Radiance Filling in the Frequencies:
Part 1 Frequencies of Vision
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Series Title: Radiance: Frequencies of Vision Part 1 of 7
Type: Audio Course
Journeys By: DaBen and Orin
Contains: 15 Guided Meditations
Music by: Thaddeus
Length: Approximately 5.5 hours
Prerequisites: LB116

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Audio, PDF Manual with Transcripts
Product Number: LB121
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Part 1: Frequencies of Vision by DaBen and Orin

Welcome to the Frequencies of Vision!

DaBen transmits the energy of 4 Vision Frequencies to assist you in “seeing” things as energy. These Frequencies assist you in lifting the veils so you experience your higher mind and illumined mental states. The consciousness these Frequencies bring allows you to observe, see, and experience things with greater clarity and understanding.They assist you in getting detailed insights about whatever you think about, so that you can choose actions that have the most flow and carry you the furthest. As you play with these Vision Frequencies you can use them throughout the day to gain a new perspective. You can better understand people and change things by working on them as energy.

Working with the Vision Frequencies can assist you in better observing and experiencing your light body, and know what to do to enhance emotional flow and mental clarity. You can use them to see the subtle energy patterns of crystals, plants, and earth energies.

You can work on various areas of your life as energy to create profound and effortless shifts. You can “set the energy” so situations and events in your life come about in higher, more harmonious, open, expansive, and loving ways. The Vision Frequencies have a direct effect on the veils of unknowingness, changing fogginess into clear sight. You can see more of who you are and why you are here.

In several powerful journeys with Orin, you will learn how to use the light body energies in practical ways to stay in a higher flow, to release resistance to growth, to get out of lower states more rapidly, to surrender and trust, and to set the energy to have the highest day possible.

Please read this important message from Orin and DaBen that will give you more information about the Radiance: Filling in the Frequencies course; what it is, the skills you will learn, and an overview about it. There are 7 types of Frequencies taught by DaBen in this 7 part series, and a course for each type: Vision, Precision, Intensity, Clarity, Harmony, Brilliance, and Transparency.

Course contains 11 DaBen and 4 Orin audio journeys approximately 21-30 minutes each. Course comes with manual with instructions, extensive information, and transcripts of the journeys. 

Radiance Filling in the Frequencies: Part 2 Frequencies of Precision

LB122In DaBen and Orin's Frequencies of Precision course, DaBen transmits four Precision Frequencies. These are wonderful, fun journeys where you learn how to precisely radiate just the right amount of light to people, things, situations, your environment, and into your physical, emotional, and mental energy bodies to create shifts and positively affect all the energies around you.

Precision can manifest in your day-to-day routines as you place your radiance with precision, only putting energy into those things that can hold your light. Doing this can bring about the highest and best results and create more peace, harmony, flow, and light in every situation.

Orin works with you to open the jewel in the lotus, the thousand-petaled lotus in your head center. Journey to the Spiritual Sun to draw in light, to connect with Higher Will, and to energize your higher purpose.

The Precision Frequencies allow you to sense more detail about whatever you focus on, and to have a greater awareness of the energy about you. These Frequencies can make the things you are sensing or experiencing in the light body spaces more visible to you and help you get clearer insights and to find things as energy more easily.

The Precision Frequencies increase your awareness in each moment, developing a fineness to your awareness and to your ability to reach higher. Playing with the Precision Frequencies can increase your awareness of and ability to manifest with light. As you work with the Precision Frequencies you may notice an enhanced awareness about many areas of your life even when you are not running the energy. Playing with the Precision Frequencies can increase your consciousness, the essence of experiencing enlightenment.

Course contains 11 DaBen and 4 Orin audio journeys approximately 21-30 minutes each. Course comes with manual with instructions, extensive information, and transcripts of the journeys.

Radiance Filling in the Frequencies:Part 3 Frequencies of Intensity

In Part 3, Frequencies of Intensity, LB123DaBen transmits four Frequencies of Intensity in this course that allow you to discover, to look at, and to go inside your own awareness. The Intensity Frequencies can change and refine your awareness to allow you to become conscious of many things that were not visible to you before in your environment, relationships, and anything you focus on. 

As you work with these Frequencies and enhance your awareness, you will be increasing the light in your mental body, and will acquire something new in your awareness. You can sense, observe, and notice things that were always there, but not “visible” to you before. You will be directly affecting your mental body as you work with the Intensity Frequencies, increasing its light and the ability for thoughts to set up more completely.  As you gain more skill, you can use these Frequencies to think about an idea or situation in your life, then look at all the nuances, subtleties, and “energies within the energy”.  You can look at layers of a situation, project, or idea, using your mental body in a way that has been called “creative, intuitive or illumined”.

The Intensity Frequencies can amplify the light that is present in any situation, in your aura, and in whatever you work with. They can be used to increase your personal power and your ability to manifest, to experience light body energies, and to increase the flow of life force energy in your body. You can use these Frequencies to intensify your experience of love, bliss, joy, compassion, harmony, and any quality of radiance you bring into your life.

