Developing Dimensional Awareness:
Connecting with Higher Realms and Beings
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Series Title: Interdimensional Traveling with Your Jeweled Vehicle (5 Volumes)
Type: Audio Course
Journeys By: Sanaya Roman and Orin
Contains: 12 Orin Meditations, PDF transcripts
Music by: Thaddeus

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12 Orin Meditations, PDF transcripts
Product Number: JV351
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Interdimensional Traveling with Your Jeweled Vehicle

Developing Dimensional Awareness
Connecting with Higher Realms and Beings

(Volume 1 of 5)

Travel to higher dimensions and
receive light and energy from the
highly evolved beings there.

Have you ever wanted to travel to higher dimensions, explore the multiverse and the worlds and beings there? Do you want to explore more of who you are as a multi-dimensional being?

With this five-volume series of interdimensional traveling journeys by Orin, you will be offered an expanded view and greater experience of the larger Universe you live in. You will acquire the skills you need to be present in other realities and dimensions, meet many evolved beings, build your traveling vehicle that Orin calls your Jeweled Vehicle, and use the energy you discover to improve your earth life as well.

As you activate your jeweled vehicle and
travel to other realms you will
greatly expand your vision of who you are.

In this album you will set a foundation for your travels by forming a mandala of light with your guide and many spiritual beings of light to align with the highest possible energies to support you in your travels. With this you have a stable foundation from which to launch your traveling adventures.

The dimensions and realms you will be guided to travel to in this album are those who will assist you in building your jeweled vehicle so you can have more dimensional awareness. Orin has worked with the beings in each realm you will visit, opening the way, preparing these beings to know you are coming, and making it possible for you to visit the realms he is opening up. Orin carefully chose these realms as he felt these would be the most beneficial to you. 

You will build your jeweled vehicle to travel in.
It opens gateways into higher realities and realms of light.

In this course you will build what Orin calls your jeweled vehicle, your multi-dimensional energy presence that opens gateways into higher realities and realms of light. It is a beautiful energy vehicle or body of light and tetrahedrons. It is a multi-dimensional energy body that opens gateways and paths into higher realities and realms of light.

You will build your jeweled vehicle out of tetrahedrons that will become a repository of all the energy you receive in your travels, energy and consciousness that you can access whenever you need.

Tetrahedrons are very special units of energy that are very pure. They are used in the higher realms to convey information and to hold the energies they are imprinted with. Tetrahedrons are perfect shapes. Energy can be transferred to them and stored in them. They can hold higher energies and make that energy available to you as you work with them.

This is not just a set of journeys,
but a new consciousness, the consciousness of tetrahedrons
and the jeweled vehicle
that you can use for interdimensional traveling.

The tetrahedrons you acquire in your travels will allow you to be aware of, contact, and interact with many highly evolved beings you will interact with there. Tetrahedrons provide the energy, light, and dimensional keys and codes that allow you to travel interdimensionally. Tetrahedrons allow you to explore the places you visit with more awareness of what you are experiencing. They hold that consciousness so you can return again.

As you travel interdimensionally you will be able to view your earth life, choices, and opportunities in higher, more insightful ways. You will be able to bring the higher energies you contact into your earth plane, daily life. This can make it easier to reach upward and experience more light.

As is the case in all these Interdimensional traveling journeys, the places you will visit have been selected in advance and the beings have been contacted to prepare for you to visit them. Orin spent over two weeks developing each journey and opening up the space being offered to you. These journeys can be listened to over and over and will offer continual new experiences.

Guided journeys in this course are by Orin:

Program 01 Introduction and Welcome from Orin
02 Surrounding Yourself with the Light of Many Spiritual Beings
03 Activating Your Jeweled Vehicle
04 Building Your Individual Field of Tetrahedrons for Interdimensional Explorations
05 Going Through a Dimensional Gateway Into Higher Dimensions
06 Entering Into a Phosphorescent World that Enhances Dimensional Sight
07 Moving Into a Timeless Dimension that Reveals More Complete Patterns
08 Visiting a Timeless Dimension to Add Flow to Your Life
09 Powering Your Jeweled Vehicle With Pure Brilliant Dimensional Light
10 Visiting Beings in a Dimension that Holds a Pure Vibration of Purpose
11 Linking Up with Your Home Planet or Galaxy
12 Joining with Beings that Help Your Mind Become a Clear Receiver of Higher Energies
13 Connecting with Others in the Planetary Field of Tetrahedrons


JV351 Twelve journeys by Orin with music by Thaddeus with an introductory welcome. Journeys run from 25 to 30 minutes each. Download/streaming format. Comes with PDF booklet containing transcripts of the journeys.

Courses must be taken in sequence as you are building your jeweled vehicle in each course that allows you to experience the energies being presented.



Excerpt from Orin's Introduction and Welcome

Greetings from Orin. I and the many beings of light who will join you throughout this course series welcome you! You have been drawn to this course in higher consciousness because you are ready and you have built a foundation to experience these spaces through all the meditation and spiritual work you have done. You may have explored many higher realities already or have wanted to do so. You do enjoy new, expansive inner experiences and are looking forward to experiencing higher realms beyond the three dimensional reality you live in. You may have already connected with guides, inner teachers, angels, and other beings of light through your inner work. You are aware that you are a multi-dimensional being and are ready to explore more of who you are, to have a larger picture of your life and the consciousness that you are….

This first course in the series explores the realms and worlds that help you to build your jeweled vehicle, and to create a very stable place from which to start your journeys. With each succeeding course in this series you will be opening to the consciousness and working with your jeweled vehicle to visit many new realms, and to open the way for your next level of explorations as you continue with this series. Enjoy all the wonderful adventures that lie ahead!.