Playing the Layers of Light:
Opening the Portal
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Series Title: Transforming with Light
Type: Audio Course
Journeys By: Duane and DaBen
Contains: 22 DaBen Meditations, Talks by Duane
Music by: Thaddeus

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22 DaBen Meditations, Duane Talks, Transcripts
Product Number: LB974
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Graduate Light Body Course
with Duane and DaBen

Playing the Layers of Light
 Opening the Portal

DaBen transmits to you throughout each meditation whenever you join in
to assist you in having wonderful experiences as you explore these spaces.

Prerequisite: This course is open to all light body graduates.
This is followed by Your Opening in Light that builds on what was taught in this course.

This seminar is earning rave reviews!  The feedback we have had from people who took it has been very enthusiastic. People have been able to experience light in new ways, including sensing types of light that are new to them, that opened vast vistas of consciousness. They reported feeling very expanded, like new doors had opened into some amazing energies and vistas they never knew existed.  Come and join us for one or more of the courses in this series!

Welcome from Duane! This is one of the more playful of DaBen’s courses, as the layers of light beings and the new light you can experience are very joyous and uplifting.
Have exquisite experiences of light that are pure joy
In this course DaBen holds the space for you to contact and experience more light and new types of light that are beyond what we even yet have concepts for on the earth plane. He transmits and holds the space for you to have wonderful experiences in each journey.
To experience these new types of light you will work with some fascinating beings that DaBen calls the layers of light beings. They will teach you how to open the portal to new types of light by “playing” the layers of light. These beings can carry you into more in-depth experiences of how to express the energies you contact on the earth plane, revealing new possibilities for your life.
Lift some of the earth plane heaviness off of yourself
As you play at this level you can lift some of the heaviness of the earth plane off of you, opening up the density in a way that creates light all about you.
Opening the portal and experiencing the layers of light makes it easier to communicate with other non-physical beings and experience higher energies. You will develop a whole sensory system that allows you to perceive and create with light.
You can change your life by playing with light
As you create with light you can build a higher, brighter energy field around you that will change how you perceive and express yourself, and what you draw to you. You can have many new experiences of the world as light, and discover how you can change your life by playing with light.
You can learn to interpret all of your experiences and your consciousness as various forms and degrees of light. Doing so will change the way you view your life and how you manifest.

Short Meditation to Experience the Layers of Light
Take a moment to get quiet and turn within. If you would like, link with DaBen and your guide, asking them to assist you experiencing the Layers of Light.
Imagine traveling up and up, through layer after layer of light, into exquisite experiences of light that are pure joy. You think you have experienced the highest, most open, incredibly uplifting and beautiful light there is, and then suddenly you become aware of an even higher, more beautiful light, beyond description.
You keep opening by moving through the portal, opening to layer after layer of light, playing the layers like a conductor in an orchestra, with exquisite sensations, precision, and rhythm.
You feel lifted and expanded, held in this light, with the density of energy on the earth plane opening up, until there is only light and you yourself have turned into light.

Participants’ Feedback and Comments About the Layers of Light and the Layers of Light Beings
    • There was a feeling of pure joy, and very fulfilling. It was very easy to get into those spaces and it was playful, easy to stay in those spaces. 

    • The layers of light beings were amazing to work with and they are playful and a lot of fun. I learned a lot from them.

    • I felt limitless, and brought those energies back to the earth plane. I realized I could use this light as consciousness material for creating. I could see how these energies would be very useful for manifesting.

    • It was so expansive out there that my ordinary consciousness seems different when I come back from these spaces. It feels like this energy is so accessible, so available to use in a number of ways. There was a continual experience of vastness and yet all of that landed on the earth plane.

    • As I looked over my life through this new light, everything seemed so connected. It was so much fun to play the layers of light, playful, like playing an instrument. I felt so enriched by this experience. 

    • For me, the layers were like experiencing different qualities of joy. The layers of light beings made it easier for me to experience myself. It was very blissful and floating. 

    • I loved playing with the layers of light beings, they are so accessible and loving. I felt vastly expanded as I connected with them. They were able to show me myself at levels I had never seen before.

    • After playing in this light my presence feels more real. I feel like I am more aware of myself and I have more dimensional awareness.

The Transforming with Light Series
In this series of four courses, taught as live seminar, you will learn how to expand your ability to live in light, play with light, sense new types of light, create with light, and know yourself as light. You will be developing new senses that allow you to become more aware of light.
DaBen will take you on experiential journeys to explore light in depth, starting with your visual sense of light on the earth plane. DaBen will set the space for you to develop your internal abilities to experience light, and to use light as a medium to travel into a variety of levels and dimensions of subtle energies.

How the Main Courses and the Light Play Courses work together:
After the main seminar, taught as a course and now available, there is an extension called the Light Play seminar, Your Opening in Light. (LB711) The main course (LB974) is a prerequisite for the Light Play seminar (LB711). 
The main courses in this series have a larger focus on the bigger picture, while the Light Play seminars that follow have a greater focus on bringing this new light into your life at various levels.
Once you have some of the bigger general principles, in the Light Play courses you will explore what this light looks like as your beingness of the earth plane. You will discover more about how to integrate this energy, to work with it, how you might hold the energy of new types of light to see where it goes and how it affects you.
You will play with the various intensities, frequencies, and patterns of movement of light to gain the ability to see more in-depth into a particular area, using the light that is there. For instance, you will be able to look at your life and issues such as in a relationship, what is the relationship of this connection to the light you are holding?

