I Am A World Server     August 30, 2015
By C. M.  (CA)
I began working with these meditations nearly 3 years ago. At the time, I was hoping for *immediate* results, as I had just finished some trainings that I was eager to begin putting into practice, to be of service to humanity. While doing the meditations, I felt powerful energies, much validation, and was certain that things were happening on some level. On the outside, the shifts were less obvious. I actually wound up transitioning out of the path of service that I was on at the time, and within 6 months met a new community (and my Life Partner) that have propelled me down a new and even more fulfilling path of service than I had ever imagined possible. It is only now, almost 3 years later, that things are very apparent: I have asked what I'm here to do, I have called in my Spiritual Community, I have called to me those I can serve (and continue to), I have asked for more world service, and I continue to develop my ability to be a Source of Light - and the Universe is Responding!!! Strangely, there are still these lingering doubts in my mind about whether the work I do in these (and other audio course) journeys ... but at a gut level, I know that they work. My Life is Transformed! More Joy, More Abundance, More Satisfaction with my work than ever before, and I see a path of limitless growth ahead of me. I cannot recommend this course more highly! Thank you Orin and Sanaya, for making this beautiful work available to Humanity!

spiritual growth     November 30, 2013
By P. K.  (Malaysia)
Abundance of thanks to Sanaya Roman

Abundance of thanks to Orin, DaBen and Duane

I enjoy reading your book on Spiritual Growth. It has change my life.


By B. P.  (CA)
I have just received Manifesting Your Destiny, Reprogramming at Cellular Level, Public Recognition, Awakening Your Light Body and the world server set. I have only had time to listen to the Becoming a World Server but, I must say the energy was so strong and intense I was thrilled. To top it off, the day after calling forth to those I am here to serve, I received an email from someone wanting information on a program I have developed and not yet begun offering but have just been setting up a website to do so. They were guided to the website and emailed for more information. Talk about immediate manifestation. I felt the energies strongly go out and I am so thankful and thrilled.

By L. R.  (CA)
Well I have read all of the books, and have the divine will and becoming a world server cd courses. I love it love it love it. Thank you Sanaya, you are an excellent channel. I have turned on many friends to your work as well. It is the best spiritual information I have ever come across and it continues to illuminate the path for me.

By J. W.  (CA)
I've been focusing on increasing my world service. As part of that I've made the commitment to shift more into my role as a teacher and healer. As part of this shift, I've committed to working more with energy on a daily basis, using such tools as the Being a World Server, Creating Money and Advance Manifesting, as well as the light body manifesting materials. Last night I did the Calling to You Those You Can Serve journey from the world server course. I did it in a conference room during my break at my job. I had a very powerful experience. Not only did I sense students that were receiving and paying attention to my broadcast, but I felt that they truly were on par energetically with where I am. This morning I received a call from a gentlemen who lives twenty minutes away. We talked for over an hour. He's about two years into his spiritual growth path, has developed psychic abilities (he gave me a mini-reading over the phone) and is interested in continuing to pursue and develop on this path. He runs his own business out of his home so money is not an issue. He's got a great personality and seems committed and motivated. All in all -- the perfect student! Love and light