Deepening Divine Self Consciousness:
Transcending Your Ego Part 5
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Series Title: Orin's Path of Self-Realization Series Part 5 of 6
Type: Audio Course
Journeys By: Orin
Contains: 12 Meditations, Online PDF with Transcripts
Music by: Thaddeus
Length: Approximately 5.6 hours

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12 Meditations, PDF with Transcripts
Product Number: DS105
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Orin's Path of Self-Realization Series: Transcending Your Ego

Deepening Divine Self Consciousness

Message from Orin about Deepening Your Divine Self Connection
Read more about Transcending Your Ego

In this course you will be guided to experience a great, revealing, illuminating light—the light of Self-Realization, of your Divine Self dawning within your consciousness in a deeper way. This is the illumination that makes it possible to transcend your ego in even more profound, life-changing ways.  It frees you! It releases you from outworn roles, past labels, and your ego-based identity so you can realize more of your identity as your Divine Self. The sun of the Self radiates Its light into your mind, desires, and emotions, into anywhere you have been closed, limited, or stuck.

In this course you move beyond the ego to experience the light of illumination that reveals the roles and identities you have played in the past, so you can update them. 

Note about all six Transcending Your Ego Courses:  All six courses in this series work together to assist you in experiencing your Divine Self in deeper and expanded ways. Each course opens you to a unique quality of illumination that reveals an certain aspect of your ego. Each course is like a piece of a puzzle. When taken together, these six courses assist you in experiencing the illumination of your Divine Self that allows you to step outside of your ego, look into it, become aware of it, and transcend it. From these states of Illumination you are able to transform your emotions, evolve your desires, deepen your connection to your Divine Self, and transcend your ego; birthing a new you.

As you take each course you are opening to new qualities of illumination. The more courses you work with in the Transcending Your Ego series, the greater the illumination and consciousness of the Divine Self you can experience. Each expansion of illumination and consciousness reveals increasingly more about your ego and how to transcend it. Working with all six courses builds the illumination that is Orin's goal with this series, that offers you a profound shift of consciousness to a new level of being.

Orin's Guided Meditations Include:
•  Breaking Through to a New Consciousness
•  Becoming Pure Awareness Without Thoughts
•  Coming into Resonance With Your Divine Self
•  Experiencing a New You: Letting Go of Old Identities
•  Updating the Roles You Play
•  Asking and Receiving From Your Divine Self
•  Knowing Your Formless Self: Releasing Identification With Form
•  Freeing Yourself From Past Labels
•  Into the Light: Clearing the Storms of Emotions
•  Being True to Your Self
•  Recognizing the Divine in Others: Releasing Separateness
•  Embracing Your New Identity

A PDF booklet with transcripts is included with the MP3 downloads.  This PDF booklet is an online product, and there is no printed version that will be sent to you. The PDF for this product will appear in your Member's Area under "My Downloads and Seminars" after purchase for you to view online, or to print.   Guided meditations are approximately 30 minutes each.

Greetings from Orin!
In this course you will have many opportunities to deepen your connection to your Divine Self, so you can experience Its illumination that reveals and guides you to transcend your ego. The Self will assist you in identifying and releasing the ways you have kept yourself from knowing your true identity. 

Every time you connect with your Divine Self some of Its consciousness becomes your consciousness.  Your sense of there being a Self separate and apart from you lessens.  With more contact, higher truths and understandings unfold. You experience more love and greater wisdom. You are able to live from the peaceful, centered, balanced space of this Self more often and in a wider range of situations.  You awaken to your true identity, to know that the Divine Self is who you are.

You have all you need within to unfold your full potential
as a free, awakened, enlightened being.

Your Divine Self awaits your connection to It to bring you all the gifts of consciousness that can be yours. It offers you all that you need in every moment.  It is supply and abundance.  It is joy, love, freedom, and harmony.  It is infinite and eternal. It is loving wisdom.  Every gift of consciousness, every quality of being is within you waiting for you to claim it. Your Divine Self is always reaching out to you, drawing you into Itself.  However, you can only receive Its gifts when you consciously open to It, this Self that is who you are at the core of your being. 