Journey with Orin to work with the “Enlightened Ones” to further your spiritual growth and awakening, to blend your mind with the Universal Mind for unlimited thinking, to receive and transmit higher purpose to others, to meet the council of higher beings guiding your city, and to recharge your etheric body for greater energy and spiritual power.

Course contains 10 DaBen and 4 Orin audio journeys approximately 21-30 minutes each.  Course comes with manual with instructions, extensive information, and transcripts of the journeys.

Radiance Filling in the Frequencies:Part 4 Frequencies of Clarity

In Part 4, DaBen and Orin's Frequencies of Clarity, LB124DaBen transmits 4 Clarity Frequencies that will assist you in experiencing states of pure knowingness and clear intuition to see your life and choices with greater clarity. You can experience more of your divinity and oneness of all life. DaBen will show you how to add light all about you, and to experience your higher mind and consciousness as energy.

The 4 Clarity Frequencies that DaBen transmits add more light to your light body. Your mental body needs to become more fluid to handle this light, so you will learn new levels of mental fluidity. The Universal Mind vibrates at a very high rate, and with the Clarity Frequencies you learn how to join that higher vibratory rate to have more expansive and complete thoughts about whatever you focus on. You can gain more wisdom about the steps to take and the nature and causes of situations in your life.

Playing with the Clarity Frequencies allows you to increase your consciousness; and with greater consciousness you think about things differently. As you change the way you think about things, your mental body sets up in different ways, and you learn to use your higher mind in ordinary reality.  With these Frequencies, you can experience new levels of creativity, intuitive insights, greater natural knowingness, and more emotional flow. DaBen takes you on a powerful journey of initiation to a higher level of light.

With Orin you will discover how to experience and add various qualities of light, such as the violet light of purification, the light of the Divine Will, and Solar Light, and the lightening-like light of the Fohat to any area of your life and consciousness for transformation. You will experience blending with the master, release attachments, and explore right effort and mindfulness. Orin will guide you in a ceremony of light to work with the Masters to key your note to a higher vibration and to strengthen your connection to your soul. You will work with the Solar light and beings of light who will amplify your unique patterns of light so you may see your path and purpose more clearly.  

Course contains 9 DaBen and 4 Orin audio journeys approximately 21-30 minutes each.  Course comes with manual with instructions, extensive information, and transcripts of the journeys.

Radiance Filling in the Frequencies:Part 5 Frequencies of Harmony

In Part 5, Frequencies of Harmony, LB125DaBen transmits 4 Harmony Frequencies.  Work with the Harmony Frequencies to harmonize with all life in the Universe and experience more harmony in every area of your life. These are profound Frequencies that when experienced, can connect you with the light within yourself, within all beings and within all forms.

You can use the Harmony Frequencies to travel into the fourth dimension and other dimensions as well. In this way you can work in the world of cause to change what you experience in ordinary reality.  From these higher dimensions you can find the energy that sources and creates you, and bring through new potential for your life.  You can increase your ability to be aware of all the energies around you, have new awareness of the Frequencies in your light body cocoon, and achieve greater clarity and understanding of the Frequencies you have explored so far. 

The Harmony Frequencies allow you to integrate and bring together many different energies, opening connections and associations at an energy level.  This allows you to sense the connectedness between the many elements in your life and to integrate them more fully.  As you create your reality as energy, the Harmony Frequencies enhance the way in which the energies combine, fit together, and form a part of a whole. This allows you to be more conscious of and to bring a greater harmony to all the elements in your life. You gain a greater ability to be aware of both your ordinary reality and the higher realities simultaneously, operating from a higher awareness more often. You can find, use, and translate those Harmony Frequencies into the forms, thoughts, and understandings that allow you to realize more of your own unique energy, patterns, and growth. 

Orin will guide you to connect soul-to-soul and play as 2 suns with a loved one to increase the love between you.  He will guide you to link with Solar light and the fourth dimension so you can experience the light that creates matter, and work with it to birth new circumstances, relationships and objects into your life.  

Course contains 8 DaBen and 4 Orin audio journeys approximately 21-30 minutes each.  Course comes with manual with instructions, extensive information, and transcripts of the journeys.

Radiance Filling in the Frequencies:Part 6 Frequencies of Brilliance

In Part 6 of DaBen and Orin's Frequencies of Brilliance course, LB126DaBen transmits 4 Brilliance Frequencies. They can enhance your experience of all Frequencies and states of consciousness that you explore. The Brilliance Frequencies are more advanced than the Frequencies presented so far.

Working with the Brilliance Frequencies can increase the strength and depth of your visual or sensory perception of the light body spaces.  As your ability to sense the Brilliance Frequencies increases, the nature and quality of light will increase. Everything in your life can improve as you expand your consciousness of light and your ability to create light. You have a greater ability to find things as energy, to transmit light, to notice what areas of your life need more light, and then to add light to those areas. Brilliance Frequencies allow you to experience an ever-expanding sense of light and the ability to place light into areas where light of this type has never existed before. Your ability to live in more light increases.

