Orin's Transformation:
 Evolving Your Personality
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Type: Audio Course
Journeys By: Orin
Contains: 8 Guided Meditations
Music by: Thaddeus
Length: Approximately 3.50 hours

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Audio, PDF Booklet with Transcripts
Product Number: SG200
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Transformation: Evolving Your Personality

Transforming Your Personality, Relationships, and Body

This album by Orin is for you who are on a path of spiritual growth, experiencing the challenges that come from being on an accelerated path of awakening. You may be feeling this intensification of growth if you are taking the light body course or any of Orin’s courses, if you are channeling, meditating, opening up to your soul and innermost Self, listening to guided meditations, or focusing on your world service. You may be experiencing overwhelm or over-stimulation, old issues coming up, mood swings, or a sense that nothing is as real or solid as it used to be. To grow in a balanced way, the personality must be brought along. When you evolve your personality, you can grow at twice the speed. Your inner voice will support you. You will feel more motivated, energized, and supported by the universe around you.

There may come a time when you are in-between the old and the new ways; you are releasing struggle, limitation, and lower energies, but you haven't yet mastered living in your soul's new rhythm of joy and abundance. This can be a difficult time. You may have mood swings or feel more critical and judgmental of yourself or others. You may resist your new visions and goals. Obstacles and unexpected challenges may arise. You may feel more vulnerable and sensitive than usual. This is a time of significant inner work.

This course is a popular one to move you through this stage of inner growth with greater joy, self-love, and ease. The meditations it contains on relationships, clearing blockages, and evolving your body use many tools of light to assist you in making this transition out of limitation and into joy much easier. 

In this course, Orin will show you ways to work with your personality to clear blockages and release struggle, obstacles, limitations and self-defeating patterns. You will learn techniques to help lessen the push-pull of resistance; let go of doubts, fears, and self-criticism; and open to more light.

Orin will guide you to connect with the higher light of your soul to transform your personality, physical body, cellular vibration, relationships, and daily circumstances.You will discover how to hear your soul's voice so you can trust and act upon your higher wisdom, follow the path of your heart, honor your feelings, and have a stronger sense of Self.

You will go back in time to talk to yourself as a child, changing your past and thus your future. You will expand your vision of what you can have, create a higher future, and send light out ahead of you to attract good things. You will receive transmissions from the Enlightened Ones to transform your personality, to reprogram at a cellular level, and more.

Orin Meditations Include:
Program 1: Self-Appreciation Release self-criticism and self-doubt; increase your self-love. Change negatives into positives. You can move forward more easily and rapidly when you appreciate where you are at.
Program 2: Honoring Your Path of Awakening Make your commitment to awaken spiritually your priority, plant your feet firmly on your higher path, become one-pointed, and go for enlightenment in this lifetime.
Program 3: Focusing Inward: Hearing Your Soul's Voice Learn to distinguish the thoughts that come from your soul as different from those that come from your personality. Trust and act upon your higher wisdom. Follow the path of your heart, know your feelings, and have a stronger sense of self.
Program 4: Focusing Upward: Hearing the Voice of the Masters and Guides Learn ways to open your channel, to reach upward, and to call on the Masters and guides who are here to assist you. Open your mind to receive and to accurately interpret their messages and guidance.
Program 5: Re-Parenting Yourself: Changing the Past Reach through time to contact yourself as a child. Give yourself all the messages you wish your parents had given you to activate your unlimited potential.
Program 6: Creating the Future With Light Learn to use light to expand your vision of what you can have, to create a higher future, to send light out ahead of you to draw good things, and to amplify your positive thoughts.
Program 7: Beyond Intellect: Opening Your Higher Mind The mind can create illusions of limitation, separation, and a false view of reality. Go beyond thought, and bring soul qualities such as love, compassion, and true wisdom into situations in your life to transform them.
Program 8: Journey to the Temple of the Masters Work with the Masters to transform your personality, to reprogram at a cellular level, to clear your aura, and to pull cords from people.

Course contains 8 journeys by Orin with music by Thaddeus. PDF booklet with transcripts is an online product (there is no printed version that will be sent to you). The PDF for this product will appear in your Member's Area under "My Downloads" after purchase for you to view online, or to print.

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