Evolving Your Desire Body:
Transcending Your Ego Part 3
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Series Title: Orin's Path of Self-Realization Series Part 3 of 6
Type: Audio Course
Journeys By: Orin
Contains: 12 Meditations, Online PDF with Transcripts
Music by: Thaddeus
Length: Approximately 5.6 hours

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12 Meditations, PDF with Transcripts
Product Number: DS103
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Orin's Path of Self-Realization Series: Transcending Your Ego
Evolving Your Desire Body

Message from Orin about Evolving Your Desire Body
Exercise to Start Now to Evolve Your Desire Body
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In this course you will contact your Divine Self and evolve your desire body–the part of your ego that is composed of desires–into a new field of awareness that responds to Divine Will and to your Divine Self rather than to mass consciousness or other people's desires for your life.

Evolving your desire body is more than changing what you desire. Your new desire body becomes a clear channel for the Divine to flow through you. You draw to yourself wonderful opportunities that were not possible before. You can create those things that truly fulfill you and enrich your life.

As you transform ego-based desires, you are increasingly able to experience inner stillness and be fully present in the moment. You can experience yourself as radiant light, love, and wisdom. You have an increasing sense of peace, freedom, and spaciousness. You experience greater contentment, gratitude, and an appreciation for the richness of your life just as it is.

Note about all six Transcending Your Ego Courses:  All six courses in this series work together to assist you in experiencing your Divine Self in deeper and expanded ways. Each course opens you to a unique quality of illumination that reveals an certain aspect of your ego. Each course is like a piece of a puzzle. When taken together, these six courses assist you in experiencing the illumination of your Divine Self that allows you to step outside of your ego, look into it, become aware of it, and transcend it. From these states of Illumination you are able to transform your emotions, evolve your desires, deepen your connection to your Divine Self, and transcend your ego; birthing a new you.

The more courses you work with in the Transcending Your Ego series, the greater the illumination and consciousness of the Divine Self you can experience. Each expansion of illumination and consciousness reveals increasingly more about your ego and how to transcend it. Working with all six courses builds the illumination that is Orin's goal with this series, that offers you a profound shift of consciousness to a new level of being.

Journeys by Orin Include:
•  Increasing Your Desire for Divine Self Contact
•  Reorienting Your Desire Body
•  Aligning Your Desires With Higher Purpose
•  Freeing Yourself From Unfulfilling Desires
•  Becoming Pure Awareness Without Desire
•  Evolving Your Desire Body
•  Exploring Your New Desire Body
•  Releasing Past Desires
•  Opening to the Opportunity in Each Moment
•  Accelerating Your Transformation
•  Elevating All the Energies About You
•  Living an Inspired Life

A PDF booklet with transcripts is included with the MP3 downloads.  This PDF booklet is an online product, and there is no printed version that will be sent to you. The PDF for this product will appear in your Member's Area under "My Downloads and Seminars" after purchase for you to view online, or to print.   Guided meditations are approximately 30 minutes each.

Greetings from Orin! You have what I will call a desire body, the part of you that desires, that wants, that has needs to fulfill. You are not your ego-based desires, although you may have identified with them as who you are.  Your desire body is very active, usually pulling you this way and that way, wanting one thing one moment, and something else the next. When it is based in the ego, your desire body takes its input from the world around.  It does its job of creating endless desires so that no matter what you have, it is never enough. Before your desire body evolves, its job is simply to desire and to never be fulfilled. 

As your ego-based desire body comes
under the guidance of your Divine Self,
it begins to desire spiritual growth,
service, and expansions of consciousness. 

In these journeys you will connect with your Divine Self, and from this high space learn how to reorient your desire body to Its light and inspiration so that your desires come less from an automatic response to the outer world and more from contact with your Divine Self.  You will strengthen your desire to reach upward and to express the Divine within you, which will greatly accelerate your evolution.

