harmonize with will bring you great benefit. This is the dimension, the world, the space that helps purpose manifest through the physical universes.

The two beings you are here with will begin to add to the energy of purpose that you have been playing with and able to recognize or sense in some way. Some of the frequencies of purpose that they have developed that will be perfect for you so you can live your purpose more completely. They are offering you specific frequencies of purpose, just for you. Play with them, absorb them, harmonize with these frequencies of purpose, whatever you are drawn to do.

If anything you are working on or dealing with comes up in your thoughts, bring that into this energy of purpose. Do this now. If various areas of your life or situations come to mind, hold them in this light of purpose.

These beings are amplifying your ability to live in purpose, to know the energy of purpose so that you can be sensitive to it, and to know when you are on-purpose and better follow the guiding light of purpose.

The transmissions continue to open up for you many more harmonics of purpose, something that you can begin to radiate out to the earth plane. So that the gifts of purpose you are receiving are not only for you, but for you to bring back and radiate to humanity, to your friends and loved ones, and to your life.

You are harmonizing with this dimension that is so beautiful, such sparkling clear energy here. It is beautiful and beyond words. There is something so satisfying, that feels so right, so full and complete when you are in this space.

Enjoy right now some of the harmonics of purpose, some of the lightness, the sparkle, the beauty of purpose that is being opened up for you to experience right now and incorporate into your being simply by experiencing it.

The emissaries of purpose are going to show you a very special vibration that comes with purpose that begins to pull the energy out of anything that does not match this beauty and harmony of purpose.

There is a way it is done but I will not describe it, you will each find your own way. This frequency of purpose will amplify your ability to dissolve and let go of the distractions of those energies that are not on purpose. You will no longer draw them to you.

As you continue here in this Universe, this world, this dimension of purpose, however you see it or sense it, you are being shown in any way you can experience, the purest note, the purest frequency of purpose that you are capable of resonating with, of aligning with.

Know that all of this is happening beyond the mind and that there are not words for this experience. You may feel it, hear it, see colors, lights, symbols or pictures. Just be willing to experience the purest energy of purpose that is possible for you right now. And know as you grow spiritually you will refine the purity and the power of the note of pure purpose that you can align with and radiate. Do this now.

You will come back to your daily life with the energy of purpose you have resonated with. It will change your life and consciousness. All changes will occur in harmony with your being and your life. Your activities, thoughts, and circumstances will change in whatever ways are called for to match the energy of purpose you are now resonating with.

The work is done for now. You can return here any time you want. You are being led back to the gateway. Slowly you become aware of your tetrahedron whose energy propels you to this dimension. You drift back through time and space to your earth plane life.

As you reenter the atmosphere you become aware of the top tetrahedron settling down on top of the bottom one. You are aware of your two tetrahedrons, one pointing down, one pointing up. The spin lessens even more. They settle into each other.

If doing this feels right to you, imagine that a pure channel of light goes up from the tip of your upper tetrahedron, and allows you to have an on-going thread of a connection to this dimension of purpose.

With this, you can receive this beautiful, light-filled energy of purpose and have a thread coming into you, bringing you the note of pure, beautiful purpose that reverberates through your being at every level, maintaining and sustaining you in the light of purpose.

And so with that I bid you good day for now.

JV351_11 Linking Up with Your Home Planet or Galaxy

Greetings from Orin. Picture or sense that you are in the center of a group of very high beings of light.

You are aware of the two 3-sided pyramids within your being, one pointing up through the top of your head, and one pointing down to the base of your spine, touching at their base in an area around your heart.

The beings joining you have fully developed jeweled vehicles, the beautiful diamond light within them reflecting the light of many higher dimensions.

They form a mandala of jeweled light that you can feel and be supported by as you travel in the higher dimensions.

Your jeweled vehicle becomes even more beautiful just by being in the light of these higher beings with fully developed jeweled vehicles.

You are being joined by the Angelics who will be with you for this journey. Sense them now, all around you.

With your inner eyes, look out over the beautiful light that you are standing in the middle of. You may also sense this or know this light in other ways as well.

Experience the beautiful harmonies of light of the diamond shapes, the tetrahedrons that are now present all around you all around you in a field of light. The beauty of your jeweled vehicle is increasing moment by moment, just by being in this light, this energy.

Sense the Great Ones, feel their energy. The Great Ones that are joining you transmit purpose and light to humanity. Sense how much more beautiful the field, the sparkling light has become – more harmonies. Let your energy harmonize with theirs.

Let dissolve the image of your body for a moment, and just picture that you are building more and more of these tetrahedrons into your energy bodies. Your jeweled vehicle is awakening even more.

