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Welcome to the Customer Service section of our website!  Listed below are links to assist you if you have any questions or need assistance. 

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LuminEssence Productions
1900 NE 3rd St #106-202
Bend, OR 97701 USA

Call our office, leave a message, and we will call you back.
Phone: 541-770-6700 (USA)

The most efficient way to contact us is to fill out our Guest Book or phone us.  If you have addressed your comments to Sanaya and Duane, please note that they are unable to personally answer you, however they do read your guest book messages and appreciate your comments.

Customer Service and Order Questions
Orders Not Yet Received Questions, Can I Delete Items, or Add to My Order?
Questions About an Existing Order, Where is My Order?
Viewing your order history and find the tracking number - please log on to the members area, then view "Order History and Seminar Payments."
Contact Us (This links to our Guestbook, the best way to ask questions and get in touch with us)
Other Ways to Order Besides Our Online Store
Exchanges, Returns and Replacements
Problem with Order Received
Copyrights and Permissions for Art, Web Content, and Other

If you are about to place an order, or have an order that is already in progress
What shipping methods are available, what is the cost, and likely delivery time?  USA   Canada   Other International

How do I place a gift order? For Shipped items: Place items in your shopping cart that you desire to gift to another person. When you are ready to check out, add the address of the person to receive the gift as an alternate shipping address. We will need their full name and shipping information; street name, number, city, state or province, postal or zip code, and telephone number.  You can add a Gift Message if you choose. If there are additional instructions to us regarding this order, add them in the box that reads "Is there anything else we should know about your order?". If everything is correct, place your order by clicking on the Place Order button. We will process your order the next business day we are in the office and it will ship to the next business day after that. (Example: If you place your order on a Saturday, we will process it on Monday, and it will ship on Tuesday).  NOTE: If you are placing an order for an album and you choose a free Thaddeus music track, the free music track will be accessible under YOUR own record and not of the person receiving the gift.
For Download items: You will need to contact us directly via telephone during regular business hours to place a gift order for downloads. We will need the full name of the person receiving the gift, and their email address so they will be able to access their gifted downloads via their own Member's Area using their own email address and password they set up. If you want them to receive a printed newsletter, we will also need their mailing address.

Will my incomplete order still be there when I return to it later - yes, your order will be saved for a number of days, specified in the shopping cart area.
What about VAT and Customs fees?

I have enjoyed my products but have lost or damaged a product, I want to replace my tapes with downloads, etc.
Can I get a replacement for a tape or CD I lost or damaged?
Can I get written information that I lost for my product? Please log in and view any Special Offers in the Members area for PDFs of written material you are eligible for at 50% off.
Can I upgrade from my tape to CDs, or from tape/CD to download products? Please log-in and view the Special Offers in the Member's Area for a list of 50% off downloads you are eligible for based on tapes we show you own. 

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