You will link with your Divine Self and open to a state of inner illumination that reveals the nature of your desires, so that you may better discern which to act upon, which to change, and which to release. This is the purest, clearest light.  No desires or energies can enter this light unless they come from your Divine Self.  Anytime you open to this light it will reveal the nature of any desire, dissolving all those that are unnecessary and distracting so you can be free of them.

You will open to your Divine Self that will draw your desire body into Itself and into alignment with Divine Will, so that you can strengthen your desire for those things that reflect the divine blueprint and purpose of your life.  With this step, you begin responding only to those desires that carry the light of purpose.  You can better recognize and reject those that are not on purpose, that will not fulfill you or make your life better if you have them.

As you attune to your Divine Self,
you will have all that you need in every moment,
and even more than you could possibly desire or think to ask for.

As you evolve your desire body, you will increasingly be able to experience inner stillness, being fully present in the moment. You experience yourself as pure consciousness, radiant light, and love and wisdom. Instead of responding to ego-based desires, you respond instead to the inspiration and guidance that arises from within you in each moment, coming from your Divine Self.

You will evolve your desire body into a new field of awareness
that responds to the inspiration of your Divine Self.

As you proceed through this course, you will bring your desires into the light and brilliance of your innermost Self.  The restless, ever-changing lesser light of desires becomes absorbed into and transformed by this higher light.  Those that are unnecessary will leave, and those that are on purpose will grow stronger. The illumination of your Divine Self frees you from the grip of lesser, ego-based desires.  As it does, a new field of light emerges—the birth of your new desire body.

This new desire body is a field of awareness—a new type of consciousness that is yours to claim. It is consciousness that will propel you into new realms of light, that will make your path easier, and that will release some of the resistance and struggle. As this new field of consciousness emerges, and with your permission, all old, unfulfilled, unnecessary, and out of purpose desires can fall away.

Your evolved desire body cannot be affected
by other people's desires or by the energies around you.

It is non-responsive to the pulls and the temptations, the judgments and the expectations of the material world and other people. This new field of consciousness provides you with a sensory system that allows you to be more aware of the Divine within yourself and all life, and more aware of the guidance, direction, and purpose flowing through you from a higher source. 

This transformation is more than just changing what you desire. It brings you a new experience of yourself, a different understanding of reality. Your interaction with the Oneness changes, your sense of individuality transforms. Your union with the divine becomes more complete. Your new desire body, this field of awareness, becomes a pure and clear channel for the Divine to flow through you and out to the world.

You can respond to the inspiration coming from your Divine Self,
rather than to ego-based desires.

As your desire body evolves, inspiration coming from your Divine Self increasingly replaces desire and brings with it all the energy, resources, connections, wisdom, courage, strength, and all that you need.  You realize that desires separate you from having what you want.  Acting on inspiration rather than desires brings you the rewards of a fulfilling life.  You are no longer searching and seeking, instead you love what you have and have what you love.

You can experience the freedom of responding to and acting from the inspiration that comes from your Divine Self in every moment, aligned with the higher purpose of the Universe. With this shift, you can attract new opportunities. The things you create, the situations, opportunities, and circumstances you manifest fulfill and enrich your life. You have the ability to live in the moment, to trust, to surrender, and to enjoy the magical unfoldment of your life.

Exercise to Start Now to Evolve Your Desire Body
You can start right now to evolve your desire body.  Use the process to contact your Divine Self if you have not done so already.  Using this process, ask your Divine Self to assist you in evolving your desires, and give it your permission to do so.  The Self within you hears you call and It always responds with whatever energy, assistance, and guidance you need.

Imagine what it might be like to be present in this moment with no picture, no desire, and no expectation of what this moment might offer you. Just for a moment, allow yourself to imagine or experience what this might be like. Feel the freedom and peace this brings. 

Sense what it is like to be fully present in this moment with no story, no judgment, just allowing whatever arises from within you to come to the surface, to arise and to leave without any judgment about it. 