All around you is a field diamond-like lights, those of the higher beings, of the Angelics, of the Masters and the Great Ones. When you harmonize with this field of beautiful energy it expands your consciousness and builds your jeweled vehicle by aligning with the energies that these beings are holding, maintaining, and sustaining.

Rays of light are coming down from an even higher source, touching the tip of every tetrahedron, of every three-sided pyramid in this field of light. This light is vibrating, all of the field, like wind chimes or crystals. This beautiful light of the divine is touching your light, all the tetrahedrons within you are being vibrated with this higher light.

You are being prepared with this vibration to travel into another world, another dimension. Sense within you as much as you can, all the diamond shapes, the three-sided pyramids. More and more of them are coming into your awareness.

You are being held very stably in this light while all the tetrahedrons are being vibrated by this very high light and with this crystalline sound that is in harmony with all that you are, with all the vibrations within you. You are being lifted to a more refined, more beautiful, more harmonious energy that reverberates through your cells, emotions, and thoughts.

Sense the tip of the large tetrahedron within you vibrating with light that is pouring down through the top of it, all the way down through the one underneath that points downward.

This vibration is beginning to separate these two tetrahedrons so that the lower one falls away and the higher one begins to open up.

The tip of the three-sided pyramid that starts at the base around your heart and goes up to the top of your head is vibrating with this down-pouring light, in harmony with the field of light of all the Great Ones.

Allow more and more tetrahedrons to appear in your own beingness, wherever you picture them. All of them are being vibrated by this pure, beautiful radiant, higher light that aligns you with the very core of your being; aligns you with yourself as a star being.

Then you look upward and realize there is a star that is radiating a special light to you.

Imagine that this star is a home star for you, a guiding light that holds some of your purest vibration.

The tip of the large three-sided pyramid, all the small ones you have built into your beingness, all of these are turning upward now. They are aligning with the light coming down from this home star, forming a bridge between you and this star. A bridge of light, a new kind of bridge of light made of sparkling, triangular shapes.

Take your consciousness across this bridge to experience the vibration and the light of this home star.

Your home star holds layer after layer of the purest energy, pure raw energy and aliveness that is attuned to you. As you come closer to this star, feel or sense in some way its vibrations of love.

It might feel like you are coming home to yourself. The energy here is recharging you at a core level. In this place, this space, you can find the home within you. Allowing all the vibrations that are slightly off, that result in feeling less balanced, to fall way.

Being in the energy field of this home star rebalances you, brings you back to your center, recharges, and revitalizes you. Feel this happening now.

Experience the energy of the star, the essence of this star. Soak up in some way, absorb, and come in to harmony with the pure frequencies of this star.

This is one of your rejuvenating, healing stations of light. It is very life giving for you. It will begin to and repair places where you have experienced lesser truths or where you have fallen into lesser energies, places where your purpose has gotten lost or distorted. It will restore places where your energy is not vibrating with the light that it is capable of reaching.

This home star is a restorative place. It offers you a place of peace where you can come to refresh and restore yourself, to clear your thoughts. This place strengths your ability to stay free of some of the lower energies that may be affecting you. All you need do is be here and allow. Fill yourself up with this energy right now.

This star can work with you in your nighttime sleep if you invite it to. Picture yourself connecting with this star before you fall asleep tonight, and waking up with energy and a sense of aliveness.

Plug in to your home star when it comes into your mind to do so. For you can know that when this happens you are in need of restoring your connection to your true being and that your home star is calling you.

It is aware of the state of consciousness you are experiencing. It is looking out for you, and lets you know when it is time to come back to be recharged and strengthened.

As you think of this home star, make an image of it or sense it in a way that you will be able to think of it throughout the week. Perhaps imagine it above your head, in your heart. Find some image for this home star, some way for you to recognize that it is communicating with you, calling you back home to be rebalanced and rejuvenated, to experience your truest, innermost Self. And it will help you let go of thoughts and concepts and beliefs that take you out of your center.

And as you come back into your present reality, notice that there are more tetrahedrons and you can see into them. They have a forth dimensionality to them, more than was there before, because they are purer and their frequency and sound is more beautiful.

You might sense the two large tetrahedrons of your jeweled vehicle and notice all around them tiny tetrahedrons, like bubbles, new tetrahedrons coming out of them, baby ones that immediately merge and become one with the field of all tetrahedrons. You are filling in all the places that still do not yet have tetrahedrons.

You are on a whole cycle now of rebirth into the higher consciousness that you are.

Sense the tetrahedrons of your jeweled vehicle now, one on top of the other, in a very stable, balanced pattern.

