DIVINE SELF SERIES     August 10, 2012
By R. L.  (Israel)
I only want to express amazing feelings in learning these courses of Divine Self by Orin. It is beyond words. When I study Divine Self series i experience this same Truth in every word that Orin delivered through Sanaya and the amazing music is a great assistance for imagining the Divine Light in the core of Being opens the heart center and expands.The same ideas and the same experiences from both sources show me One Truth. It is very powerful to listen to those audios that leads me to experience Divinity through meditation so profoundly. It strengthens me to meet this Truth in both sources. Sometimes I feel in the meditations of Orin that I am "overflowing" with Divine Love. I feel much gratitude for Sanaya and Orin, leading us to our Divinity and ascension. God bless you both.

So much release in such a short time!     July 6, 2011
By T. O.  (NY)
I am blown away by the Transforming Your Emotions meditations!

I've always, all my life (and I'm well into my fifth decade now) been all over the place with emotions, and had absolutely no idea of how to manage or control the experience, or that my emotions even could be managed or controlled (other than repressed, which doesn't work, trust me :)).... but now I do know how to handle them, what they're 'about', how to use them, mitigate them, and move past -- transcend -- them.

Stuff that has dogged me for as long as I can remember, since I was a little little kid, I have come to understand and transcend, as a result of these meditations -- it has been a very amazing experience. The awarenesses and shifts have been coming so very gently, but also fairly quickly, and the experience of release has been like knowing I got the entire taproot of an unwanted plant (dandelions!) out of the garden... (not that I don't like dandelions... they just have notoriously assertive and difficult-to-get-out taproots.. :)

All the years of therapy, while helpful, were not able to create the shifts in me that a few weeks with these CDs have created. The Orin way of doing things is POWERFULLY effective.... I'm just amazed.

so beautiful     March 28, 2011
By L. R.  (CA)
These journeys have given me so much . I feel so happy to know more of my self and how much I love others.

Transcending Ego Parts 1-6     November 1, 2010
By J. L.  (NM)
This course was truly wonderful. I began a new relationship about 5 months ago. It's the first serious relationship since my husband passed away 3 years ago. Taking this class at the same time helped me tremendously. I noticed my ego created all sorts of stories (lies) about this person and fortunately I wouldn't act on the stories. I used Orin's suggestion to drop the situation into the Divine Self rather than acting from the ego. Every time my ego came up with a story I would stop and place the situation into the Divine Self and always the situation would dissolve. I would talk to him or see him later on and everything would be fine. The ego was always wrong. I have been able to build a wonderful new relationship based on joy, love and friendship w/out all the drama that the ego loves to create. Thank you Orin and Sanaya

By Z. R.  (PR)
I am now in my second round with the meditations and everything started to change in my life; more peace things flow more easy, I feel my connection with my Divine Self more profound and all the things start to appear new in my life. Love and light and blessings, thanks for all this beautiful energy.