Experience a great, revealing, illuminating light, the light of Self-Realization, of your Divine Self dawning within your consciousness.  This illumination has the freshness of the first light of the sun at dawn. It brings hope and inspiration.  It awakens you to a freer and more expanded life. As you open to this light, you can feel new life and light emerging within you, assisting you in breaking free of old constraints. A stronger foundation of Self, a higher vibration, a magnetic radiance opens up within you.

To receive the gifts your Divine Self is always offering you,
set your intention to contact It, then be open and receptive.

You can ask the sun of this Self to radiate Its light into your mind, desires, and emotions, into anywhere you have been closed, limited, or stuck in some way.  With this, the light of your Divine Self can move through your consciousness and transform your identity, allowing a whole new personality to form around your knowing the truth of who you are, a divine being. 

As you continue this course, a deeper consciousness of love, compassion, and acceptance of what is emerges. You are more able to face the world with peace and love in your heart.  Radiant light spreads out from the core of your being, touching all life with hope, inspiration, and rebirth into a greater identity.  Your increasing illumination brings you into resonance with higher energies and connections, both on the inner and outer.  Those who are in resonance with you can experience a greater light within themselves, just by being around you.

As the illumination of your Divine Self that brings Self-Realization
plays through your consciousness, it brings many gifts. 

One of the gifts you can receive is the consciousness that makes the path easier, that lessens the struggle, that releases all the beliefs and concepts that say it is hard, it cannot be done, it is too much work, or that it is too great a reach for you to become awakened.  

Another gift is the consciousness that illuminates the places where your mind has felt helpless, alone, overwhelmed, in conflict, or confused.  It transforms these places with the understanding and peace of your Divine Self.  As the radiant light of the Self shines forth from the center of your being, whatever has stood in your way is revealed.  Its nature is understood, it is no longer seen as a problem, and it disappears. 

You come to know that you are,
a formless, infinite Self with unlimited potential.

As the light of Self-Realization shines throughout your consciousness, it brings awareness that assists you in releasing your identification with ego-based thought forms, memories, stories, concepts, opinions, and judgments that have defined who you are and limited your potential for a more fulfilling life. You no longer base your identity on things that are always changing, such as your emotions, thoughts, desires, and the objects in your life. Instead, you identify with your Divine Self as who you are. 

Your Divine Self is always working for you and with you. 
It goes ahead of you to clear the way.

Your Divine Self is with you in every moment, but It can only do for you what you allow It to do through you. Opening to your Divine Self changes your life in marvelous and wonderful ways. These changes, as they come about, feel so natural you cannot even remember who you used to be.

Experience the illumination of the Self that assists you in transcending your ego and opens the door to the path of higher evolution that lies in front of you. This illumination reveals the nature of your ego that has created suffering, given you a false picture of the world, and led you to think that you are dependent upon outer events, people, and things for your higher good. 

If you ask and are open to receive,
your Divine Self can flood your entire personality with light,
revealing the nature of your ego and how to transcend it.

With the illumination of your Divine Self, you can step outside of your ego, look into it, become aware of it, and transcend it as I will guide you to do. Rather than allowing your ego to cause you pain and suffering, your thoughts, emotions, and desires—your entire personality—can become a vehicle to express your Divine Self.  As your ego becomes more transparent and more of the eternal, infinite light of your Divine Self shines through you, you are no longer the more limited ‘you’ that you used to be.

What lies before you is a wonderful and major transformation. It is already within you. All you need do is open to it. There is nothing that separates you from taking this major leap forward and being this expanded consciousness right now. 

All that you seek is already within you, waiting for you to become aware of it. Open your consciousness up even more to the perfection and beauty of your being, to your ability to find fulfillment within, to recognize that you already have within you all that you seek.