So come back now, and I bid you good day for now.

JV351_12 Joining with Beings that Help Your Mind Become a Clear Receiver of Higher Energies

Greetings from Orin. Let us start by sensing or feeling all of the beings who are joining us right now, very highly evolved beings, who are here because of the journey you will take to a particular world where you will be able to view more of your thoughts and mental body. And work with them from a higher, more evolved dimension where beings exist only as mental bodies, and do not have a physical body.

Begin by feeling yourself becoming very centered in the light. You might imagine the light of the masters and the love that is here, where all souls can be at one with each other in the oneness of love and unity.

Sense Divine Will all around you. This provides you with a solid base of energy and light that is aligned with purpose and service and the divine plan.

Sense right now, or become aware of your jeweled vehicle with the 2 tetrahedrons, one pointing up, one pointing down, sitting on top of each other and joined at the base.

Try making these two larger or smaller, way beyond your body or inside of it to see what brings you the most energy and consciousness.

You are going to have one of them spin in one direction and the other spin in another direction. Choose what direction feels right. Play with clock wise and counterclockwise on the top and the bottom, until you can feel the energy building and they begin to separate.

As the energy builds and builds, the top one becomes a spinning light, full of energy. It begins to launch, like a rocket that takes off and pierces the barrier of time and space that you live in. You are traveling higher and higher through the dimensions and the planes.

You are being guided to another gateway, perhaps one that you have been at before, perhaps a different one. Sense your guide or guides alongside you.

This world you are going to be exploring, this dimension, this planetary life that contains non-physical life as you know it. There is a race of teachers here and they often sponsor those such as yourself who want to explore the energies they have mastered and all the learning they can offer.

You are met by the dimensional lord at a gateway to this world, to this dimension.

You realize as the gateway opens that this is a very different world from your physical one. It is non-physical. Even though there may be a physical planet, the beings that are here do not rely on the physical. They are not physical themselves. Physical matter is quite in the background of their consciousness.

They have learned how to keep their mental body very, very clear, perfectly reflecting the higher light. Their mental bodies are very beautiful.

There is less a sense of individuality than on your world. It is fine for these beings to have places where their mental body flows right into those of others, in and out, moving around, very fluid.

You are met by several of these beings, although it may be hard to see where one ends and another begins.

As they join you something in your awareness about your physical body drops into the background.

You are standing in the light of pure mind, infinitely intelligent, wondrously creative.

Perhaps it looks like a gridwork with diamond nodes. Perhaps you sense or feel it, the fluidity and flow that is here.

One of the aspects of these beings, this world, is that you can easily look at yourself through their eyes, through their minds. They do this all the time with each other. The boundaries between them are minimal, but there is still individuality here.

Ideas flow freely. One idea may come in and go through the entire consciousness of these beings. These ideas are immediately reflected on by others, and almost digested as food, for this is the realm where ideas are energy. Thoughts are energy.

Look at your own beingness — your mind, your thoughts, your mental body, as if you are these beings observing you. They can see where your thoughts are congested, where your reflections of reality and truth are not yet clear.

You can bounce back and forth from your awareness of them to become aware of how they perceive you, and their awareness of you. They offer you an ability to look at your mind and your thoughts that is unique.

These being have evolved to only reflect the thoughts of truth, of the real, of purpose, of the great spiritual light of Source, of the One.

They are asking you if you would like to come a little closer and experience this collective mind, this higher mind. You will still have all of your individuality, but as you blend with them, coming together, moving apart, they will show you from within, at a knowingness level, how to have a clearer, more beautiful mind that is responsive to light, to Source, and to the divine within all life.

Play with these beings. Harmonize your mind, your thoughts in any way that comes to you with these beautiful, mental beings who are showing you how to have peaceful, loving, creative, and positive thoughts. Who are showing you how to work with your mind and thoughts in a way that results in a sense of flow and joy.

You might even link with one being in particular, or just a few of them.

Notice how you travel in this world where you are just mind. Notice how you link up with others. Observe how light flows and the energy moves. Feel the underlying love that is here that brings together. This is the mind at its highest functioning level.

Let us have some fun here. In this world, ideas drop down like gemstones from Source — divine intentions, divine ideas. You can participate in the arrival of the descending divine idea. All beings who are affected by this divine idea are gathering together to receive it.

You are being invited to join, for this divine idea will be one that is good for you as well as for this group.

Imagine that a divine idea is descending from the light onto these beings, onto their minds. Watch as it spreads out throughout their mental bodies. And you are participating as well.

