Profound changes     March 20, 2022
By N. R.  (TX)
This whole course has activated profound changes for me, energetically and emotionally. It's been life-changing, especially this fifth and last album. I'm able to go to places that I've only dreamed of reaching over the last 20 years. I have such a sense of peace and gratitude for the protection, guidance, and help I feel through Sanaya and Orin in these new places and energies. After this course, I'm different and empowered in every good way. A heartfelt thanks to Sanaya and Orin for another life-altering gift of Light.

Just wonderful!     February 4, 2022
By L. W.  (CA)
I am so grateful for the Interdimensional Traveling courses! I have hundreds of Orin meditations that are all wonderful, but Sanaya and Orin really outdid themselves with these last ones. I have never experienced anything like them! I love to do the "Surrounding Yourself With The Light Of Many Spiritual Beings" track as soon as I wake up in the morning--it creates such a clarity before I go about my day! These meditations get me so into my heart and take me to energetic spaces I had never been prior to finding them. I often listen to them on loop while I sleep and wake up feeling so wonderful :) It also has changed how I experience other meditations outside of these! It is quite amazing and I am so grateful that these wonderful meditations were left behind for us!