Lighting Up Your Jeweled Vehicle:
Exploring the Realms of Infinite Possibilities and Alternate Universes
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Series Title: Interdimensional Traveling with Your Jeweled Vehicle (5 Volumes)
Type: Audio Course
Journeys By: Sanaya Roman and Orin
Contains: 12 Orin Meditations, PDF transcripts
Music by: Thaddeus
Prerequisites: JV351

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12 Orin Meditations, PDF transcripts
Product Number: JV352
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Interdimensional Traveling with Your Jeweled Vehicle

Lighting Up Your Jeweled Vehicle:
Exploring the Realms of Infinite Possibilities and Alternate Universes
(Volume 2 of 5)

Every time you play in the realm of infinite possibilities something in your life changes for the better.

You will have an opportunity to meet and play with some of the many beings who exist in these realms. As you play in the field of all potential some limitation will be shifted and new opportunities will appear, something that is exactly suited for who you are.

You will build your jeweled vehicle and add more tetrahedrons to your field of personal tetrahedrons in all of these journeys. Every tetrahedron contains information, codes, and keys that open the gateways to higher realities. As you add more tetrahedrons you are expanding the higher, more evolved consciousness you can contact in these realms and can also experience yourself.

As is the case in all these Interdimensional traveling journeys, the places you will visit have been selected in advance and the beings have been contacted to prepare for you to visit them. Orin spent over two weeks developing each journey and opening up the space being offered to you. These journeys can be listened to over and over and will offer continual new experiences.

Explore more of your potential and yourself as an unlimited being.

Throughout these journeys you will learn how to work with unmanifest energy as you explore the realms of infinite possibilities. You are an unlimited being and you have more potential than you may be aware, and traveling through the field of infinite possibilities will help you bring out more of your potential.

Orin also guides you to explore alternate Universes. These are fun journeys of exploring the larger Universe and how to work with the energies there to enhance your life.

Guided journeys in this course are by Orin:

Program 01 Playing in the Realm of Infinite Possibilities: Travel to the realm of infinite possibilities to expand your consciousness. Gain the awareness and inner light needed to have a presence in this infinite, formless realm.

Program 02 Activating the Seeds of New Possibilities: Receive a sacred symbol that opens a gateway to a world of immense light in the realm of possibilities. Find your next creations in their unmanifest potential, then work with them as energy so that when they appear in your reality they will be beautiful, fulfill their purpose, and open up future possibilities.

Program 03 Receiving Light Codes to Activate Potential: Receive light codes to awaken your jeweled vehicle and ability to travel into higher dimensions and the realms and worlds within them. Connect with the beings in one of these higher worlds to receive a special light that will empower you with the consciousness to activate opportunities that were not present before. The noise and din of the material world recedes in this realm. Everything that is not the essence of who you are begins to dissolve the deeper you go into this realm.

Program 04 Experiencing the Love that Opens Infinite Possibilities: Go through a portal to visit the beings who exist in worlds of love within the realm of infinite possibilities. These beings radiate pure, infinite, unending divine love. They offer you healing, openings, and expansions in your ability to love. Their love can feel like a cleansing light that goes through you, releasing blockages to your ability to express love.

Program 05 Jump Gate to a World that Matches Your EnergyTravel with your jeweled vehicle to meet an Interdimensional being who will guide you to what I will call a “jump gate,” a place where you can jump into many alternative realities and probabilities. There is a special place that you can jump into from here that will teach you much about yourself.

Program 06 Slowing Down Time: Work with a time lord to visit several worlds of slower time. Learn how to work with your jeweled vehicle and tetrahedrons to slow down time when you want to feel calm, have more time, examine things in more detail, feel overwhelmed with too much coming your way, or any time you feel things are happening too quickly. Come back from these worlds feeling revitalized and in the flow.

Program 07 Speeding Up Time: Work with a time lord and visit several worlds of faster time. Learn how to work with your jeweled vehicle and tetrahedrons to speed up time in your daily life. In these worlds thoughts come about more quickly. There can be pure knowingness beyond the mind where time and events happen almost instantaneously. As time speeds up you can get an overview of the larger patterns and connections that are affecting your life.

Program 08 Expanding into New Possibilities: Experience the energy that opens up new pathways, choices, and opportunities in every area of your life. Expand the possibilities for anything you are working on. Work with three very high beings who will help you build your jeweled vehicle and give you many gifts of light, including a gift of a very solid core of inner light that radiates stability, coherence, health and vitality, strengthening your presence and physical base on the earth plane.

Program 09 Blending Consciousness with a Very Evolved You: Travel to a very high world and receive a gift of a great light that will help you on your journey to enlightenment.  Meet a potential self that is you, that has fully embraced the expanded, enlightened, and liberated consciousness that lies ahead for you. Merge with this self and immerse yourself in the joy and the beauty of the light that comes with this transformation of consciousness.

Program 10 Blending with an Alternate Self to Enhance an Area of Your Life: Meet and share consciousness with different versions of yourself that exist in alternate realities. You can blend with alternate selves that have already mastered whatever you are seeking to do or develop within yourself. They have done whatever you want to do successfully, and can impart that consciousness to you as you open up to experience their consciousness.

Program 11 Blending with an Alternate Self to Acquire New Skills and Mastery: Blend your consciousness with a self from an alternate universe that is aware of the vast number of infinite you's that you can blend with. Doing so allows you to acquire new skills and to accomplish whatever you want to do. As you blend with these alternate selves you can become more intuitive, develop your psychic abilities, create art or music, become a leader, successfully finish a project, write a book, become more abundant, gain greater health, become more successful with your relationships and in your career, and anything else you can think of.

Program 12 Playing with Evolved Beings in the Planetary Field of Tetrahedrons: Meet and receive energy from a Planetary being of great consciousness as well as from seven other highly evolved beings. Become aware at a planetary level of all life and your connection to it. This will help you be more in the flow, attract the resources and energy you need, receive inspiration and insights to carry out your purpose, and be in harmony with all life.


JV352 Twelve journeys by Orin with music by Thaddeus. Journeys run from 25 to 30 minutes each. Download/streaming format. Comes with PDF booklet containing transcripts of the journeys. Courses must be taken in sequence as you are building your jeweled vehicle in each course that allows you to experience the energies being presented.