The Brilliance Frequencies can assist you in having clearer and more concrete insights about specific actions to take. As your inner brilliance and light increases, those relationships, objects, and situations that cannot hold this level of brilliance leave, and those things that can hold this level of brilliance are enhanced.

Playing with the brilliance frequencies can assist you in finding things as energy, and having clearer and more concrete insights about specific actions to take. Those circumstances, relationships, and things that cannot hold this level of brilliance will leave your life, and those things that can hold more light will come into your life. Journey with Orin into the Oneness, and travel into the heart and mind of God/Goddess/All-That-Is. You can experience infinity–of love, abundance, and anything else you choose.

Course contains 10 DaBen and 2 Orin audio journeys approximately 21-30 minutes each.  Course comes with manual with instructions, extensive information, and transcripts of the journeys.

Radiance Filling in the Frequencies:Part 7 Frequencies of Transparency

LB221In Part 7, DaBen's Frequencies of Transparency course, DaBen transmits 5 Frequencies of Transparency in this course. The Transparency Frequencies are even more advanced than the Frequencies presented so far. As with the Brilliance Frequencies, they provide an opportunity to develop a skill that will enhance your experience of all Frequencies and states of consciousness that you might explore. You can learn to become transparent to all the energies about you, to "be" your experience, and to experience moment-to-moment awareness as you move beyond thinking and interpreting what is happening.

You can become a part of the entirety of your experience at all levels. These Transparency Frequencies draw you to a sense of flow and a new sense of peace that may be deeper than any peace you have experienced before. By continuing to follow this "new" experience, and the transparency frequency as it unfolds and deepens, you have the opportunity to discover more and more about the basic nature of your ability to experience and to just be your experience moment-to-moment without interpretation.

After you experience the peace that is a part of the experience of working with the Transparency Frequencies, you have the opportunity to discover this sense of peace even in ordinary reality, through direct experience and insights. The Transparency Frequencies may assist you in your channeling to be transparent to your own energies so your guide, higher self, soul, and spirit can shine through more clearly, without interference from you trying to "control" the experience.

Course contains 12 DaBen journeys, no Orin journeys.  Course comes with manual with instructions, extensive information, and transcripts of the journeys.

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The chart above indicates key states of consciousness, qualities, experiences and skills for courses taught at the Self-Exciting and Frequencies level (not all states are taught in each course). For reference, it shows the levels above and below the Self-Exciting and Frequencies level of light body study.
This course is taught at the Self-Exciting/ Frequencies level where you are building and filling in your light body. Click on the small color graph "Awakening Your Light Body Path Information" for a study guide that explains the light body path and how the graduate courses relate to each other. 

Note from Sanaya and Duane to Light Body Graduates

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~100 Years of Light In-Person Seminar ~

Evolving the Work of Orin and DaBen

 October 11-13, 2024
Ashland, Oregon


 Orin and DaBen tell us that we are the Seeds of this work. Each of us who have loved and evolved with these energies for years and decades are the current expression of these light frequencies into earth plane and beyond. As the embodiment of this extraordinary Light, it is a gift to offer it to generations to come.

As Duane often reminded us, we cannot do this alone—we need each other. You are an integral part of the creation of this incoming pattern of Light. Your presence is essential to creating the most richness possible. Join us in person in October as we evolve this shimmering mandala that is our community of Light Beings.

Be among the first to hear NEW works. This Seminar will include previously unpublished material from both our teachers, Duane Packer and Sanaya Roman. There is a small archive of unpublished work which is being lovingly curated by the Board and LuminEssence staff. Some of this work will be shared at the seminar. We expect to also offer journeys and talks from our published archives. There will be live transmissions and teachings from Senior Teachers and some new faces as well. We plan to have Seed/Discovery and Teachers group gatherings. There will be time to play and socialize, too.

We truly hope you will join us in the joy of bringing forth the energies that are becoming the Orin DaBen Foundation. Be a part of these first steps into the future which Orin and DaBen, Duane and Sanaya have prepared for us.


Welcome Home!

The Seminar Committee and Board of the Orin DaBen Foundation

Event Details:

FN100E - 100 Years of Light
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October 11-13 2024
9am-5pm Friday and Saturday
9am-1pm Sunday
Early Bird Discount - $335/person until July 15, 2024
Cost: $375

Ashland Hills Hotel & Suites
2525 Ashland Street
Ashland OR 97520

Reservations: 855-482-8310

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~ You’ll need to drive or Uber to the hotel in Ashland, about 20 minutes away. There is no shuttle service to Ashland Hills Hotel from Medford. (Uber ride is approximately $25) The hotel is not within walking distance of downtown Ashland.

~ Please register as soon as you know you will attend. It will help the Planning Committee in their setup and planning.

~ Please come in person to have the greatest experience of the energies! There will be recordings made of the seminar. These recordings will be available online as soon as possible, as LuminEssence did in the past. You will receive these recordings in your Member's Area online. There will be no live video or audio feed.

~ There is a restaurant in the hotel Here is a restaurant list from TripAdvisor (updated in February):

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