Let the stillness deepen, your mind grow quieter, your emotions calmer.  You have no desire for anything right now to be different than it is.  In this state of peace, in contact with your Divine Self, let something arise from within you that is next for you to do.  You are in a state of open and receptive waiting.  Notice what comes - an insight, a thought, guidance, a shift, or a feeling of release or greater peace.  This is the inspiration your Divine Self is offering you. 

Brief Overview of all six of Orin's Transcending Your Ego albums:
These are part of Orin's Path to Self-Realization series.

The six courses in Orin's Transcending Your Ego series are part of a comprehensive series of Orin courses called Orin's Path of Self-Realization series, offering you who are ready an accelerated course in higher consciousness that assists you in becoming an awakened, realized Self. All six albums in Orin’s Transcending Your Ego series work together to connect you with your Divine Self. It is only through contacting your Divine Self that you can transcend your ego.

Experiencing the spaces and transformation Orin offers in these journeys expands and deepens your connection to your Divine Self, creating the illumination needed to transcend your ego. The synergy of all six albums in this course is powerful and builds, and the wonderful changes in your consciousness will continue for many years past the immediate insights you experience as you listen. These six courses accelerate your growth and offer you the foundation necessary to transform your life and consciousness in magnificent ways.  You come to know yourself as the Divine Self, rather than your ego, release the causes of pain and suffering, and open to greater inner peace, joy, and love.

Orin’s guided meditations in these courses have layers of transmissions and energy in them. You can listen to these journeys over and over. Whenever you listen, you are listening with a more illumined consciousness that makes it possible for you to move into states of even greater illumination and have many new insights and shifts.  All albums contain 12 Orin journeys, and online PDF with written material and transcripts.

product imageIn Part 1, Birthing a New You, you will connect with your Divine Self to awaken your spiritual power, trust your inner wisdom, release limiting thoughts, tap into infinite supply, receive Divine Self guidance and inspiration, enjoy harmonious relationships, and to feel the peace of your Divine Self.  Rise into divine consciousness and birth a new you as you open to your Divine Self.


Transforming Your Emotions DS102In Part 2, Transforming Your Emotions, you will experience the Divine Self illumination that reveals the nature of emotions, an aspect of your ego. Open to divine love, stay clear around negative emotions, clear obstacles to knowing infinite supply, free yourself from repeating the past, move beyond pain and suffering, deepen and sustain inner peace, and accept more joy, love, and freedom into your life.   

product imageIn Part 3, Evolving Your Desire Body, you will evolve your desire body—the part of your ego that is composed of desires.  Align your desires with higher purpose, free yourself from unfulfilling desires, become pure awareness without desire, release old desires, and allow your desire body to transform into a new field of awareness that responds to your Divine Self rather than to mass consciousness or the desires of people around you. Experience greater contentment, gratitude, and appreciation for the richness of your life just as it is.  

product imageIn Part 4, Illuminating Your Mind, you will experience the light of your Divine Self that reveals the mind and takes you beyond the mind into pure awareness. Love your thoughts and respond to them in new ways, rise above mind chatter, release worry thoughts, free yourself from limiting beliefs, and open to divine ideas as you enjoy new ways of thinking. Strengthen Divine Self guidance, connect with the Divine Self of others, and experience greater abundance. Release negative thoughts about aging, health, and your body.

Deepening Divine Self Consciousness DS105In Part 5, Deepening Divine Self Consciousness, you will deepen your Divine Self connection so you have the illumination and consciousness to transcend your ego. Break through to a new consciousness, come into resonance with your Divine Self, let go of old identities, update the roles you play, release identification with form and know your formless Self, free yourself from past labels, clear the storms of emotions, strengthen your ability to be true to yourself, and embrace your new identity of being your Divine Self.  

Transcending Your Ego DS106In Part 6, Transcending Your Ego, you can experience high, transcendent states as you open to the illumination of the Divine Self that reveals more of your ego-personality. You open to the sun of light within you and let it move out through every area of your life to transform it. You can move beyond needing approval, practice self-forgiveness, release the need to suffer, learn to love what is and let things be, free yourself from attachments, respond with love as your Self, and radiate your inner beauty. 

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