Living with Joy     January 31, 2016
By S. C.  (Great Britain)
This is perpetual reading for me. I have just finished reading this book of wisdom and have immediately begun to read it again. I have been attending a course in Mindfulness and with the challenges I currently have in my life this book has become an invaluable tool. Much I seem to know already, yet this has reinforced what I know, but instead of just having this knowledge this book has helped me to turn that knowledge into positive action. Every time I put the book down I am left with an incredible energy within me that is healing me. Frustration, anger, hopelessness and ego issues have no place as such in my life anymore. This book for me has become the missing link in recognising my true potential, taking control of all I felt I had no control over. Thank you so much for this gift Sanaya.

LWJ 25th Audio version     March 19, 2012
By T. H.  (TN)
The Living with Joy Anniversary edition Unabridged Audio Book is in itself an outstanding literary work, and to have the complete Unabridged version in an auditory experience read by Sanaya's calm and soothing voice adds a multi-dimensional quality and delivers the teaching with relaxing ease. Knowing that Orin's loving gentle energy and presence are there behind the vibration of Sanaya's voice, really makes the experience for an auditory learner such as myself feel as if I am having a personal training session. I really like knowing that the information that I have come to know and love in these original and beloved books are being delivered to me in yet another sensory experience, bringing the teaching even more deeply into my consciousness.

Sanaya, you can not put these Audio Books out fast enough for me, I check the website regularly to see if one is available, and I have just purchased the Personal Power Through Awareness Today! I just want everyone to know how wonderful these products are and how important and timely for our current world situation. I tell everyone I know that if I had to get rid of my library (which is substantial, I used to be a book buyer) I would only keep these books that would be all I need. LOL. Thank you for your contribution to Humanity.