Expanding Your Role in the World:
Part 3 Living the Light Body
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Series Title: Living the Light Body 3
Type: Audio Course
Journeys By: Duane and DaBen
Contains: 19 DaBen Meditations, 1 Orin Meditation, Duane Talks, Transcripts
Music by: Thaddeus
Prerequisites: LB116

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DaBen Meditations, Talks by Duane, Transcripts
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Expanding Your Role in the World

 Using Light Body Energy to Transform Your Daily Life

The theme is playing bigger, living your purpose, and making a difference.

In this course you will explore how to express the higher energy states you can now reach to see a larger picture of your life and the Universe. With this, you can expand your role in the world, play bigger, and add light to the world through all that you do. As you expand into the vaster consciousness of which you are a part you can open up the energy for yourself and others in ways that were not possible before. 

In this course you will work with luminous body and light body energy, learning how to take this and other light body states and bring that enhanced flow and energy into your daily life. You will be looking at ways to open up your personality to new ways of being and living that express the vaster consciousness of which you are a part, allowing you to play bigger and make a greater contribution through whatever you do.

You will learn more about how to direct your life from above, creating shifts in your life through applying the expanded consciousness you now have through your light body experiences to whatever area you focus on.

You will have a chance to explore what it means to make a difference, from being the best you can be to selflessly serving others. You can choose a range of ways to make a bigger difference in the world, and you will have a chance to explore the energy behind this so you can find what ways are best for you and most reflect who you are.

You will be guided to expand your consciousness in ways that allows you to see more of the bigger picture, so you can expand your role in the universe. You can play bigger, attract more energy to you, and make a larger contribution. You can do things you did not think were possible before. You have more confidence and you are more willing to take a risk and put yourself out there.

DaBen will guide you to experience making a contribution at an energy level, what that means, and then to use that to find the forms that match who you are. He will lead you on journeys to:

  • Explore getting your work out to the world and being more inventive about what forms your work might take.
  • Look at the ways you might shift energy and make a contribution through your current work and activities.
  • Increase your ability to be creative and use your imagination to look into the energies for new forms of expression that might emerge.
  • Examine how to change the forms you have already created so they fit into your life even better and allow you to play bigger.  The change might be as small as a shift in your perspective or in an ability to find entirely new forms and paths through which you can express yourself and your purpose in larger ways.
  • Recognize where to put your light, where the energies can hold more light.
  • Learn more about the shifts you can create for others and the world, explore ways to enhance this and to match your service even more to who you are.
  • Connect on the inner with students, clients, and groups that may then appear on the outer.
  • Attract more students, clients, and business.
  • Become more magnetic, working from higher to draw people to your work and service.
  • Move out into the world in a larger way, handling greater flows of energy.
  • Find larger, more powerful flows so you can express your purpose in larger ways.
  • Move into or increase your role as a teacher, healer, and leader and what that means.
  • Find the forms and next steps to express your higher purpose and world service that are compatible with who you are and what you like to do.
  • Play at a bigger level, with more energies, staying true to yourself, enhancing your consciousness through group play and connections to higher beings.

Prerequisites To understand DaBen's instructions and experience the wonderful expanded states of consciousness he offers, you need to be an Awakening Your Light Body graduate with knowledge of the 7 vibrational energy and 3 light body centers as taught by DaBen through Duane Packer. 

A New Way of Being:Part 1 Using Light Body Energy to Transform Your Daily Life

product imageOther Courses in this Series: DaBen's Living the Light Body series Part 1: A New Way of Being (LB701)
In these courses, DaBen will teach you how to play with light body and certain luminous body energies to experience your true, innermost Self at many new levels of awareness, enhancing your ability to be this Self and to bring this level of awareness into everything you are doing. You can effectively change your life by using light body and luminous body energy to: 

  • Discover new ways to use light body energies and skills to create practical results and shifts in your daily life.
  • Direct your life from higher levels of your being.
  • You can learn to sustain higher states in ordinary reality, to bring the joy and flow of the light body and luminous body into your daily life.
  • Open up your personality self, so higher energies can be expressed in more appropriate forms that better match who you are.
  • Gain more physical body ease, use light body energies to experience more freedom from muscle aches and discomfort.
  • Increase your ability to shift physical energy.
  • Explore having more physical vitality, recharging at core.
  • Gain more awareness about your choices with food, diet, and lifestyle and how to shift patterns.
  • Experience greater emotional flow to stay centered and balanced around any kind of energy.
  • Live your life as it matches your vision of who you are.
  • Expand your ability to express your creativity in everything you do.
  • Take the consciousness you have gained in your light body experiences and use it in practical ways to transform your daily life.
  • Increase your sense of abundance.
  • Transform problems into opportunities, find inspired solutions.
    Read more.....

