Thanks!     December 27, 2012
By J. S.  (Canada)
My heartfelt gratitude for all you do and thank you for the audio meditations! All that we've done in the past years has been wondrous, delightful and exciting, particularly the past couple of years. The Transcending Your Ego and Divine Self course work has provided a greater depth in my meditations as well as a far stronger feeling of upliftment, liberation, and expansiveness in both my inner and outer life. As I continue to listen to whatever I'm guided to, it is with a sense of joy and anticipation. Thank you!

Clarity ( demistify desire )     June 1, 2011
By L. R.  (CA)
The Becoming Your Divine Self Series, working with desire, has given me a new empowerment. I have always been a passionate person. And one who has wanted to be in connection with my purpose and many others at all times. This is no small task. This course has given me clarity on how to start distinguishing which energies support the overall purpose. I have new clarity to go on building and connecting with self, others, and life, from a higher calling and not getting confused by the strong currents of energy consuming personality desires. And I feel a new sense of freedom around distinguishing from a clear loving space and can better navigate. I found myself sensing a higher level of seeing and feeling and trusting in that clarity.

freedom     March 28, 2011
By L. R.  (CA)
These journeys helped me to really understand how to navigate the truth of my path

Evolving Your Desire Body     November 5, 2010
By S. C.  (MA)
After completing this course by Orin, I feel like a new person. I am finally free to live my life from my soul. I used to wake up every day driven completely by my wants and desires. I had a hard time quieting my mind. I now connect to my divine, feel more present, and have let go of that old way of thinking. My life is transformed. I feel like I can breathe again and really live as a divine being!

So much clarity!     November 4, 2010
By M. T.  (PA)
Working through these journeys was such a joyful experience. Initially I was anxious that it would entail much plodding through unpleasant emotions (you know, for clearing out the old junk). But it was quite the reverse. Over and over I felt uplifted and peaceful, knowing I was releasing old emotional patterns that had served me once upon a time, but no longer. I am now freer to be truly present with life, more authentic with my loved ones. I am becoming the version of myself that I envisioned many years ago--light, clear, free, joyful, at peace. Thank you Orin and Sanaya.

Transcending Ego Parts 1-6     November 1, 2010
By J. L.  (NM)
This course was truly wonderful. I began a new relationship about 5 months ago. It's the first serious relationship since my husband passed away 3 years ago. Taking this class at the same time helped me tremendously. I noticed my ego created all sorts of stories (lies) about this person and fortunately I wouldn't act on the stories. I used Orin's suggestion to drop the situation into the Divine Self rather than acting from the ego. Every time my ego came up with a story I would stop and place the situation into the Divine Self and always the situation would dissolve. I would talk to him or see him later on and everything would be fine. The ego was always wrong. I have been able to build a wonderful new relationship based on joy, love and friendship w/out all the drama that the ego loves to create. Thank you Orin and Sanaya

evolving your desire body     July 3, 2010
By Z. R.  (PR)
Greetings and Love
This is my third round with this audio course, I am in love with this work. Orin and Sanaya, thanks from my heart for giving the opportunity to experience in this moment the new self essence. I don't have words for explain how I feel, but I am going to try; I feel peace, freedom, joy. I feel a sensation and experience more my union with my Divine Self. Every part of my self and life I feel with flow and joy. I flow with what it is and that give me freedom. The things comes more easy and instantaneous. Sanaya I am working this series with the Diamantine Self from the last journey of manifesting and also with my 7 Higher Wills DaBen I run the energies with the light body skills too. Thanks and blessings. LOVE AND LIGHT NAMASTE FOR ALL OF YOU AND YOUR STAFF

I am a much happier person in my life     June 8, 2010
By J. G.  (NY)
The Transforming Your Ego series has helped me to change many patterns. Not completely, yet, but I am a much happier person in my life and seeing it spill out in my everyday life to others in and out of my office, well, is amazing. I am taking my time working with the Transcending the Ego series since I'm only on my third volume since beginning sometime this past January 2010. I cannot begin to express my Gratitude to Orin for creating this series. The immense reaction to people experiencing my presence is a great accomplishment for me. I awake each day looking forward to my work in the office which can be a bit stressful being a phone operator for tech support & a receptionist. The turnaround from their clients who I now joke with and receive favorable comments as well as my co-workers. One of the wives of the bosses wants to know what pill I take to be in such a great mood, smiling and just being so upbeat. Before this series, I never had such a constant uplifted mood and it takes just moments to uplift them if they should dip down to an uncomfortable level. Thank you most gracious being - Orin.