Watch as this droplet, this crystalline living energy of divine intention is received as inspiration, as energy, as light that lights up all those thought forms that will accurately translate and carry these thoughts into various worlds and dimensions that will lift the beings there and prepare them for their evolution.

This thought form that you are receiving is one that will lift all life, and that will lift humanity. It is being birthed right now from the divine into this group of mental beings, whose work is to bring it to all those for whom this is their next step. You are a part of this right now. You can join these beings and receive the divine ideas of what is next for humanity and begin to bring these ideas into your own life.

For a moment let of anything but your mind and mental body and play in this new light in whatever way you are drawn to do so. Absorb it, let it change you or not, open you up, and free you from limitations.

Observe your mental body — your mind and thoughts. You can sense it in a new way now. And as you play with the energies at this level you are making your mind and thoughts more beautiful and more able to reflect higher realities.

From this level what would you do to make your mind and thoughts more beautiful? What energies would you absorb from this realm to open up the fluidity and beauty of your mental body? Use your imagination as you play with these beings so that you can hold more lighted thoughts and recognize and easily release those thoughts that are limitations.

You can work with these beings at any time now that you have found them and now that this dimension has been opened for you. It may come into your mind to receive a divine idea. If this happens, know that you are hearing the call to help serve humanity in this way, at that moment.

You might receive a thought, an idea, or something that helps lift you. As you become a part of all those who are receiving divine ideas you will find many lift you and help you see what you are here to do, and to better know your next steps.

You are now leaving this dimension, coming back through the gateway. You have an awareness of the three-sided pyramid, the tetrahedron that got you here. It is now settling back in on the top of the other one, like a launching pad.

The spin begins to slow. Just look at the light that is radiating from your two pyramids — beautiful glowing light.

You are now coming back, easily and gently, and I bid you good day for now.

JV351_13 Connecting with Others in the Planetary Field of Tetrahedrons

Greetings from Orin. In preparation for this journey, become aware of all the beings of light who are around you, supporting you for this journey into light. You might become aware of the masters of wisdom, the teachers of love.

You are in the middle of a beautiful mandala of light and love, perfectly aligned with your higher being.

Your guide is with you.

And imagine that you are standing in the center of all Will, divine Will. And the great beings who hold the focus of Divine Will are with you.

You are centered in the light, very balanced, very stable.

Feel your consciousness moving out on this field of great beauty and harmony of all the great beings that you are surrounded by, lifting you up.

Think of the beings of light that you have worked with and who have joined you in the past. And imagine that they are joining you right now.

You are so supported, surrounded by the highest of light, the light of great love and goodness, the light that lifts and transforms.

Bring your awareness now to the two 3-sided pyramids, the diamond shape within you. They touch at the base at the level around your heart, one pointed up, and one pointed down.

Imagine that both of your tetrahedrons begin to spin, until the top one lifts off the bottom one and begins to travel until you can sense a field of tetrahedrons all about you, each one with a consciousness, each one beautiful and unique with the codes of light and awareness that it carries. They are all around you on the higher realms, carrying codes and keys to the gateways into higher dimensions and parallel universes.

Sense around you a field, your own field of tetrahedrons you have been building. Some are big, some are small. Some are outside of your body, some are inside.

And then sense a larger field of tetrahedrons, living consciousnesses, part of the planetary field of tetrahedrons that supports all life, like a sea of tetrahedrons that yours can interact with. As if you are floating out on the field of your own personal matrix of tetrahedrons and beginning to flow into a larger field, a more planetary matrix. You can float through it, it is enormous.

Sense your personal field of tetrahedrons merging into this larger field. Beginning to find the matrixes of tetrahedrons in all different configurations, some coming together in beautiful ways, others floating on their own in this space. It is like visiting a field of beautiful jewels, sparkling, radiant forms of light.

And you can steer your tetrahedron all around these other ones, moving through them, becoming transparent. Moving around them, feeling a spark of light as you pass other tetrahedrons.

Use your imagination and imagine beauty and sparkling light, passing one consciousness after another, made of tetrahedrons.

And you are traveling in your tetrahedron through and into this field, many beautiful geometric patterns and shapes, flows of light and energy. This is an amazing, beautiful experience into the planetary field of light, of the tetrahedrons.

You are lit up with the light of purpose, with your own unique vibrations that were emphasized and strengthened by your visit to your home planet, galaxy, or realm.

All the places you have explored are lighting up within you. You have access to the keys and codes you have picked up as you have been building your jeweled vehicle. And this is helping steer you, guide you to a place in this matrix where there are beings who would like to play with you at this level.

Let yourself be drawn in through this field of diamond shaped tetrahedrons, the sea of tetrahedrons, the matrix. You pass other collections and collectives of beings in beautiful formations, joining their tetrahedrons together to create certain vortexes of consciousness.