20 DaBen meditations, talks, PDF with transcripts.  Download format. Courses in this series can be taken in any order.

Creating Empowering Relationships:Part 2 Living the Light Body

product imageOther Courses in this Series: DaBen's Living the Light Body Part 2, Creating Empowering Relationships (LB702)

In this course you will look at ways to have harmonious, empowering connections as you:

  • Explore how to bring higher energies and more consciousness into your relationships so that they enhance your ability to do well on the earth plane.
  • Elevate your relationships with people, objects, animals, and all life.
  • Allow all your relationships with people, objects, energies and thought forms to support you in staying in the flow.
  • Learn to stay in the flow by the way you handle your connections to people, life-force, cultural influences, and all the energies around you.
  • See beyond people's personality and connect at a higher level to transform your interactions.
  • Examine your attachments and how they might be affecting your relationships.
  • Stop saving and rescuing, and let your relationships be empowering for you and others.
  • Notice what you are putting into and getting out of relationships.
  • Let go of pushing for a shift. Practice having no expectations and simply setting a space for others to shift.
  • Release where others have imposed their thought forms, beliefs, or expectations on you. 
  • Develop your ability to hold a healing space.
  • Open space around a person in health crisis or in emotional difficulty.
  • Hold space for someone in or approaching a life/death transition.   READ MORE

19 DaBen meditations, talks, PDF with transcripts.  Download format. Courses in this series can be taken in any order.

Companion Luminous Body Course
Exploring the Immense Scope of Your Life (LB969)
Expand your consciousness with luminous light, then use these expanded spaces and apply them to your daily life. READ MORE

Question: Should I take the Luminous Body course in addition to this one? You can take this course as a stand-alone course, or take it together with the Luminous Body: Exploring the Immense Scope of Your Being and the Nature of Reality course (LB969). The Luminous Body course is consciousness expanding and will open you to gain more consciousness that you can then use to experience your greater role in the world as you take this course. However, you do not need to take the Luminous Body course to participate in the Expanding Your Role in the World. In this course you will learn how to bring all the light body and luminous body consciousness you have experienced into your daily life for practical results. In addition, DaBen will teach you some very specific luminous body energies that you will then use in this course to create real and practical results.

Awakening Your Light Body Path InformationClick on the small color graph "Awakening Your Light Body Path Information" for information on the light body levels and how the graduate courses relate to each other to help you determine what light body courses might be next for you.

Sharing your audio journeys, teaching or sponsoring others in this course: You agree not to teach these skills, or share your audio journeys with others. This course and DaBen's meditations and training is just for you. DaBen is transmitting to you throughout each journey, and is aware of and sponsoring you as you take this course. 

Note from Sanaya and Duane to Light Body Graduates

If we have your Email address, you can receive special messages from us just for you, a Light Body graduate, in our Light Body eNewsletter.  We send these 2-4 times a year, and they can include links to online audio light body meditations as well as current seminar information and other light body news.  If you have not yet given us your email address, need to change your email address, or if we do not know you are a light body graduate, please create a membership, log-in and let us know about you and to receive our free newsletter.  You can also sign our Guestbook to let us know about you and to receive our free newsletter. All information you give us is confidential; we never share or sell your contact information.

DaBen's New Graduate Light Body Seminars

Seminars are at the Rogue Regency Inn and Suites in Medford, OR. Join us live or participate online.
Follow the links for more information and to register:

Series: Transforming with Light

This series of seminars is earning rave reviews!  Part 1 is available now, and the feedback we have had from people who took Part 1 has been very enthusiastic. People have been able to experience light and types of light that are new to them, that opened vast vistas of consciousness for them. They felt very expanded and like new doors had opened into some amazing energies they never knew existed.  Come and join us for one or more of the seminars in this series!

This series is composed of a Main seminar with 22 DaBen journeys, and a Light Play course following with 16 additional DaBen journeys. The Light Play seminars build on what you learn in the Main seminar, further enhancing and developing your ability to transform yourself and your life with light.

product imagePart 1: Playing the Layers of Light: Opening the Portal LB974 Available now!
Part 1 Continued: Your Opening in Light: Finding Your Unique Energy with the Layers of Light LB711 (Prerequisite is Playing the Layers of Light LB974) Available now!

In Part 1 you will learn how to open the portal to new types of light as you play the layers of light. This new light can transform your consciousness. You will meet some amazing beings who live in the light realms and help you open the portal so that this new light can be consistently available to you to live and play in. 

product image2019 October 18-23 Part 2
Main Seminar: Assimilating Light: Your Nature as Light LB975 Friday - Sunday, October 18-20, 2019
Light Play Seminar: Discovering Your Light Signature: Openings and Dimensions of Light   
LB712, 2-day Light Play seminar Tuesday, Wednesday October 22-23 (Prerequisite is the Main Seminar, LB975)

product image2020 April 17-22 Part 3
Main Seminar: Inventing Avenues of Expression for Light: Playing at Creating with and in Light  
LB976 Friday - Sunday, April 17-19, 2020Light 
Light Play Seminar: Creating Your Light Realities: Insights and Actions in Ordinary Reality   LB713, 2-day Light Play seminar Tuesday, Wednesday April 21-22, 2020  (Prerequisite is the Main Seminar, LB976)

product image2020 October 23-28 Part 4
Main Seminar: Living as Light: Beyond Earth Life
LB977 Friday - Sunday, October 23-25, 2020
Light Play Seminar: Living in the Light of Earth  
LB714, 2-day Light Play seminar Tuesday, Wednesday October 27-28, 2020 (Prerequisite is the Main Seminar, LB977)


Prerequisites You must be an Awakening Your Light Body Graduate to take any of the Transforming with Light courses above. To participate in the two-day Light Play seminars, you will need to have taken the Main Seminar as a pre-reqisite, as the Light Play seminars build on what was taught in the Main seminars. You can have profound, life-changing experiences throughout DaBen's journeys at any level of light body study.