A Course to Keep Coming Back To     January 2, 2013
By G. B.  (CA)
I've noticed that the "higher" I go, the more I need this course. The meditations in this course help to keep me grounded and positive and enable the other work I do to be much more enjoyable and effective. This course is one that can really make a difference, especially when on an accelerated path of spiritual growth and self realization.

By J. S.  (NM)
Over the last ten years, I have studied all of your books, especially Spiritual Growth and personal power through Awareness, and listened to the the Transformation: Evolving Your Personality meditations 30 times plus. Your materials have helped me to grow and open in awareness, to make many shifts to higher consciousness, and to become more loving than any other materials I've worked with to date. I am deeply grateful for your help in connecting with the higher realms of love and grace.