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Energy, Aura, Chakra, and Light Work

These courses teach you how to work with energy and light to transform your reality, such as Orin's Vision: Seeing and Sensing Subtle Energies, and Orin's Spiritual Growth Being Your Higher Self courses.  You will also learn ways to refine and clear your aura and chakras with courses such as Orin's Increasing Your Inner Light, (MM010) and Orin's Solar Radiance, (SL104). 

DaBen and Orin's Awakening Your Light Body course is one of our most powerful courses to learn how to work with energy to expand your consciousness, to feel more calm and peaceful, and for personal transformation at every level of your being. 

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Basic Awakening Your Light Body: Part 1 Building Your Power Base LB111
Type: Audio Course     By: DaBen and Orin     Download
This is one of DaBen and Orin's most transformative spiritual growth courses. Part 1, Building Your Power Base is the place to start to transform your life and consciousness as you awaken your light body. Directly experience many higher, expanded states of consciousness. DaBen transmits energies to teach you how to activate your light body centers (not chakras). Orin provides many processes to assist you in preparing for the rapid growth that can occur as you awaken your light body.   More...

Becoming Light LB006
Type: Audio Single Meditation     By: DaBen     Download
Becoming light teaches you what it might feel like to achieve the level of harmony necessary to directly experience your spiritual shimmer. The awakening of your spiritual shimmer allows you to experience your Higher Self more directly and center your consciousness in higher levels of your being. DaBen transmits many light body energies you can enjoy whether or not you have studied the light body.

Creating Money: Aura Clearing, Energy, Lightwork SI073
Type: Audio Single Meditation     By: Orin     Download
Work with the energy fields around your body to increase your ability to hold and attract abundance. As you increase your vibration you become magnetic to all the forms, sums of money, and people who will serve you at this new level. This journey is contained in Orin's Creating Money course (M100).

Moving Into Higher Consciousness SI012
Type: Audio Single Meditation     By: Orin     Download
Link with your higher self, soul, and a Master to increase your inner light and experience higher states of consciousness. From a higher state you will look at your life to explore your higher purpose, set up higher flows, and transform limiting thoughts to create a higher future.

Opening the Chakras O16
Type: Audio Single Meditation     By: Orin     Download
Journey by Orin to awaken your chakras.

Orin's Accelerating Your Evolution MM030
Type: Audio Course     By: Orin     Download, PDF
Connect with "Spirit", also called your Divine Self, to know and live your truth, to create new light within you, and to release limitations. Awaken spiritual power, activate evolutionary codes, release resistance, learn to surrender and trust, and explore higher dimensions of light to accelerate your evolution.   More...

Orin's Building a Radiant Aura MM040
Type: Audio Course     By: Orin     Download, PDF
Your radiance determines the situations and circumstances in your life and the type of energy you live in and around. Work with angelic forces and the devas to purify and refine your aura, to awaken your clairvoyant sight, to evolve your chakras, to draw in solar light, to receive a steady stream of light from the higher dimensions and Stars, and to increase your connection to the Oneness.   More...

Orin's Expanding Your Consciousness MM020
Type: Audio Course     By: Orin     Download, PDF
Expand your consciousness as you connect with your soul, a Master, the Solar Angels, the soul of the earth, the solar light, the mind of God, and the Enlightened Ones. Align with Higher Will and your soul's will, expand your intuition, merge with higher levels of your being, and gain a soul perspective of your life.   More...

Orin's Increasing Your Inner Light MM010
Type: Audio Course     By: Orin     Download, PDF
As you increase your inner light you can release forms, relationships, and circumstances that do not support you and draw to you ones that do. Take your next steps, create an enlightened mind, awaken soul vision, open to new opportunities, see into the future, and add light to your aura. Link with the higher forces and Star energy for transformation.   More...

Orin's Solar Radiance: Becoming a More Perfect Light SL104
Type: Audio Course     By: Orin     Download, PDF
Increase your radiance, transform your life with light, create more light about you, manifest with light, change situations in your life with light, and become a transparent vessel of infinite, eternal, and unending light. This is also a manifesting course to work with light and energy to draw to you wonderful circumstances, relationships, and your greater good.   More...

Orin's Spiritual Growth: Being Your Higher Self SG102
Type: Audio Course     By: Orin     Download, PDF
Become your Higher Self, create miracles with light, send light to others, connect with the Universal Mind, flow with the Higher Will, work with the masters, see the bigger picture, and allow your higher good. Learn to let go of anything that does not serve your higher good and experience more inner peace. Based on Orin's Spiritual Growth book.   More...

Orin's Vision: Seeing and Sensing Subtle Energies OR917
Type: Audio Course     By: Sanaya and Orin     Download, PDF
Awaken your third eye to see and sense subtle energies. Learn to see beyond illusions, without doubt, fear, or emotions that cloud inner vision. Develop etheric vision and clear your aura. Learn to better see your higher purpose, what to manifest, and your path of spiritual growth.   More...

Reprogramming at a Cellular Level SI056
Type: Audio Single Meditation     By: Orin     Download
Change your life by going to your cellular levels to reprogram your DNA to achieve your goals and dreams. Use this to lose weight, change your self-image, accelerate your spiritual growth, and more. We also suggest Orin's course, Transforming Your Personality (SG200).

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