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Radiance: Self-Exciting and Frequencies, Level 2
Building and Filling in Your Light Body

Below is an overview of the Self-Exciting and Frequencies level by courses taught.


Another overview for you:
Self-Exciting and Frequencies–Key States and Qualities
(Some key experiences you may have as you explore Self-Exciting and Frequencies in the courses above)
We show the levels above and below for reference.

 Self-Exciting and Frequencies skills will enhance your experience at all levels
These are wonderful skills to use the higher energies to create a new and better life.

The Self-Exciting and Frequencies skills set the foundation for retaining your experience of the light body. They develop your ability to sustain and maintain your consciousness in higher levels of reality. These skills can be used to both open up to higher realms and dimensions, and to bring the light, understanding, and insights you gain into your everyday reality. After graduating from the Basic Light Body Series (LB111-LB116), DaBen's Radiance: Self-Exciting course (LB131) or the seven-volume Radiance: Filling in the Frequencies courses, (LB121-LB221) are the recommended next step.  The Self-Exciting and Frequencies skills form a foundation for many of the graduate courses.

Radiance: Self-Exciting

The Self-Exciting and Frequencies skills that DaBen teaches in Radiance: Self-Exciting (LB131) can support you in having a better experience of the light body energies and spaces at all levels of study. While it is the recommended next step after awakening your light body, you can also study higher levels such as Light Body Consciousness, Exploring Infinite Being, or Evolving into Your Luminous Body, and take this course at any time to strengthen your experiences of the higher spaces and your ability to sustain those levels in ordinary reality. 

The Self-Exciting and Frequencies skills can assist you if you have trouble staying awake, if you suddenly find yourself in ordinary reality after being in a high space, feel you are not getting anything, or if you have too much mind chatter. These skills help you surrender and open up to whatever experiences are there for you. With these skills you can better stay in the flow, be on an upward spiral, and able to sustain higher spaces.

Radiance: Filling in the Frequencies

The Frequencies skills (LB121-LB221) taught in DaBen and Orin's seven-volume Frequencies albums enhance your ability to experience and sustain self-exciting states and to fill-in your light body. As you work with the Frequencies you gain qualities of consciousness that change how you experience your mind, thoughts, emotions, consciousness, and ordinary reality. The Frequencies offer new qualities of consciousness that allow you to more effectively manifest what you are guided to create, including better circumstances, successful projects, harmonious relationships, and prosperity. You will learn how to create what you want by working with energy before you take action. Changing your reality in this way allows you to create forms, relationships, and circumstances that carry more light and work well over time.

Additional courses that use the Self-Exciting and Frequencies skills
to transform your life and consciousness

We have many courses to assist you in living a better life using the Self-Exciting and Frequencies skills, including all the DaBen and Orin courses listed on the Products chart, such as the Intuition (LB924), Illumination (LB925), Inspiration (LB926), and Divine Manifesting (LB927) courses. You may also enjoy the Celebration of Radiance courses, which set the foundation for moving into the Light Body Consciousness level and teach you how to stay in touch with your purpose, be more continuously in touch with higher energies, and send out these energies to others. All of the courses at this level can assist you in creating real and practical results in your life.  ~ Duane and Sanaya


 Click on the small color graph "Awakening Your Light Body Path Information" for a study guide that explains the light body path and how the graduate courses relate to each other.

There are five levels of the light body taught by Duane and DaBen so far. (These are not the same as the 5 Light Body Consciousness levels)
These are:

Level 1: The basic Awakening Your Light Body six-volume course. This is required before moving to the next levels.
Level 2: Self-Exciting and Frequencies, (Building and Filling in Your Light Body)
Level 3: Light Body Consciousness, (Higher Levels of the Light Body)
Level 4: Infinite Being, (Upper Light Body)
Level 5: Luminous Body, (Beyond the Light Body)


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Radiance Filling in the Frequencies: Part 1 Frequencies of Vision LB121
Type: Audio Course     By: DaBen and Orin     Download, PDF
Learn 4 Vision Frequencies to see things as energy. Learn how to "set energy" so situations in your life come about in higher, more harmonious, open, expansive, and loving ways. Stay in a higher flow, release resistance to growth, get out of lower energy states more rapidly, learn to surrender and trust, and have the highest day possible.   More...

Radiance Filling in the Frequencies: Part 2 Frequencies of Precision LB122
Type: Audio Course     By: DaBen and Orin     Download, PDF
Learn 4 Precision Frequencies. Explore how to radiate the precise amount of light to people, things, situations, your environment, and into your physical body, emotions, and mind that will create the most transformation. Doing this can create more peace, harmony, and flow in every area of your life. Link with the Higher Will to know more about your higher purpose.   More...

Radiance Filling in the Frequencies: Part 3 Frequencies of Intensity LB123
Type: Audio Course     By: DaBen and Orin     Download, PDF
Learn 4 Intensity Frequencies to intensify the light all about you. Use them to change your consciousness in profound ways; become conscious of wonderful energies not visible to you before in your environment, relationships, and whatever you focus on. Become more creative and intuitive. Blend your mind with the Universal Mind, transmit higher purpose to others, and recharge your aura.   More...