Keep going, keep floating. You are beginning to more solidly find that group of beings who are here in their jeweled vehicles to play with you, to join with you. You carry a piece and a part that is needed in this group energy.

Sense a consciousness in this collection of tetrahedrons that are calling you. Waves of love, of joy are sent out as these beings play together, as they call you.

As they play together, as you play with them, you will gain even more of the consciousness of your jeweled vehicle and be able to travel to higher, even more refined realms and dimensions.

These beings may appear in any way that comes to you. You might see them as sparkling, radiant jewels of light, as tetrahedrons that can move together, form patterns, move away and reform patterns. Merging and blending with everyone’s consciousness expanded, everyone’s potential growing from playing in this way.

Join with this group if you choose. When you are ready to work with these beings, do so by becoming aware of your jeweled vehicle and letting go of an image of your body. Just play, greeting, merging, unmerging, making beautiful patterns of light.

Absorbing some of the codes of light from these beings that will help you access higher dimensions. There is a giving and a receiving.

More beings are joining you. As they do, the amount of light, the beauty and the intensity of the light that all of you are forming together grows stronger, more magnetic and opens new pathways.

Even more beings are drawn in. And with each being that joins, something is added to the whole group that makes everyone’s light more beautiful, that opens more potential for all those that are here.

Feel the comradely. These beings love you, you are one of them at this level.

As you come together in this group, feel a sense at a certain point of a collective energy that is so completely harmonized, coherent, as if there is a “click” and something about the pattern you are all forming is complete. At this one moment, almost frozen in time, a new energy is born.

As if each of you had a piece of the puzzle, you put it together and something magical is possible now. Some energy that was not there before is now available. Some opening to an even higher dimension has now been created for all of you. A consciousness has been born out of your collective energy, born in light and beauty. And the potential of that consciousness is born in each one of you.

In that moment you realize you can move into this group consciousness. You can become one with it. You can expand into the consciousness of all of the beings you are playing with and still retain a sense of your individuality. You are part of a bigger pattern and all of the consciousness contained within these beings, and all of the light that has just been birthed by your coming together will be accessible to you.

Imagine that with the collective energy, all the pieces put together, there is a great light above you, shining down from an even higher dimension. This collective work has opened a door. And you realize that this higher dimension, the most magnificent patterns and light there, is now coming down, shining down upon this group consciousness. Like a birth, like the sun that nurtures and warms the seeds.

Something about this great light is bringing into perfect alignment with the higher energies, this new form, this new consciousness. Absorb it into your tetrahedrons, your jeweled vehicle.

This higher light is guiding the formation of this new energy form, leading all those back home into an even higher dimension and vibration. Your entire field of tetrahedrons that you merged with the planetary field is beginning to vibrate.

This new form that has been birthed is sending out many tetrahedrons of all sizes, of great beauty, fully formed. And you are absorbing this into your personal field as it becomes a part of the collective field. You are birthing it into your individual field. Filling up now with more tetrahedrons.

As this energy form has been birthed, it is sending out a higher frequency, like a beacon of light that holds the codes and keys to access an even higher dimension. And you are filling up with these tetrahedrons of light. They are affecting the other ones in your personal field, stimulating them. They are bringing you energy and light, and awakening you to who you are.

You have been traveling using the consciousness of the two tetrahedrons of your jeweled vehicle. Pay attention to them right now.

With this new consciousness and the light of the higher dimensions shining down upon you, there is going to be a flip, a magnetic flip, like the magnetic poles, where your two tetrahedrons flip and touch at their tips. Whereas before their bases were touching, now the tips are touching.

You are ready to explore the realms of infinite possibilities, for you have just come to the next stage of building your jeweled vehicle and the consciousness that comes with this. You may find yourself much more magnetic to people as you have joined your personal field with the planetary field and the beings there.

For every time you travel in this way you activate the love and the consciousness of the divine within you and you now have a way for that love and consciousness to radiate from you, to touch other life with beautiful, harmonious life-giving energy.

So for a moment focus upon the two tetrahedrons that have moved within you now. Perhaps they are larger than your body, touching at the tip, one pointing downward, one pointing upward.

Just focus for a moment on the new pattern. Then sense your field of tetrahedrons responding in some way to this flip. Something has become activated now within your personal field of tetrahedrons. Play with this now.

As you built your jeweled vehicle you have now completed one of the steps, and when you are ready you can begin to light up your jeweled vehicle and start traveling to other dimensions, including those of infinite possibilities.

And with that I bid you good day for now.