New level of connectedness to something beyond myself     February 27, 2022
By N. R.  (TX)
This has been such a powerful course for me. It's been different from any of the other graduate courses that I've taken of Orin's. I've experienced a new level of peace and energetic flow and feel calmer and more balanced. The effects of loneliness and fear that I've experienced because of the pandemic are being healed and released. I sense a whole new level of connectedness to something much bigger beyond myself. I highly recommend this course and I've just purchased the second series.

A gentle and loving yet deeply profound course     January 16, 2022
By R. W.  (Great Britain)
Taking this course it feels as though everything in my life and every coincidence that lead me through studying Orin’s work was leading up to this point. There is a deep feeling that it all makes sense now, other works had given me glimpses of this beautiful wholeness but this course develops an awareness of a deeper, broader, more complete self and with it a greater understanding of all-that-is.

I had been saddened to think that this was Orin’s final work for us, but listening to the journeys that soon fades into a greater appreciation of the sheer scope this unlocks, I can't wait to go back and listen to other Orin journeys from the [jeweled vehicle] body we're developing in this course.