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Health, Healing, and Addictions

Orin's course Creating Your Ideal Body (SI031), and Orin's single audio meditations are available to assist you in losing weight, loving to exercise, and more.  If you want to let go of an addiction, you may want to work with the transformative subpersonality process offered in Orin's Overcoming Addictions (TA001) single audio meditation.  If you want to get in touch with your inner healer, and work on the inner planes with a radiant Master of Perfect Health, you may want to work with Orin's Feeling Energetic (SI005) single meditation.  Orin offers many additional single guided meditations listed below to assist you on your path of experiencing greater well-being. Thaddeus' music listed below are meditations without words and can be played to assist you in setting a healing environment.

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Angels MS204
Type: Music     By: Thaddeus     Download
Created by Thaddeus on synthesizers with harp, piano, angelic voices, strings, this soft, meditative music will lift you into higher states of consciousness. Each musical journey connects you with a group of angels. Work with the angels of love, the angels of healing, your guardian angel, and the angels of beauty.   More...

Body Beautiful SI050
Type: Audio Single Meditation     By: Orin     Download
This journey is about looking and feeling more beautiful. Using techniques such as visualization, you will start creating a firm, toned, and youthful looking body that feels more alive. Identify and change your beliefs about aging as you picture yourself beautiful, fit, and healthy throughout life.

Breathing for Higher Consciousness LB002
Type: Audio Single Meditation     By: DaBen     Download
Explore using your breath to take you into higher states of consciousness, and to experience deep states of relaxation and inner peace. Explore the function of breath in expanding your awareness of the higher dimensions and the subtle energy realms. DaBen transmits many light body energies you can enjoy whether or not you have studied the light body.

Creating Your Ideal Body SI031
Type: Audio Course     By: Orin     Download, PDF
Link with your Higher Self to create the body you want. Develop a thin personality. lncludes visualization and energy work, fall asleep reprogramming, and a journey to find the cause. Listen to your body, reprogram at a cellular level, rewrite earlier decisions about food, and feel and look beautiful as you create your ideal body.   More...

Feeling Energetic SI005
Type: Audio Single Meditation     By: Orin     Download
Work with a master of physical vitality who will send you light to increase your sense of well-being, health, and energy. Work with your cells to increase their ability to hold light. Make a stronger commitment to yourself and to having a life that works. You will discover and transform any subpersonality that doesn't have energy, so that you can experience a new level of vitality.

Feeling Inner Peace L101
Type: Audio Single Meditation     By: Orin     Download
You can choose peace and stay centered no matter what is happening in your or other's lives. You will be guided to open your heart; to remain in your center; to let go of fear, guilt, self-criticism, and doubt; and to feel peace at all times.

Learning To Relax SI026
Type: Audio Single Meditation     By: Orin     Download
Experience deep relaxation, feel calm, centered, and peaceful. Use this to relax if you feel nervous, tense, can't sleep, or want to release tension-induced muscle pain. This is an excellent journey to learn how to get into deeper states of meditation as you listen to other of Orin and DaBen's guided meditations.

Losing Weight, Looking Younger SI030
Type: Audio Single Meditation     By: Orin     Download
Connect with your soul's light to and work with your soul to refine your body. Learn how to attract a higher vibration of food and youthen your body through building cellular radiance. You will work with the part of you that has been resistant to losing weight so you can reach whatever weight is perfect for you.

Loving to Exercise SI051
Type: Audio Single Meditation     By: Orin     Download
Talk to your body and ask it what exercise it needs and wants. Link with your future self that is fit, supple, toned, and healthy. Dialog with various systems such as your nervous, circulatory, skeletal, and muscular systems, to find the perfect movements and exercises that will allow your body to reflect your soul's light, and that will be fun and joyful to do. Create a new self-image. Experience more vitality and aliveness.

Loving Your Body SI014
Type: Audio Single Meditation     By: Orin     Download
Learn to love your body just as it is and release negative thoughts about it. You will add light and love to each area of your body, learn to listen to its messages, and bring the light of your soul into your body. You will transform a subpersonality that doesn't love your body, so you can give your body the food, relaxation, movement, and love it deserves.

Overcoming Addictions TA001
Type: Audio Single Meditation     By: Orin     Download
Release addictions such as smoking, drinking, caffeine, sugar or others using this guided meditation. Link with your soul and Higher Self to find new, more positive outlets for the energy your addiction is trying to express, and for assistance in releasing it. You will walk through a doorway into a new life with the addition gone, picturing yourself without this addiction. We also suggest Orin's course, Transformation: Evolving Your Personality (SG200).

Overcoming the Self-Destruct SI060
Type: Audio Single Meditation     By: Orin     Download
Work with the part of yourself that seems to sabotage your goals, resolutions, and commitments. This subpersonality journey is very effective in changing personality patterns; you can experience immediate changes. This process is useful if you find yourself blocked or resisting things that you know are good for you.

Reprogramming at a Cellular Level SI056
Type: Audio Single Meditation     By: Orin     Download
Change your life by going to your cellular levels to reprogram your DNA to achieve your goals and dreams. Use this to lose weight, change your self-image, accelerate your spiritual growth, and more. We also suggest Orin's course, Transforming Your Personality (SG200).

Self-Love L102
Type: Audio Single Meditation     By: Orin     Download
Learn to love and nurture yourself, to release things that are not loving to you, and to create new, positive beliefs. Think of, discover, and put into practice many new ways to be loving to yourself.

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