Radiance Filling in the Frequencies: Part 4 Frequencies of Clarity LB124
Type: Audio Course     By: DaBen and Orin     Download, PDF
Learn 4 Clarity Frequencies. View your life and choices with clarity. Have more expansive, complete, creative, intuitive, and flowing thoughts. Gain more understanding about the nature and causes of situations in your life. Experience states of pure knowingness that go beyond the mind. Take a powerful journey of initiation with Orin.   More...

Radiance Filling in the Frequencies: Part 5 Frequencies of Harmony LB125
Type: Audio Course     By: DaBen and Orin     Download, PDF
Learn 4 Harmony Frequencies to harmonize with all life in the Universe. Connect soul-to-soul with others to increase the love between you. Travel into the fourth dimension and birth new, higher, more peaceful and loving circumstances, relationships, and activities. Sense the connectedness between the many elements in your life, and integrate them into a more harmonious whole.   More...

Radiance Filling in the Frequencies: Part 6 Frequencies of Brilliance LB126
Type: Audio Course     By: DaBen and Orin     Download, PDF
Learn 4 Brilliance Frequencies. Everything in your life can improve as you expand your ability to create light. As your inner brilliance increases, those relationships, objects, activities, and situations that cannot hold this level of brilliance leave, and those things that can hold this level of brilliance are enhanced. Experience infinity - of love, abundance, and anything you choose.   More...

Radiance Self-Exciting: Building Your Light Body LB131
Type: Audio Course     By: Duane and DaBen     Download, PDF
Self-Exciting and Frequencies skills support you in having a better experience of light body energies at all levels of study and are the recommended next course after graduating from the basic light body level. These skills help you to stay awake, or if you suddenly find yourself in ordinary reality after being in a high space, feel you are not getting anything, have too much mind chatter or want to. You can surrender and open up to whatever experiences are there for you.   More...

Radiance Filling in the Frequencies: Part 7 Frequencies of Transparency LB221
Type: Audio Course     By: Duane and DaBen     Download, PDF
Learn 5 Frequencies of Transparency. Learn to become transparent to all lesser energies within you so your soul and spirit can shine through more brightly. Experience moment-to-moment awareness, move beyond thinking and interpreting, and just peacefully "be" with the energy around you to experience a deeper peace than ever before.   More...

Peace: Part 1 Living Your Life Purpose LB914
Type: Audio Course     By: DaBen and Orin     Download, PDF
Explore the “peace of purpose” light body state, based on Self-Exciting, where you are able to be aware of the energy of your life purpose in the each moment. With this awareness you can feel great peace, for you are a part of, and in harmony with, the energies around you. Explore your life purpose, your reason for being alive. Recognize and increase activities that are in alignment with your purpose, and release any that are not.   More...

Higher Will: Part 2 Manifesting With Ease LB915
Type: Audio Course     By: DaBen and Orin     Download, PDF
Manifest with ease as you learn Self-Exciting skills to join the oneness and solidify your connection to all life, to all levels of your being, to the plan of humanity, and to your own aliveness. There is no forcing, efforting, pushing, or resistance to doing those things that are your higher purpose. With this, synchronicity happens. You are in the right place at the right time. You are magnetic to your higher good. Take an evolutionary leap into a new way of creating the life you want.   More...

Joy: Part 3 Expressing Beauty and Perfection of Being LB916
Type: Audio Course     By: DaBen and Orin     Download, PDF
You will learn Self-Exciting skills to go into the void and re-emerge with higher energy patterns. You can grow through joy and experience ordinary reality as wonderful, flowing, and as beautiful as the light body spaces. No matter what is happening you can love yourself and be at peace with your life and challenges. Add light to your aura and explore four possible paths of soul unfoldment.   More...

DaBen's Clairvoyant Vision: Part 1 Seeing and Sensing Subtle Energies LB917
Type: Audio Course     By: Duane and DaBen     Download, PDF
Learn clairvoyant sight and energy-sensing skills based on Self-Exciting and Frequencies. Enhance your inner vision, gain new perspectives and insights into many areas of your life. Learn how to sense your and other people's energy. When you see things as energy first, you can manifest better forms, situations, and circumstances that reflect your higher purpose.   More...

DaBen's Vision: Part 2 Creating Your Highest Future LB918
Type: Audio Course     By: Duane and DaBen     Download, PDF
Learn light body Self-Exciting skills to see into time. Find the future you are now creating and create an even better, higher future. Unfold your higher potential and live your life purpose. You can find those choices, decisions, and paths that create your highest future. Learn light body skills to get a higher vision of what is possible for you to create in this lifetime.   More...

