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Channeling a Guide or Your Higher Self

The  Opening to Channel (C101) audio course is meant to work with the Opening to Channel book, and will take you through the processes Sanaya and Duane used in their channeling seminars to teach people to channel.  Orin and DaBen will join their energy with yours as you listen to these journeys. When you channel you connect with a high-level guide or your higher self.  Channeling is a skill that can be learned with practice, intention, and your openness to your guide's energy and love.  In the Opening to Channel course and book you will be guided step-by-step to learn how to meet and channel a high-level guide. 

The C101 Opening to Channel audio course will help you gain the skills to get into a channeling state, call upon and meet your guide for the first time, and develop your ability to give yourself and others a reading.

Orin's newest course on Channeling is called Connecting with Your Guide: Receiving Clear Guidance (C201) This is a wonderful course to work with, in addition to the Opening to Channel course that goes with the book, to strengthen your ability to channel. It will assist you in having more confidence that you are really connected to a guide, release doubts and fears, and learn how to receive guidance that is so clear you can trust it and take action upon it. This album is useful whether you have been channeling or years, or are just beginning and want to meet your guide for the first time.

In Orin's single audio journey Meeting Your Spirit Guide (014), you will meet a guide and decide if you want to learn to channel.  In Orin's single audio journey, Being Your Higher Self (SI040) you will blend with and receive messages from your higher self. 

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Opening to Channel: Connecting with Your Guide Audio Course C101
Type: Audio Course     By: Orin and DaBen     Download
Discover how to verbally channel your guide, bring through messages for yourself and others, tune into another person, channel about the future, and more. Orin and DaBen join their energy with yours to assist you in meeting and channeling your guide. This contains the processes taught in Orin and DaBen's Opening to Channel book, and is a companion to the book.   More...

Orin's Connecting with Your Guide: Receiving Clear Guidance C201
Type: Audio Course     By: Sanaya and Orin     Download
Connect with a guide to receive clear guidance, either directly into your mind, or through channeling aloud. Receive energy from your guide to remove obstacles to becoming a clear channel. Increase your ability to receive breakthrough new ideas and clear, useful guidance. You have the ability to receive excellent, accurate, wise inner guidance and this course by Sanaya and Orin will assist you in doing so.   More...

Opening to Channel: How to Connect With Your Guide Audio Book OTCE
Type: Audio Course     By: Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer     Download
Abridged audio book read by Sanaya and Duane, Sections 1, 3, and 4. Does not contain processes to learn to channel, which are available separately as product C101.   More...

Meeting Your Spirit Guide O14
Type: Audio Single Meditation     By: Orin     Download
This is a beginning journey to sense, see, or hear your guide. You will be led into a relaxed, light trance state to meet your guide and to receive messages and advice. Use this to explore your readiness to channel. A similar journey is contained in the Opening to Channel course (C101).

Being Your Higher Self SI040
Type: Audio Single Meditation     By: Orin     Download
Single journey: Merge with and become your Higher Self, give yourself advice from this wiser perspective, and bring your Higher Self into your mind, body, and emotions to live as your Higher Self.

Creating Money: Linking With Your Soul and Guides SI076
Type: Audio Single Meditation     By: Orin     Download
Work with a guide and your soul to create abundance, to fulfill your higher purpose, and to link with the plan of humanity. Become more receptive to your Higher Self, which is always abundant. This journey is contained in Orin's Creating Money course (M100).

With channeling you can more easily access ideas, knowledge, and wisdom. Guides can assist you in developing your natural gifts, unfolding your life purpose, and having more frequent and reliable intuitive insights.  You can use channeling to receive guidance, to develop your art, music, and creative endeavors.  Channeling a guide brings you a connection to a loving being who will stimulate, encourage, and support you. The qualities of a perfect relationship—constant love, perfect understanding, and unending compassion—are qualities you will find in your guide.

Opening to Channel, Articles

product imageproduct imageRecommended Reading  Now available in printed and eBook formats!
Orin and DaBen's Opening to Channel book contains important information about how to make a connection to your guide. Thousands have learned to channel using the safe, simple, and effective techniques in this book.  Learn how to tell if you are ready, what a trance state is, how guides transmit messages, your role as a receiver and translator, who the guides are, how to recognize high-level guides, how to attract a guide, what to expect, and more. Use this book while you are working with the audio courses.

Sections 1, 3, and 4 are also available as the Opening to Channel abridged audiobook (OTCE) Read by Sanaya and Duane, transmitting energy from Orin and DaBen as you listen. 
Section 2 of the book on how to Channel is available as the Opening to Channel audiocourse (C101) by Sanaya and Duane, Orin and DaBen. 

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