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Living with Joy Anniversary Edition
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Series Title: Earth Life Series Book 1
Type: Audio Course
Journeys By: Read by Sanaya Roman
Contains: 18 Chapters, Playsheets, Daily Joy Practices, Affirmations
Music by: No music
Length: 13.5 hours

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Unabridged audio version of book
Product Number: LWJE
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Orin's Living with Joy Audio Book

Read by Sanaya Roman

Audio Book of the revised 25th Anniversary Edition now includes:

Additional channeled information
Over 300 Joy Affirmations
18 new Daily Joy Practices for an uplifting day
Stories from our readers
Updated introductions by Sanaya and Orin
Expanded chapters with additional information

product imageListen to Orin's Greetings from the Living with Joy Audio book, read by Sanaya8:16 minutes
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This audio book is the unabridged MP3, download audio version of Orin's Living with Joy revised anniversary book.  Included are all the Chapters, Playsheets, Daily Joy Practices, and Affirmations from the book.  More than just an audio book, the Daily Joy Practices exercises at the end of each chapter are short meditations you can listen to, to awaken your capacity for joy.

Orin's audiobook, Living With Joy, guides you to live a more joyful, loving, and satisfying life. See immediate results in your life as you expand your ability to:

Love and appreciate yourself Open to receive Experience more self-confidence and self-esteem Live in higher purpose, discover your life purpose Take a quantum leap in any area Open your heart Change negatives into positives Create fulfilling relationships Increase your sense of aliveness and well-being

3 Bonus Tracks
Sanaya: I hope you experience many shifts into greater freedom, love and joy as you listen and use the principles in this audio book in your daily life. You can listen to the audio book straight through, which includes the chapters followed by the Playsheets, Daily Joy Practices, and Affirmations at the end of each chapter.   

We have created 3 bonus tracks for those of you who want to deepen your experience of LWJ through working with the Playsheets, Daily Joy Practices, and Affirmations separately. One track contains all the Playsheets, another contains all the Daily Joy Practices, and another bonus track contains all the Affirmations in this audio book.

Expand Your Potential With the Living With Joy Audio Book

As you listen to this audio book, open to all the gifts of consciousness that await you. Allow your connection to your innermost self, the source of all joy, to deepen and unfold. Decide as you start that you are ready to grow through joy.  The spiritual truths and transformative meditations and exercises in this audio book will assist you in opening to your greater potential. Sanaya and Orin invite you to choose joy, release struggle, and open to the power of your innermost being as you listen.

Living With Joy teaches you how to love and nurture yourself, to live a life that fulfills you and to believe you deserve to have what you want. You will learn how to radiate love; be compassionate, tolerant, and forgiving; feel inner peace; open to receive; take a quantum leap; and live in higher purpose.

Discover more about how to increase your self-respect,
self-esteem, and self-worth.

Orin guides you into the art of self-love, where you can accept yourself as you are right now, release guilt, examine how your beliefs about reality create your experience, and open to the love others have for you. You will explore how others treat you as a mirror for how you treat yourself. Orin discusses the nature and power of love to transform your life.

You will look at how to achieve balance, stability and security; gain more clarity; embrace the new; and discover and draw to you your higher purpose. You will discover more about how to create freedom, to value yourself and where you put your time, and believe that what you love to do is your higher purpose.

Connect with the power and love of your soul,
your innermost self.

Orin guides you to recognize who you are, to develop positive pictures about yourself, and how to bring out the higher wisdom, love, and nature of the true self that lies within you. You will explore the nature of spiritual power, and how to release ego based power and open to true, spiritual power so you can come from your power and not your weakness.

You will explore releasing the past by loving it. You can learn to trust everything that is happening is for your higher good, to move you into your greater self.

Develop positive pictures of yourself.

The images you send out about yourself determine how other people view you and treat you. You will explore the images of yourself that you are holding and broadcasting to others. Orin discusses the value of loving people by holding a high vision of them, and becoming the authority of what is good for you rather than making other people and their opinions determine what you do.

In this audio book Orin talks about how to have more, to trust yourself and believe you can create what you want, to open to receive even more than you have ever allowed into your life, and to discover the power of appreciation, gratitude, and the law of increase.

Stop being affected by the world around you.

Orin guides you to feeling more inner peace through connecting with your deeper self, and how to stop being affected by the world and instead to positively affect it with your peace. You can choose to see the world anyway you want, and to know that inner peace comes from within, not from having the outer world be a certain way.

You can live a life filled with happiness and aliveness
as you follow your path of joy.

There is a new you that is born everyday.  You can grow with joy rather than struggle, and you can create what you want easily and effortlessly. You can take a quantum leap into the light in every area of your life, changing your reality and what you experience rapidly. You can live a life doing those things you love to do, feel joyful, and bring joy to everyone around you as you do.

You live in a limitless world, and you can expand beyond anything you know. Fill your thoughts with what you want and you will have it. Believe in abundance, trust that the universe is friendly, and sound your soul's note of joy as you listen and explore how to live with joy.

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