Your Opening in Light:
Finding Your Unique Energy with the Layers of Light
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Series Title: Light Play - Transforming with Light
Type: Audio Course
Journeys By: Duane Packer
Contains: Approx 16 DaBen Meditations, Talks by Duane, Transcripts
Music by: Thaddeus
Prerequisites: LB974

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16 DaBen Meditations, Transcripts
Product Number: LB711
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Transforming with Light Series Part 1

Graduate Light Body Course
with Duane and DaBen

Light Play Seminar - 2 day seminar following the Main seminar

Your Opening in Light
Finding Your Unique Energy with the Layers of Light

Experience the power of a group joining together in the light body spaces.
Receive DaBen's live transmissions just for you during each meditation. 
Starts Tuesday April 30, 2019 at 9:00 AM and ends Wednesday May 1, 2019  at 5:00 PM
This seminar builds and expands on what DaBen teaches you in the Main Seminar, Playing the Layers of Light, LB974.
Because of this, the Main Seminar is a prerequisite.

Your Opening in Light
This is an opportunity to play more deeply in the energies you have opened to in the Main seminar. Now that you are out ‘there’ and the portal is opening; now that you have experienced this new light, you will play at ways to observe usually overlooked yet significant depths or dimensions to the far-out experiences of the light body. 

You can now experience your unique energy more deeply in the light of the portal. With this experience you can become more flexible in shifting perspectives, in ways that open new spaces from other energy and thought dimensions.

You will be assisted by very special beings that can show you light in the earth plane energies, light with new meanings for earth life. Just learning to play the layers of light with the layers of light beings opens your presence.

You will learn how to work with this new light to be immersed more deeply in the flow. You will explore how you bring this light energy into your personality and into the way you live your life. You will be opening in light, you will be in this new light, and you will find your unique energy in the portal of light. You will discover that light is more than you have ever imagined.

How the Main Seminars and the Light Play Seminars work together:
The 2-day Light Play seminar will build on what you learned in the 3-day Main seminar. The Main seminars taught Friday - Sunday will have a larger focus on the bigger picture, while the Light Play seminars taught the following Tuesday and Wednesday will have a greater focus on you at a personality level. In these, you will bring what you have learned in the Main seminar into you at a more concentrated focus level.

Now you have some of the bigger general principles, in the Light Play seminars you will explore what this light looks like as your beingness of the earth plane. You will discover more about how to integrate this energy, to work with it, how you might hold the energy of new types of light to see where it goes and how it affects you. All the while with the gentle guidance of the layers of light beings.

You will play with the various intensities, frequencies, and patterns of movement of light to gain the ability to see more in-depth into a particular area, using the light that is there. For instance, you will be able to look at your life and issues such as in a relationship, what is the relationship of this connection to the light you are holding?

With this course you will explore questions such as, “How do I begin to really, in depth, bring this light into my personality, into the way I live my earth life, into living in the light?”

Short Meditation to Experience the Layers of Light
Imagine traveling up and up, through layer after layer of light, into exquisite experiences of light that are pure joy. You think you have experienced the highest, most open, incredibly uplifting and beautiful light there is, and then suddenly you become aware of an even higher, more beautiful light, beyond description.

You keep opening by moving through the portal, opening to layer after layer of light, playing the layers like a conductor in an orchestra, with exquisite sensations, precision, and rhythm. With each layer you experience a new type of light.

You feel lifted and expanded, held in this light, with the density of energy on the earth plane opening up, until there is only light and you yourself have turned into light.

DaBen's New Graduate Light Body Seminars

Seminars are at the Rogue Regency Inn and Suites in Medford, OR. Join us live or participate online.
Follow the links for more information and to register:

Series: Transforming with Light

This new series is composed of a 3-day Main seminar, and for those of you who want to explore these energies further, there is a 2-day Light Play seminar following. The Light Play seminars build on what you learn in the Main seminar, further enhancing and developing your ability to transform yourself and your life with light. The Main seminar is a prerequisite for the Light Play seminars that follow.

product image2019 April 26-May 1  Part 1
Main Seminar: Playing the Layers of Light: Opening the Portal LB974 Friday - Sunday April 26-28
Light Play Seminar:  Your Opening in Light: Finding Your Unique Energy with the Layers of Light
LB711, 2-day Light Play seminar Tuesday, Wednesday April 30-May 1 (Prerequisite is the Main Seminar, LB974)

In Part 1 you will learn how to open the portal to new types of light as you play the layers of light. This new light can transform your consciousness. You will meet some amazing beings who live in the light realms and help you open the portal so that this new light can be consistently available to you to live and play in. 

product image2019 October 18-23 Part 2
Main Seminar: Assimilating Light: Your Nature as Light LB975 Friday - Sunday, October 18-20, 2019
Light Play Seminar: Discovering Your Light Signature: Openings and Dimensions of Light   
LB712, 2-day Light Play seminar Tuesday, Wednesday October 22-23 (Prerequisite is the Main Seminar, LB975)

product image2020 April 17-22 Part 3
Main Seminar: Inventing Avenues of Expression for Light: Playing at Creating with and in Light  
LB976 Friday - Sunday, April 17-19, 2020Light 
Light Play Seminar: Creating Your Light Realities: Insights and Actions in Ordinary Reality   LB713, 2-day Light Play seminar Tuesday, Wednesday April 21-22, 2020  (Prerequisite is the Main Seminar, LB976)

product image2020 October 23-28 Part 4
Main Seminar: Living as Light: Beyond Earth Life
LB977 Friday - Sunday, October 23-25, 2020
Light Play Seminar: Living in the Light of Earth  
LB714, 2-day Light Play seminar Tuesday, Wednesday October 27-28, 2020 (Prerequisite is the Main Seminar, LB977)


 2018 October Seminars now available: Evolving with Peace and Evolving with Vast Consciousness

product imageproduct image
These two seminars work together, however they can be taken together or separately.
Being Luminous Light course Evolving with Peace
and the Living Your Light Body course: Evolving with Vast Consciousnesses 

Prerequisites You must be an Awakening Your Light Body Graduate to take any of the Transforming with Light courses above. To participate in the two-day Companion seminars, you will need to have taken the Main Seminar as a prereqisite, as the Companion seminars build on what was taught in the Main seminars. You can have profound, life-changing experiences throughout DaBen's journeys at any level of light body study.