Improve Your Channeling
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Type: Audio Course
Journeys By: Orin and DaBen
Contains: 11 Guided Meditations, Talks
Music by: Various
Length: Approximately 3 hours

MP3 - 128kbs. Download after purchase by going to the "My Downloads and Seminars" in the members area. There is no limit to how many times you can download.

Audio, PDF Booklet with Transcripts
Product Number: W006
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Improve Your Channeling Course

This course, Improve Your Channeling was made in 1990 and uses older recording technology, and the audio quality is much lower (more static, louder music to voice, etc.) than our current products. Most of the inductions involve working with a partner, although you can work by yourself with these.

If you already have a verbal connection with your guide, this course will assist you to connect with a new guide and/or strengthen the connection to your existing guide. You will learn how to connect with your guide to look at your childhood, parental programs, life purpose, relationships, identify core beliefs, view Akashic records, and much more. Includes many talks by Sanaya and Duane to guide you through making your channeling even more powerful.

Note:  Orin has made a wonderful new channeling course called Connecting with Your Guide: Receiving Clear Guidance, (C201) that is now available!
Orin's new course contains much guidance and many meditations to assist you in having a clearer connection to your guide, to understand how guidance comes about, and how to trust your connection to your guide and the guidance you receive so that you can take action that brings about the highest and best results. 

Opening to Channel, Articles

product imageproduct imageRecommended Reading  Now available in printed and eBook formats!
Orin and DaBen's Opening to Channel book contains important information about how to make a connection to your guide. Thousands have learned to channel using the safe, simple, and effective techniques in this book.  Learn how to tell if you are ready, what a trance state is, how guides transmit messages, your role as a receiver and translator, who the guides are, how to recognize high-level guides, how to attract a guide, what to expect, and more. Use this book while you are working with the audio courses.

Sections 1, 3, and 4 are also available as the Opening to Channel abridged audiobook (OTCE) Read by Sanaya and Duane, transmitting energy from Orin and DaBen as you listen. 
Section 2 of the book on how to Channel is available as the Opening to Channel audiocourse (C101) by Sanaya and Duane, Orin and DaBen. 

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Read Excerpt from Opening to Channel Book
What is Channeling  •  What is Conscious Channeling
What to Use Your Channeling For  •  How to Tell if You are Ready 
You May Be More Ready Than You Think

Recognizing High-Level Guide 
Recognizing Entities Who Are Less Evolved

Receiving Guidance and Answers to Your Questions
Receiving Guidance from the Higher Realms
Orin's Path of Self-Realization

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