Seminar general information, updated March 2021:

Due to the continuing global health crisis, and in accordance with the current rules in Oregon, the DaBen Light Body seminars from October through 2022 will be offered as online events with no live participation. We have added a live audio feed to help you continue to stay connected with Duane and DaBen.  You can also connect with each other through our Facebook pages.

We have new ways we can enhance the online seminar experience for you.  Many of you already participate online, while for some of you this will be your first time to connect in this way. The April, 2021 seminars are about seeing your earth plane life from a higher perspective to assist you in having new perspectives on your life. This will shift and expand your consciousness so you can view earth plane happenings through a new lens of understanding, able to interpret events in new, higher ways.We can view our lives and world events from a higher, more centered and insightful perspective. 

Live Audio Feed: In addition to the download/streaming options we have for every seminar, you will have the option of listening to a live audio feed. This means you can participate in the seminar in real time, as if you were sitting in the ballroom with Duane and DaBen. Our time zone is Pacific Time (San Francisco, CA time).  Instructions and information can be found on the usual download/streaming seminar page in your Member's Area, once you are enrolled in the seminar. When you are on the seminar download page the live feed can be accessed through a simple on/off button.

Please note: We considered a live video feed but have decided against it for now and into the foreseeable future, for a number of reasons. We do intend to continue the audio feed however.

Strengthen and deepen your inner connections: In his meditations, DaBen will show you new ways to strengthen and deepen your inner connections with each other, individually and as a group. These are ways that you can use to enhance your inner connections to all the people in your life. You can email us to ask questions of Duane, and he will answer either as part of the seminar talks, or through DaBen.

Seminar topic: Duane will be transmitting from his home in Bend, Oregon right on the portal that opens to the new light you will be experiencing. He expects these to be very powerful seminars with many new insights and ways to express your light on the higher planes and on the earth plane.

In this time of world crisis we can come together as a group on the inner planes and tap into the power, strength, courage, and love we can create as a group. Our group light can shine more light over our own lives, and allow us to be a source of light, stability, and clarity for others during these changing times. Read Orin and DaBen's message information on world events, updated 3/2021.

The seminar format will remain the same with the 3-day Main seminar Friday through Sunday. The Main seminar is a prerequisite for the two-day seminar that follows.  Links to a schedule are on the streaming/download seminar page. Duane and DaBen will also offer four half-day "mini" seminars in between the October and April seminars to explore additional expansions and more ways to use the new energies that you explored in the Main seminar.

You can start now to prepare for the seminar and the people you want to connect with.  Be creative and inventive!  Make this an adventure and find new patterns of participating together. Some people have let us know they will be present online throughout the seminar, even those living in a different time zone.  Others may choose to get together at a designated time and place, to listen to the live feed, or connect over the Internet or phone. You can reach out to people you usually connect with at the seminar and set up ways to share with each other before, during and after the seminar. Others may share through phone texts, face time, or in other inventive ways.

We also have a Facebook page for the seminar run by Vi Schafler where you can share how you are experiencing the seminar, connect with others about your experiences with DaBen's journeys, and post questions for Duane. You can start posting in Facebook on the newly created seminar page for each of the April an October Seminars, with a link on the download page once you are enrolled. You will need to belong to Facebook to have access. Ask to be a friend and you will be accepted. This page has been set up for sharing your ideas about how to participate with others, as well as to give feedback about your seminar journeys and questions for DaBen.

You can also email us with your comments and questions at, however you may enjoy posting on Facebook where others can see your comments as well.

There will be a Worldwide Meditation on Sunday of each seminar from 9-9:30 AM PST to send our light out to everyone who can use it and is in resonance with it. Go here for more information on Worldwide Meditations, with written and audio meditations you can listen to during this time.