Exercise to Start Now to Deepen Your Divine Self  Connection
You can start right now to deepen your connection to your Divine Self.  Use the process to contact your Divine Self if you have not done so already.  Using this process, ask your Divine Self to assist you in deepening your connection to It, and give It your permission to do so.  The Self within you hears you call and It always responds with whatever energy, assistance, and guidance you need.

Brief Overview of all six of Orin's Transcending Your Ego albums:
These are part of Orin's Path to Self-Realization series.

The six courses in Orin's Transcending Your Ego series are part of a comprehensive series of Orin courses called Orin's Path of Self-Realization series, offering you who are ready an accelerated course in higher consciousness that assists you in becoming an awakened, realized Self. All six albums in Orin’s Transcending Your Ego series work together to connect you with your Divine Self. It is only through contacting your Divine Self that you can transcend your ego.

Experiencing the spaces and transformation Orin offers in these journeys expands and deepens your connection to your Divine Self, creating the illumination needed to transcend your ego. The synergy of all six albums in this course is powerful and builds, and the wonderful changes in your consciousness will continue for many years past the immediate insights you experience as you listen. These six courses accelerate your growth and offer you the foundation necessary to transform your life and consciousness in magnificent ways.  You come to know yourself as the Divine Self, rather than your ego, release the causes of pain and suffering, and open to greater inner peace, joy, and love.

Orin’s guided meditations in these courses have layers of transmissions and energy in them. You can listen to these journeys over and over. Whenever you listen, you are listening with a more illumined consciousness that makes it possible for you to move into states of even greater illumination and have many new insights and shifts.  All albums contain 12 Orin journeys, and online PDF with written material and transcripts.

product imageIn Part 1, Birthing a New You, you will connect with your Divine Self to awaken your spiritual power, trust your inner wisdom, release limiting thoughts, tap into infinite supply, receive Divine Self guidance and inspiration, enjoy harmonious relationships, and to feel the peace of your Divine Self.  Rise into divine consciousness and birth a new you as you open to your Divine Self.


Transforming Your Emotions DS102In Part 2, Transforming Your Emotions, you will experience the Divine Self illumination that reveals the nature of emotions, an aspect of your ego. Open to divine love, stay clear around negative emotions, clear obstacles to knowing infinite supply, free yourself from repeating the past, move beyond pain and suffering, deepen and sustain inner peace, and accept more joy, love, and freedom into your life.   

product imageIn Part 3, Evolving Your Desire Body, you will evolve your desire body—the part of your ego that is composed of desires.  Align your desires with higher purpose, free yourself from unfulfilling desires, become pure awareness without desire, release old desires, and allow your desire body to transform into a new field of awareness that responds to your Divine Self rather than to mass consciousness or the desires of people around you. Experience greater contentment, gratitude, and appreciation for the richness of your life just as it is.  

product imageIn Part 4, Illuminating Your Mind, you will experience the light of your Divine Self that reveals the mind and takes you beyond the mind into pure awareness. Love your thoughts and respond to them in new ways, rise above mind chatter, release worry thoughts, free yourself from limiting beliefs, and open to divine ideas as you enjoy new ways of thinking. Strengthen Divine Self guidance, connect with the Divine Self of others, and experience greater abundance. Release negative thoughts about aging, health, and your body.

Deepening Divine Self Consciousness DS105In Part 5, Deepening Divine Self Consciousness, you will deepen your Divine Self connection so you have the illumination and consciousness to transcend your ego. Break through to a new consciousness, come into resonance with your Divine Self, let go of old identities, update the roles you play, release identification with form and know your formless Self, free yourself from past labels, clear the storms of emotions, strengthen your ability to be true to yourself, and embrace your new identity of being your Divine Self.  

Transcending Your Ego DS106In Part 6, Transcending Your Ego, you can experience high, transcendent states as you open to the illumination of the Divine Self that reveals more of your ego-personality. You open to the sun of light within you and let it move out through every area of your life to transform it. You can move beyond needing approval, practice self-forgiveness, release the need to suffer, learn to love what is and let things be, free yourself from attachments, respond with love as your Self, and radiate your inner beauty. 

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