Intuition: Opening to Your Natural Knowingness LB924
Type: Audio Course     By: DaBen and Orin     Download, PDF
Use a special and profound light body state DaBen will teach you, and link with Divine Will to open your intuition. Learn to trust it, follow it, and allow it to become a guiding force in your life. Your intuition shows you the best choices and guides you to unfold the divine blueprint of your life. It is always leading you toward aliveness and joy, and out of stuck places.   More...

Illumination: Awakening Your Higher Mind LB925
Type: Audio Course     By: DaBen and Orin     Download, PDF
Learn a light body state that leads to mental illumination, and can change the way you view anything you look at. Link your mind with your higher mind and Universal Mind for an illumined mind. Experience perfection, beauty, and truth. Experience more joy, harmony, good health, loving relationships, prosperity and peace. Let your thoughts lead to your liberation, freedom, and enlightenment.   More...

Inspiration: Being Your Authentic Self LB926
Type: Audio Course     By: DaBen and Orin     Download, PDF
Work with DaBen's Light Body meditations and Orin's Divine Will meditations to be your true, Authentic Self. As your authentic Self, you are inspired, full of energy and enthusiasm. You have self-confidence, clarity, and vision. You have a harmonious, peaceful, and abundant life. Your visions, ideas, and thoughts uplift you. You know that you are perfect just as you are.   More...

Divine Manifesting with the Light Body LB927
Type: Audio Course     By: Duane and DaBen     Download, PDF
This contains DaBen's Divine Manifesting course by itself, which is part of a 3-part course by DaBen and Orin. This course works with light body techniques and skills to learn and apply the principles of divine manifesting for expanding your consciousness and thus what you draw to you. You may also want to order Orin's Divine Manifesting course, Parts 1 and 2 (DW917), or purchase all 3 parts (LB928)   More...

Divine Manifesting: With Divine Will, Divine Self, and the Light Body LB928
Type: Audio Course     By: DaBen and Orin     Download, PDF
This contains all 3 Parts: Parts 1 and 2, Orin's Divine Manifesting with the Seven Divine Wills (DW917) and Part 3, DaBen's Divine Manifesting with the Light Body (LB927). In this 3-part course you will learn how manifesting occurs as you contact your Divine Self, Source energy, and Divine Will.   More...



the Orin DaBen Foundation


~100 Years of Light In-Person Seminar ~

Evolving the Work of Orin and DaBen

 October 11-13, 2024
Ashland, Oregon


 Orin and DaBen tell us that we are the Seeds of this work. Each of us who have loved and evolved with these energies for years and decades are the current expression of these light frequencies into earth plane and beyond. As the embodiment of this extraordinary Light, it is a gift to offer it to generations to come.

As Duane often reminded us, we cannot do this alone—we need each other. You are an integral part of the creation of this incoming pattern of Light. Your presence is essential to creating the most richness possible. Join us in person in October as we evolve this shimmering mandala that is our community of Light Beings.

Be among the first to hear NEW works. This Seminar will include previously unpublished material from both our teachers, Duane Packer and Sanaya Roman. There is a small archive of unpublished work which is being lovingly curated by the Board and LuminEssence staff. Some of this work will be shared at the seminar. We expect to also offer journeys and talks from our published archives. There will be live transmissions and teachings from Senior Teachers and some new faces as well. We plan to have Seed/Discovery and Teachers group gatherings. There will be time to play and socialize, too.

We truly hope you will join us in the joy of bringing forth the energies that are becoming the Orin DaBen Foundation. Be a part of these first steps into the future which Orin and DaBen, Duane and Sanaya have prepared for us.


Welcome Home!

The Seminar Committee and Board of the Orin DaBen Foundation

Event Details:

FN100E - 100 Years of Light
Register here)

October 11-13 2024
9am-5pm Friday and Saturday
9am-1pm Sunday
Early Bird Discount - $335/person until July 15, 2024
Cost: $375

Ashland Hills Hotel & Suites
2525 Ashland Street
Ashland OR 97520

Reservations: 855-482-8310

Call the hotel directly at 541-482-8310 and request group rates for
the 'Orin DaBen Foundation' in October to receive a discounted rate

or go online and follow these steps:

·       Visit our booking site at

·       Enter the date of their stay and number of nights

      ·       Enter your GROUP ID NUMBER 658337 in the Group ID field

Important Information:

~ If you’re flying, the closest airport is Medford (MFR)

~ You’ll need to drive or Uber to the hotel in Ashland, about 20 minutes away. There is no shuttle service to Ashland Hills Hotel from Medford. (Uber ride is approximately $25) The hotel is not within walking distance of downtown Ashland.

~ Please register as soon as you know you will attend. It will help the Planning Committee in their setup and planning.

~ Please come in person to have the greatest experience of the energies! There will be recordings made of the seminar. These recordings will be available online as soon as possible, as LuminEssence did in the past. You will receive these recordings in your Member's Area online. There will be no live video or audio feed.

~ There is a restaurant in the hotel Here is a restaurant list from TripAdvisor (updated in February):

More Details to Come!