What preparation do you need to get the most out of DaBen's seminars?
You can have wonderful, expansive, and breakthrough experiences at all levels of study as you get into the energy spaces DaBen is transmitting. Success with DaBen's meditations is not about keeping up with the group or getting the same thing as everybody else is getting, (because everyone will have a completely unique experience as well). It is about opening to the individual opportunities that are the right ones for you.

During each journey DaBen transmits to you
whatever energies are next for you.
Each light body meditation can bring you incredible experiences and life-changing realizations. You will experience exactly what you need to shift into higher consciousness in whatever way is perfect for you. You can experience states of consciousness that are peaceful, flowing, expansive, mystical, and deeply transformative as you participate in DaBen's seminar journeys.
Each DaBen meditation offers you an opportunity to experience unique, memorable, and insightful experiences that will expand your consciousness.
Duane Packer and DaBen's Graduate Light Body Seminars
Series: Transforming with Light

Join us in DaBen's amazing Transforming with Light four-part seminar series. All four of these seminars work together and build on each other. In addition, each seminar is also designed to be experienced and enjoyed without needing to complete the previous seminars in the series.The theme is bringing in new light from higher dimensions, and then finding creative ways to express that light. As you do this the outer world - thoughts, feelings, relationships, your circumstances and activities and so on - reforms itself to match your new consciousness of light.
Parts 1, 2, and 3 are available now, and the feedback we have had from people who took these courses has been very enthusiastic. People have been able to experience types of light that are new to them, that opened vast vistas of consciousness for them to expand into. They reported feeling that new doors were opened into some amazing energies they never knew existed, opening up new outer possibilities and some transformative inner experiences. These seminars teach how to experience your consciousness in new ways and explore the nature of reality and how it works.
These seminars will be taught with an online real time audio stream, and many other enhances to make your on-line experience a wonderful time to participate in a live group event. You can also download and stream the journeys after they are given.  Go here for information on many ways to enhance and enjoy your online participation.
Each seminar in this series is composed of a Main seminar with 21 DaBen journeys that is complete within itself. The Main seminar is followed by a Light Play Seminar with 16+ additional DaBen journeys that build on what you experienced in the Main seminar, further developing your ability to transform yourself and your life with light.

2020 Upcoming Seminar Dates - Online with Duane and DaBen
Transforming with Light Series

product image2020 October 23-28
Main Seminar: Living as Light: Beyond Earth Life
LB977 Friday - Sunday, October 23-25, 2020
Light Play Seminar: Living in the Light of Earth  
LB714, 2-day Light Play seminar Tuesday, Wednesday October 27-28, 2020 (Prerequisite is the Main Seminar, LB977)

Parts 1, 2 and 3 of the Transforming with Light Series Available Now!

product imagePart 1 Main Seminar: Playing the Layers of Light: Opening the Portal LB974
Part 1 Light Play Seminar: Your Opening in Light: Finding Your Unique Energy with the Layers of Light LB711 (Prerequisite is the Playing the Layers of Light seminar, LB974)
In Part 1 you will learn how to open the portal to new types of light as you play the layers of light. This new light can transform your consciousness. You will meet some amazing beings who live in the light realms and help you open the portal so that this new light can be consistently available to you to live and play in.
product image
Part 2 Main Seminar: Assimilating Light: Your Nature as Light LB975
Part 2 Light Play Seminar: Discovering Your Light Signature: Openings and Dimensions of Light 
LB712 (Prerequisite is the Assimilating Light Seminar, LB975)
product imagePart 3 Main Seminar: Inventing Avenues of Expression for Light: Playing at Creating with and in Light   LB976
Part 3 Light Play Seminar: Creating Your Light Realities: Insights and Actions in Ordinary Reality   LB713 (Prerequisite is the Main Seminar, LB976)

2021-2022  Four-part Series: Expanding and Creating Light Realities

Part 1: April 16-21, 2021 Experiencing Reality, What is It? (LB981) Followed by two-day Light Play seminar Mastering Experience and Senses (LB715)
Part 2: October 22-27, 2021 Consciously Flowing with Reality (LB982) Followed by two-day Light Play seminar Boundless and Boundaries (LB716)
Part 3: (April 2022, dates to be announced) Solidity in Flow (LB983) Followed by two-day Light Play seminar: Luminous Creativity (LB717)
Part 4: (October 2022, dates to be announced)
Being, The Ultimate Reality (LB984) Followed by two-day Light Play seminar: Evolving and Precipitating in Sequence (LB718)

Prerequisites You must be an Awakening Your Light Body Graduate to take any of the graduate light body courses above. To participate in the two-day Light Play seminars, you will need to have taken the Main Seminar as a prerequisite, as the Light Play seminars build on what was taught in the three-day (Friday through Sunday) Main seminars. You can have profound, life-changing experiences throughout DaBen's journeys at any level of light body study.